Styling your hair is an art. Women live to experiment with differ hairstyles and haircuts. To get a perfect hairstyle for parties, weddings, and outings has always been a topic of discussion among the ladies. However, you can wear stunning hairstyles while at home or work along with your daily routine. This article brings you some fantastic and easy hairdos to achieve an impressive look. The hairstyles that can be worn daily are ponytails, braids, buns and hairdos which are easy to create. In this post you will also see different variations in the braided hairstyles like, single braiding, French braids, Dutch braids, pigtail braiding and much more.

While creating a chic look with ponies the options you have are high or low ponytails, messy or sleek ponytail, ponytail with hair wrap or embellishments and much more. Read through to find some gorgeous hairdos you can wear to work or even morning walks. You can also experiment with different hairstyles to get hands on training when a quick fix hairdo is required.

Blonde Ponytail With Hair Wrap And Bouffant Crown

Ponytails are women’s favorite hairdos because they are so easy to style and give a rocking appearance in no time. The blonde woman creates a bouffant crown followed by a semi-high ponytail. Wrap a section of the hair over the elastic. The frontal bangs can be tugged behind the ears to give you a neat and polished look.

Simple Twisted Half Up Half Down Hairstyle Rocks

A simple hairstyle can almost give you a complete makeover. The easy twisted hairdo for Alia gives her a trendy and stylish look. The half up half down hairstyle can be created in a matter of few seconds. Twist sections of your hair from either sides behind your ear and secure both strands at the back with clips, bobby pins or embellishments of your choice.

Choppy Layered Hairstyle With Honey Blonde Highlights

Layered hairstyles are trendsetters today. Many women love to chop their hair in pretty layered hairstyles. Once done it becomes very easy to carry the look without much of an effort. Just comb you hair back or part them in the direction you like. Leave them open and tousled to get an all time fashionable look. Colored highlights with layered hair add charm to your hairstyle.

Gorgeous Twisted Chignon For Medium Length Hair

You can bun-up your hair in many ways if the length of hair is medium to long. This low chignon is easy to do, pretty in looks and a perfect hairstyle if you want to get ready in just a couple of minutes. You require a few bobby pins to tuck in your hair and that’s all.

Stylish Side Braided Hairdo For Long Hair

French braids are popular amongst women of all ages. Braids can be worn for almost all hair lengths except the very short hair. Blow-dry the hair, side-part then and braid the top of your head into a neat French braid.

Let the braid hang onto one side to give you a beautiful look. You can curl up the ends or finger wave them to look more mod yet with a decent appearance.

Charming Short French Twist Updo For Daily Wear

Pinning your hair up is a perfect hairdo for summers. When the sun shines bright you will want a hassle free hairstyle. What can be easier than a beautiful twisted pin up hairstyle?

Criss-cross few sections of your hair secured with bobby pins. Twist entire hair into a small updo. Use bobby pins to secure the hair tightly on the head.

Elegant Layered Short Haircut For Middle Aged Women

Women with asymmetric layers look happening. The puffy voluminous haircut adds charm to your persona, makes you fashionable, and gives you a graceful attitude even at 40s.

Looking at the image you surely will be tempted to get the same look. Short and simple hairstyles can make all the difference. The blonde highlights for brown hair introduce beauty and elegance.

Romantic Braided Hairstyle For Fall Days

Braiding your hair into a classic updo is just ideal for romantic evening walks and those crisp fall mornings. Form two French pigtails leaving the front bangs as is.

Then neatly pin-up the braids in a criss cross fashion at the back of your head. If you want a polished look remember to apply some serum to your hair before you start with the braiding.

Knot Bun Hairstyle With Curly Edges For Style Divas

The fashion queens love to experiment with hairstyles. Alia would call this cute hairstyle a ‘Saadhu bun’ and pull off a stylish makeover. The knot bun with just a few strands of hair creates a new and dynamic hairstyle.

The remaining hairs are left open with the ends curled into waves or loose ringlets. You too can look as cool as the superstar.

Center-Parted Waves With Dip-Dyed Copper Curled Ends

Wearing wavy hairstyles is simple and fun. The hairstyle can be worn on any formal or casual outfit you wear daily. Apply serum and impart a polished and shiny look to your tresses. Center-part the hair and with the help of a large barrel curling tool curl the dip-dyed ends into charming spirals. The frontal bangs framing the face will inject more romance to your persona.

Messy Low Ponytail For Lively Appearance

Are you late for your appointment today? Give this messy hairdo a shot if you are running out of time and still need to look stylish and up-to-date. If you have deeply layered hair this hairstyle will look stunning and chic.

Gather all the locks uncombed and tie them up into a ponytail. Wrap the elastic band with some strands of hair.

Runaway Look With Bohemian Braided Hairstyle For Girls

Boho hairstyles always lend a stunning runaway look. Women fall in love with these hairstyles every time they see the easy-peesy Bohemian hairdos. Finger wave the entire length of your hair and leave them loose and middle-parted. Then front braid thin sections of hair from the center-part framing your face. It’s a quick and daily wear hairstyle with a Boho kick.

Sleek Long Ponytail For Sophisticated Appeal

Believe it or not, hair-styling can take lesser than 10 minutes to give you a stylish look when you are off to work. Section out you top hair into middle-part and gather all tresses into a tight semi-high pony. Embellish it with crystal hair clip. Do not go for a layered or step cut if you want to sport this hairstyle, chopped hair will take away the sophisticated charm. This poised look is perfect for formal events.

Twisted Rope Braided Hairstyle For Awesome Appeal

The options for quick braided hairstyles for routine wear are limitless. The twisted rope ponytail can look exciting and complicated but, it’s quite easy to create. Side-part your hair with some fringes and turn it into a low ponytail.

Later rope braid the pony and wrap with hair. Viola, a stylish and care-free hairdo is ready in few minutes.

Chic Red Curly Feathered Hairstyle For Daily Use

While looking for a daily wear hairstyle short hairstyles can be best suited. They require minimum maintenance and effort to dress up. Also shorter hairdos are in vogue these days. The woman has chopped her hair into a short feathered bob in the outward direction. This needs no further styling just comb your locks and step out. The copper hair tone maximizes the glamorous appearance.

Voguish Voluminous Curls For Thick Long Hair

Leaving your hair free looks awesome with the loose voluminous curls added to them. Loose curly hairdos are most viable for styling in much lesser times. The longer and thicker your hair; better will be the result of this sassy hairdo. The ends are curled up randomly to add extra volume to the hairstyle. Isn’t it simple?

Topknot Twisted Bun With Hair Wrapped And Textured Edges

Comb back your sleek hair and tie the gathered hair into a topknot bun at the top part of your head. Take a wide section of your hair to wrap around the bun and secure the bun with bobby pins.

Finally trim the hair wrap to add texture and style to your simple look. This hairstyle will keep the hair coming onto your face and give you a stunning appeal.

Knotted Sleek Ponytail For Modern Looks

A knotted ponytail is an addition to the various styles a pony can be made. A hairstyle that can look so simple yet lends a modern makeover to your personality. This ponytail is different and smart looking. It may look tricky and complex, but in actual it’s very adorable, elegant and simple. Use enough mousse to make the hair workable into sassy knotted ponytail.

Pretty High Bow Bun Hairdo For Casual Parties

Do you have to get ready for a kitty party or have to meet school time friends today? This top bow bun is very cute and feminist hairstyle which can adorn your looks when you are in a tight schedule. On the days when you feel extra girlish tease your friends with this exciting hairstyle. The bow can be placed high or low, both look amazing.

Classic Side Braided Hairstyle With Side-Swept Layered Bangs

Side braided hairdos are a stylish twist to the normal braided hairstyle for daily wear. Your side braid can be of various styles as per your choice; from sleek and neat plait to a messy one, from French to Dutch braids, and braids combined with bangs or frontal fringes all look classic and cool. Carry your side braid in style!

Curly Half Up And Half Down Hairstyle With Embellished Broach

Who says that hairstyles for daily wear cannot be glamorous or charming? Women love to prep themselves and make a stylish appearance every day. This half up and down hairstyle is easy to create. The embellished broach becomes the attention-grabber for these curly blonde tresses.

Combed Back Sleek Half Updo With Pompadour Style

Selecting a hairstyle that turns around many heads is a must for women. This hairstyle is perfect for shoulder or medium length hair. Iron your hair straight and apply serum to give it a shiny look. Make a voluminous pompadour on the top and comb back the sides neatly. Women with fringes or bangs may find hard to manage this look.

Classic Segmented Ponytail For Blonde Women

As the day comes along with lots of energy, women need to put the same poise up with her dress, makeup and a lovely hairstyle. With lots of work piled up this segmented ponytail can come very handy. Create a low pony at the nape and divide it into equal sections using elastic bands.

Wavy Hairstyle With Floral Headband For Gorgeous Appeal

There you go, with an adorable looking floral headband hairdo. With large waves, sleeked to one side, framing the face looks gorgeous. The layered locks give a graceful look and the floral headband adds crispness and freshness to your character. This hairdo is perfect for spring.

Stylish Loose Braided Pigtails For Casual Appearance

Pigtails are popular hairstyles since old school days. Braided pigtails are evergreen and extremely easy to wear daily. The loose, messy, pulled back look adds a unique touch to the hairstyle. Apply hairspray to the messy hairdo to maintain that lively appearance. Put together this hairdo looks stylish and chic.

Hope that this post has showed you some awesome hair-styling options for daily use. The easiest of ponytail and the seemingly difficult braided hairstyles can give you a complete makeover. You can go to the office dressed in different hairdos that will leave people amazed.

If you think these hairstyles will make you late for work, you are sadly mistaken. Women rock these pretty hairstyles in just few minutes. All you need is some practice. Try the fabulous hairstyles to envy your friends every day.