What Color Lipstick Shades To Wear With Red Dress – Give a woman the right lipstick and she will conquer the world. Women and lipsticks is an inseparable reality.  Be it a good day or a bad day, there is always a lipstick. A dress and a lipstick, nothing can overpower a woman who is wearing this. Red dress is one such staple dress that every woman has in her wardrobe. But often we go wrong while choosing the right lipstick for the red dress. For those times when confusion rules your mind and head, we are your emancipator, follow us !!!!

Just read on to know what color lipstick shades to wear with red dress.

The Double Red

While red symbolizes anger, energy and determination it also symbolizes passion, love and desire. Matching red lipstick with the red dress gives you the most diva like look. Go for a  red lipstick with your red dress. Though, not many women are comfortable pulling red lipstick with a red dress.

Give it a try. It’s sure to woo everyone.  Make sure that the red of your lipstick matches with the red of your dress. Put on some red lipstick and live a little.

You can put a layer of mascara on your eye lashes with this lipstick and your barely need anything else. Opt for a matte red rather than a satin finish or glossy red lipstick as you already have the red dress on you.


Tangerine Orange

Orange is the happy go lucky color. For a playful and fun look, choose a tangerine orange lipstick with your red dress. Be judicious while picking up an orange lipstick. Orange is a tricky color. It can make you look pale and washed out. So opt for a red based orange.

Lipsticks are all about the art of balancing. Since you already have the tangy orange on your lips, avoid any heavy makeup. The disadvantage of orange lipstick is it makes your teeth look yellow, so do not forget to brush well, before you wear the tangerine orange lipstick.


Nude Pink

If you want your dress to grab all the attention, wear a nude pink lipstick. There are many options in nude pink lipsticks. Try them all and see which nude pink works the best for you. Choose a nude pink color that complements your complexion.

Opt for smoky eyes looks. All you need is heavy eye makeup comprising of a thick line of khol, some dark eye shadows (combination of browns, grey and blacks) and a dramatic eye liner.


With this, nude pink lipstick looks fantastic. You can never go wrong with a nude pink lipstick. Let your red dress steal the show. Do not forget to carry your smile along.

Glossy Baby Pink

A unique and lovely combo to move all the eyeballs everywhere you go is a red dress with a glossy baby pink lipstick. It makes you look young and attractive. Glossy finish of the lipstick adds to the moisture. It also makes your lips shine and makes you stand out in the crowd.


Let your lips be the juiciest baby pink ever. You can twist your hair. For your eyes, a light pink eye shadow works great with glossy pink lips. Mascara looks daunting. A hint of pink on your cheeks can make you look fresh and vibrant.

Peach Lipstick

Peach is the new red. The world seems mesmerized with the peach color lipsticks. They look great in every season, be it sweaty summers or chilly winters. Peach is a color that compliments every skin type; dark or light, pale or tan. The beauty of the peach lipstick lies in the fact that it goes well with any kind of outfit, be it traditional or be it a modern dress.


A peach lipstick can be worn for any part of day; morning, noon or night. Peach looks great on every age group, young and the old alike. For the perfect coordinated look choose a peach lipstick to compliment your red dress. Red and peach blend graciously. Peach lipstick adds freshness to face.

Bright Pink

Be pretty in pink. Pink isn’t just a color its an attitude. Bright pinks have occupied the fashion streets since ages. This bright pop of pink brightens the face instantly. You can never go wrong with a bright pink lipstick. It works across complexions.


You can also choose a bright pink lipstick to compliment your red dress. Make sure you hide your flaws. Apply some foundation and concealer, a pink blush, a line of eye liner and your age old favorite bright pink lipstick.

Nothing will be more soothing for your red dress than the bright pink lipstick. Carry this shade effortlessly and be ready for some compliments, gorgeous!!

Nude Brown

Often at times we are confused as to what to wear with a red dress. If confusion lingers your mind, go for nude brown lipstick. Nude brown lipstick gives you the ‘My Lips But Better Look’. It fuss free, easy to carry and highly wearable. Since your lips miss color, jazz up your eyes.


Flaunt a pink eye shadow, a line of kohl and mascara. Add some peachy blush for that ‘no makeup look’. Choose a nude brown that does not makes you look washed out. There is a nude brown for everyone. Nude brown lipsticks bring out your natural beauty. It symbolizes simplicity at its best.

Burgundy Lipstick

Not always you wish to spot light lips with a red dress. A deep burgundy lipstick is all you need with your ravishing red dress. It is the most sensual combination that makes you look absolutely stunning. Darker lipsticks are so in trend.


You need absolutely no make up with burgundy lips except a BB cream. This shade is simply breathtaking, uncommon and unique. This color is sure to make you smile. For those sculptured lips just wear burgundy lipstick. Let your lips be the attention seeker.

Every season, tread or dress has a lipstick to its credit. If your favorite color is pink this never means you cannot wear red. Make up is all about experimenting. Unless you try a lipstick color how will you know what works the best for you.

So next time you put on your red dress try the shades above, you surely are gonna shine out, brighter than the North Star. If you are sad, add more lipstick and attack!!!. After all, a little lipstick never hurts. You never can have enough of lipsticks.

Have fun and smile and do not forget to put your lipstick.