Curtain colors & designs with white walls: Drapes or curtains make an important element in the adding dimension and flare to a room’s interior. Whether you are looking for an elegant or romantic ambience for the bedroom or are seeking beautiful window treatments for a trendy living room; curtains and blinds make great motifs to transform your den into an attractive retreat.

Dressing up white walls with colored and patterned curtains will spice up the boring room decor.White curtains on white walls proves that minimal is much more, however don’t go overboard ending up in a sterile room design. Colors picked from jewel tones like ruby red and emerald green add charisma to your white washed walls while bright summer tones of yellows and oranges add a refreshing appeal. Pink curtains for girls and the blue ones find place in your boy’s rooms.

Curtain Colors And Designs With White Walls

Nude and neutral colored curtains make exiting options for minimalist white walls; add bold and attractive hardware for a popping look. Patterns often highlight the dimension of plain wall spaces. Leave aside the artworks and concentrate on patterned curtains for a stylish home remodel. Flowers to geometric shapes; all designs leave its mark upon the fashionable white themed room. Let’s see some pretty, colored, and patterned curtains gracing the white walls below.

Bright Yellow Accent Curtains For White Washed Living Room

White walls plus bright yellow curtains make a fabulous combination for your living room. White on white might not seem as exuberant as these brightly accented white living rooms. The plain yellow curtains are perfect for summers creating a fresh and delightful atmosphere.


Black Solid Block Color Curtains Against White Walls

Black and white color schemes are popular in modern homes. This color combo never goes out of vogue whether it’s dressing your house or yourself, your nails or your accessories. Solid block black color curtains alongside the white walls are in trend. Black curtains create high contrast and add a fascinating bold look to the interiors.


Geometric Print Long Turquoise Curtains For White Bedroom Walls

White colored bedrooms can be well decorated with spurts of colors here and there. The designer has kept the lines of the bedding white but textured to add depth to the room’s dimensions. Turquoise hued curtains with clean geometric print highlights the wooden window pane. The cushions again contrast to these shades being lime green in color.


Vertical Striped Blue Toned Curtails For White Boys Bedroom

Blue is the color for boy’s bedroom. If you want to paint the walls white – beware, it might get stained as quickly as you’re done with the remodeling job – the fabrics and accents can be colored blue for a chic look. This nautical themed boys bedroom is beautifully draped with sea blue striped curtains for the tall window. Team up the shade with similarly toned and patterned rugs and linens.


Beautiful Chevron Patterned Beige Window Curtains

Geometric patterns for curtains add depth to the design of window treatments in any room. Chevron pattern is quite stylish and designs the room exclusively. You may choose from the varying thickness of the chevron bands to the colors incorporated on the fabric used for making curtains.


Cream And Red Floral Border Curtains

Adding a boost of red color to any interiors make it looks bold, sexy and romantic. Don’t overdo the red; inject balancing neutral hued curtains with patterned red border and flowers for an equally sharp and modern interior complementing the white walls.


Multi-Blue Toned Curtains For White Living Room Walls

Fill your living space with a colorful symphony of blue tones against the pristine white colored walls. The geometrical elements on the fabrics are nitty-gritty’s to enhance the appearance of your living rooms. The shades of blue and turquoise with hint of black striped together make beautiful curtain idea for your next remodeling venture.


Classic Grey Curtains With Circular Patterns For Modern Homes

Saturated hues are ideal for masculine bedrooms. The stylish and elegant circular pattern on the grey curtains makes a guys day. You may work along the grey color scheme with white washed walls for men’s bedrooms. Add accents and hardware’s of gold to emphasize the classic look.


Attractive Cherry Blossom Pink Curtains For Small Apartments

Small apartment rooms need to be update so as to redefine their size and dimensions virtually. Light colored or white walls brighten up and widen the horizons there. The cherry blossom print white pink curtains are worth marveling on the large windows. A minimalistic white living arena transforms into cheery and attractive sanctuary with these curtains.


Sheer White Drapes For Romantic Bedroom Decor

Here’s what was mentioned earlier; white sheers against white bedroom walls. The décor looks clean, crisp and casual. Remember white curtains are less likely to get stained if you have young members in your family. Introduce sheer or opaque white drapes that allow natural light in your bedroom adding a soft, flowing, and romantic look.


Orange Polka Dot Designed Curtains For Feminist Touch

Contemporary bedroom designed with a feminist touch of color, texture and pattern is wondrous. The polka dot orange curtains create a bright and bold contrast for the otherwise serene bedroom. The rod pocket curtain with large polkas couldn’t have been more fascinating!


Lime Green Curtains For Bright White Living Room

Touches of green hues in a living space add freshness and beauty to the area. Green is an eye-cooling tone that greets you in style every morning and night. The long, flowing, lime green curtains against white walls look great. You may opt for any shade of green from color palette to enhance the look of your room.


White Brick Walled Bedroom For Girls With Pink Orange Curtains

Paint your bricked accent wall white in color, add trendy curtains with warm mix of colors, leave the barn ceiling exposed and introduce wooden furnishings for a rustic, traditional-cum-modern bedroom design. The mix of pink and orange tones created a cozy nook in the room.


Floor Length Navy Blue Curtains With Geometric Pattern

Dark curtains create a niche focal point in the room when combined with white interior. Darker hued curtains like this navy blue block curtains stand out well in neutral toned spaces. Navy blue color with white lattice pattern and thick fabric makes this curtain an element of fashion and style with comfort.


Crushed Purple Colored Curtains For White Bedroom

Dark toned drapes indulge a sense of anxiousness among many of us. If you want to avoids the blacks and navy blues, try incorporating shades of violet, purple and magenta to your white walled interiors. These too lend a versatile and timeless appeal to the decor.


Brown Curtains With Wavy Motif For Elegant Look

Rod pocket curtains are easy to sew and easy to hang on the windows. The brown and black patterned curtains are pleated well to get added texture and richness of color against the pallid walls. The wavy design adds an elegant and rustic look to the modern home interior.


Pretty Tricolor Curtains Against White Walls

Tricolor curtains give birth to a fascinating and trendy bedroom decor. The mix of cream, grey and yellow colors in thick horizontally striped pattern looks stylish and fab. The yellow grey cushion covers boost the decor to the next notch up. You may add more accents to this room but minimalistic decor is often the best.


Luxurious White Living Room With Golden Drapes

Golden colored curtains add luxury to the décor. When the walls are painted white and you still want a luxurious look this inspiration image is the one you need. The cream and gold detailing in the sitting space and furniture is remarkable. Simple yet attractive bedroom design!


Baby Pink Multi-Patterned Curtains For Kids Bedroom

Baby pink curtains for babies looks so cute. The multi-patterned fabrics are combined to create a lovely bedroom design for your young princess. The patterns are incorporated on the walls, linens and walls too.


Black And White Lattice Curtains For Trendy Home Decor

Lattice curtains make an attractive focal point in this white washed living area. The contemporary designs with black, white and grey hues make a trendy home decor. The patterned curtains match with the chevron area rug and throw pillows. These white black curtains are wow-worthy.


White living room designs can be graced with layered drapes, sheers or multi-textured fabrics for an inviting appeal. The fabric, the colors, the textures and the designs you choose for your curtains has the power to transform your space dynamically.

While remodeling your house consider doing something new, something out of the box, and something you may haven’t tried before. Get rid of those monotonous, drab and boring curtains and update your bedrooms, living rooms and kitchens with flowing, colorful and latest designed curtains. Since you plan on painting the walls white, colored window treatments have much in store for a fashionable sanctuary.