Common Issues Men have When Approaching Women-In the bar, at a restaurant or in any appropriate setting, you might suddenly spot a woman you find hot and stunning and you suddenly feel like talking to her. It might seem easy to go to her and ask for her number but in the real world, it is a difficult task. In fact, a lot of men still wonder how other men can successfully approach women and start a conversation.

Men consider it as a huge challenge to approach and talk to women who are complete strangers as they fear how the girl would react or if they get rejected or anything else. There are men who face so many issues while approaching women and sometimes, even quit the thought of walking up to the women because of anxiety and nervousness. Here are some of the common problems that men face and how to deal with them.


The Fear of Getting Rejected

Men hate refusal and rejection in particular. No man wants to approach a girl in public and get embarrassed as she denies talking to him. When a man approaches a girl and when she denies talking, men often take it as a harsh rejection. However, men should understand that it is so random to predict if the girl would like you or not.

So why waste your chance just because of the fear of getting rejected? If you have spotted a girl you really like, take your chance and go talk to her. If she responds well, it’s great and if she doesn’t, move on with your life. Don’t take it as a big insult and don’t fear rejection. Drop your ego if she doesn’t want you to be around. Just have a positive attitude and go talk to her.

They Don’t know What to Say

Plentiful of men suffer from this issue while approaching a woman. They know that they like the girl but don’t know how to begin the conversation and talk to her. This is because the girl is a complete stranger and that they don’t have a topic to start a conversation. Men don’t know what to say to a girl or the insecurities might not let them to even start a conversation.

There’s no need to be afraid or insecure about what you’ll say when you meet her. Nothing bad is going to happen if you know you are approaching her in a decent manner and if she also looks decent and nice. Just go to her and ask how she is doing or if you can join her. You can also say something else like “you look stunning in this black dress and I was wondering if we can get a coffee together”. It’s just that you have psyched up yourself and you need to simply go talk to her without thinking too much about what you’ll say.

Don’t believe It’ll Work

After ages of finally gathering the courage to walk up to her and planning what you’ll say to her, you might have a second thought that what if it doesn’t work? Though it isn’t impossible to just walk up to any woman and talk, there are many men who end up neglecting the entire thought of approaching a woman just because they worry about the consequences of rejection. A lot of men think that it won’t work and they’ll end up looking like fools.

However, also to see if it works or doesn’t, you’ll have to approach and do it first. It might possibly work and you might end up going on a date with the girl! Just have confidence in yourself and make your best move to talk to her and get some time with her. Stop worrying if it would work or not because over thinking will make you anxious.

Self-Image Issues

A lot of men have a poor self image, low self esteem, and low confidence and often prevent themselves from approaching women. It’s all the inner game and due to this, a lot of men can never confidently approach women. Men also feel this way when they are around someone whom they are attracted to, especially if it’s the person of the opposite sex. This generally happens because you create unlikely scenarios in your mind.

You often imagine bad outcomes or negative effects of talking to the woman and as a result, you get nervous. This nervousness will prevent you from doing anything you want and thus, it’s useless to be nervous and fear failure. If you want to stay confident around women, don’t think what will happen and instead, think that what you want will happen. Use your mind to gain the confidence and be positive around women.

Failing to set the Proper Mindset

When men approach any woman they like, it’s not about getting numbers or anything else. It is simply about getting to know the woman they like and having fun with them. If you approach a girl with all the wrong intensions, you might not get the desired response because women generally can sense your intensions. When you genuinely want to know a girl and approach her with all the correct intensions, the chances are that you will get the proper response.

Apply a positive and cheery attitude and you will be able to approach women more confidently. In any case, the result will depend on the decision of the girl so why take so much pressure? What you can do is try your best to convince the girl and if you have the right attitude, there are better chances that she will get convinced. Don’t act fake and be genuine. Try to enjoy your time and gain her interest; if she’ll like you, you might even get her number!

Can’t Approach a Girl with a Group

It is easy to approach a single girl sitting alone somewhere but when a girl is with her group, it becomes even more tough for guys to approach her. Men often think that what if he disturbs her or her group, what if they don’t like him and what if the entire thing goes wrong? Men are afraid that a girl will reject them in front of everyone. The fear of getting humiliated in front of other women prevents men from approaching the girl.

In such cases, all you need to do is be confident and not care about others. You are not going to see those people again and thus, you don’t have to worry about it. It’s true that you’ll feel awkward and anxious in the beginning but just go for it. Make a move, get out of your comfort zone and just do it. Acceptance and rejection are a part of life and you’ll have to embrace it. It doesn’t matter if it’s in front of many people or a single person.

Making it a Big Deal out of It

When a man finds a girl attractive, he should go to her and ask her out; it’s as simple as that. There’s nothing to make a big deal of it. Men miserably fail at it because they make a big deal of it. When you think too much about anything, you also invite negative thoughts that can destroy your confidence and attitude.

If you like someone and desperately want to talk to her, just go for it. Also if she doesn’t show any interest in you, don’t make a big deal and focus somewhere else. After all, it’s just a little thing and not something that’ll impact your entire life. In fact, if she will reject you, you are probably never even going to see her again. So why worry about being humiliated or thinking of it as a huge insult? Take it lightly; laugh about it and you’ll never be so conscious about approaching any girl in the future!

Men get Struck by Good Looking Women

Some men admit to get struck by the awesomeness of hot girls and this is also one of the reasons they can’t approach them. When a man gets extremely fond of a girl, he might start getting seconds thoughts about approaching her. Men admit thinking shallow or low of them and start comparing them with the girls. Not all the boys are extraordinarily confident about themselves and they might think that the girl is too good for them to approach!

When you see a beautiful girl, immediately you start liking her and want to talk to her but as soon as you get gain your consciousness, you start comparing yourself with her and might also think that she is way better than you and might not be interested in talking to you. These second thoughts might always avert you from going to the girl and this is what you should let happen. If you genuinely like someone, don’t compare or judge yourself and let her do it. Give her a chance to talk to you!

Some Men feel Uncomfortable around People, Specially men

Not all men are super confident around other people. Some men also get nervous simply by the presence of other people, be it their own friends, a group of girls or the other people around. This is a basic and common nervousness that prevent men from approaching any woman. For such men, it would become easy to approach women when other people are not around but when they find a woman attractive at public places, they tend to avoid approaching women due to the anxiety they feel around people.

Especially, if a girl is sitting with a guy, it becomes harder to approach her. What if she is his girlfriend, what is they are with each other? What if the guy with her doesn’t like it? These are the common thoughts men would have when they want to approach a girl who is hanging out with boys. The key to solve this issue is that if they are committed, you’ll figure it out with their gestures. You’ll know if they are together and if you feel that they are friends, you can simply go and ask her out. If they are together, she’ll simply say no and you can move on. Analyse the situation before approaching and you’ll be able to handle it very well.

Failure of Being Unable to Impress

Men have a mindset that women like confident and highly charming men. If a person has low self esteem and finds himself less attractive or impressive compared to the other men, he will always think that he is not enough and will never be able to hit it right. Every man wants to woo the woman he likes and this fear of being unable to impress her is quite threatening to him. At no cost he wants to look like a fool in front of the woman he has started to like. This is the prominent reason why men avoid approaching the woman they like.

Men think that they will not be able to impress women because they constantly keep comparing themselves with other men. Of course, when men hangout in groups, they can witness how better and cool other men are at approaching a woman and when they realize that they cannot approach any woman in the same way, it’s obvious that they’ll feel insecure. In such case, it’s important for men to understand that not every man is same and not all the women like same kind of guys. Men should appreciate their strengths, their personality and individuality and should approach women with the same confidence.