Best college hairstyles for medium length hair: Life is too short for boring hair. One needs to play around with hair to achieve varied looks rather than the boring everyday look. A new hairstyle can make you look completely different. Life is not perfect but hair can be perfect. Many of us are of the view that there are not many hairstyles options available for medium length hair. So to guide you, we are here with 30 best college hairstyles for medium length hair.

The Layers Hairstyle

If your haircut is in layers, we have a suggestion for you. Fold the open ending of hair inside by using a roller brush, a curler or a straightener; whichever you are proficient in using. You can go for side partition.

In case your hair is not naturally straight, straighten the length of your hair and fold the edges of your hair inwards. This hairstyle is easy to make, is simple and elegant and can make you look gorgeous in minutes.


Folded Outwards Hairstyle

You can try a hairstyle opposite to the one told above. If you do not wish to do any effort, simply fold your hair outward rather than inwards, with a hair brush or a straightner and you are all ready to rock in some fun in your college. This hairstyle can be done every day as it is easy and fuss free. It looks good with any attire.


Left Side Braid Hairstyle

If you have medium length hair, the best and easiest hairstyle that is simple yet chic is to partition your hair from the centre. Pick a generous amount of hair near the forehead from left side and make a neat braid that runs cross the left side of your head to the back of your head and pin up this braid. You can leave the rest of your hair in a messy shape and need not to comb through your hair.


Messy Curls

Curls are fun but they can be messy as well. All you need is to comb your curls and let some fringes fall on your forehead or in case you are not blessed with curls, curl up your hair. All you need is a hair curler and some patience. You do not have to be perfect in curling. Just mess around; after all, it’s the messy hairstyle.


Wavy Hairstyle

Nothing can look as mesmerizing as wavy hairstyle. The best part is, it requires literally no efforts. You can easily achieve wavy hairstyle with a curler but there are natural ways to get this hairstyle without harming your hair with all the heat of curlers. All you need is wash your hair and comb them. When they are wet make multiple braids of them or small buns. Let your hair dry. Open these braids or buns and WOW! You have that amazing wavy hair style. Avoid combing. If you require combing your hair rather than combing move your hands through them.


Side Braid Ponytail

If you have little extra time and some event lined up in your college opt for side braid ponytail. Make a braid with little hair on one side of the head. After you finish making the braid, tie all the hair into a ponytail, making the side braid run into your ponytail. This hairstyle is an amalgamation of braid and ponytail.


French Braid Hairstyles For College Girls

French Braids have been part of history since time immemorial, yet they look contemporary. If you have medium length hair, French braid is an ideal hairstyle for you. Apply some mascara and a thick line of eye liner with a French braid. French braids look equally good with ethnic as well as with modern outfits. You can try hoop earrings with it or a chunky neckwear to rock your day at your college.


The Classic Pony Tail

College girls and ponytail is an age old trend. All you need to do it pull back all your hair and tie it in a pony tail using a rubber band. Now to make it different pull few strands of your hair and cover your rubber band with these hair, making it look like you have tied your pony with hair rather than rubber band. This hairstyle is ideal hairstyle for everyday college days, especially summer days.


Side Ponytail

Rather than the usual pony you can make a side pony for your college. This is preferably done on the left side but you can do it the side you are comfortable in. Wear a rubber band that matches your dress. If your dress has more colors than one wear multicolored or more than one rubber band. This side ponytail is bound to make you look cute. Spot the side pony and be the cool girl in the college.


Curly Side Pony

If you like side pony but do not wish to go for the usual side pony, here is another hairstyle for you. Make a side pony and curl the hair of the pony alone. This hairstyle can be done by beauties who extra fizzy and curly hair by straightening the hair near the roots and leaving the half of your hair curly. What are you waiting for, rush to your college.


Loose Side Braid Hairstyle

Yet another way of a side hairstyle is by making a braid on the side. This is ideal for college. If you are the one to whom braids give a headache we have a solution for you, go loose. You can make a loose braid. You do not have to be perfect. Just make a braid and you are all ready with the new hairstyle for your college.


Messy Bun And Curl Hairstyle

Divide your hair into half. Make bun of half hair and for the rest of hair, curl them and let them sway in air. So you have bun of your half hair towards your neck and curls of the rest of your hair. This hairstyle gives the illusion of open hair. This hairstyle works great for college girls who have heavy hair. Apply a pink lipstick with this hairstyle.


Simple Loose Curls Hairstyle

Simple loose curls can make you look sensuous in your college. You don’t need to be gloomy if you do not have natural curls. Modern gadgets can aid you in having curls in seconds. Use a curler and blimey, you have the best curls. In case you think the heat of curler can spoil your hair, fix on rollers in your wet hair at night and go to sleep. Remove the rollers in morning and you have magnificent curls. Do not comb your hair immediately after curling them.


Curly Low Messy Bun Hairstyle

Who said buns are for long hair. Buns can be made out of medium length hair as well. We will help you unlock this secret. Initially curl your hair. Once your hair is curled make a low bun roughly. Let the hair fall out, in case they are coming out of the bun. Ensure that the bun is placed low on your head. This hairstyle can be done for any special occasion in the college.


Crochet Braids Hairstyle

Though crochet braids occupy a lot of your precious time but they are worth every minute spend on them. Try them and you surely are going to love your hairstyle. Be cautious about your hair and making crochet hairstyle can make you loose your lovely hair. So oil your hair regularly with coconut oil, almond oil or olive oil. Wash your hair well and do not forget to apply a conditioner.


Half And Half Hairstyle

If you are someone who is confused whether to keep your hair open or make a bun, we have a trendsetting hairstyle for you to adorn for your college. Divide your hair into two halves, one half that consists of hair covering the upper surface of your head and the second part covering the rest of your head. Now make a bun of the first half and enclose it with a black rubber band. Leave the rest of your hair open.


Half Up Knot Hairstyle

If you wish to go for half on half hairstyle but bun is your not cup of tea then instead of making a bun of the first half of your hair, tie them in form of a messy knot of hair. You can this way miss the rubber band part. Let the second part of your hair be open. This hairstyle is less time consuming. Besides this you do not need to be make extra efforts to try making the hair knot presentable.


Boho Knot Braid Hairstyle

For the Boho knot braid all you have to do is pull back few strands of hair from both sides of your head and make simple braids. Tie these two braids along with some more hair into a knot. This is a gorgeous hairstyle that you can wear to your college if you have medium length hair. You can also go for a boho outfit with this dress or any contemporary dress that makes you look like a boho chic.


Upside Down Braid Hairstyle

Braids look equally good in case they are upside down. Start making thick braid with the loose ends of your hair, near the start of your neck and pull it upwards to make a loose bun of the open end right above your head. Apply a rubber band to fix the bun. This is a unique hairstyle that is sure to catch a lot of eyes.


Two Fishtail Hairstyle

Sometimes two are better than one. Make a right side partition of your hair. Make two fishtails running parallel to each other on your head on the place you are likely to put your hair band. These two fishtail gives the illusion of a hair band and looks completely mind blowing. Some pink on your lips along with these two fishtails on your head will make you look like a Greek goddess in your college.


Rustic Twisted Bun Hairstyle

A rustic twisted bun is a beautiful hairstyle for your college that you can try if you have medium length hair. Makes multiple twists of your hair. To make a rustic twisted bun tie all these twists together to form an elongated bun. You do not need to follow a diehard procedure, make it the way to are comfortable in. This hair style will keep all your hair tied together and will save you from the summer heat.


Half Fishtail Braid Hairstyle

Ditch the usual fishtail that your grandma told you. Incorporate the fishtail to make a modern and chic hairstyle. Half tie your hair. With the upper half all you need to do is make a fishtail braid. For the rest of your hair, make wavy hairstyle, as simple as it can be. You can spot this hairstyle any day to college and be ready for compliments.


The Pulled Back Hair Hairstyle

One popular trend amidst the celebrities is the pulled back hairstyle. You can also opt for it for your college. All you require is to pull your hair from the centre of your head towards backwards. To ensure that your hair do not fall out of place apply some hair gel on the hair that have been pulled back. This hairstyle looks imposing.


Half Tie Beehive Hair Style Hairstyle

We all despise bees but we love beehive hairstyle. Beehive hairs style requires some amount of teasing of your hair while backcombing and hair sprays that can harm your hair in longer run. Ensure that you regularly oil your hair to prevent them from any harm. Pick half of your hair and make them into a beehive hair style by backcombing your hair, adding volume and fix it with some clip or hair pins. For the rest of your hair let them remain open. You can fold the loose ends towards inside using a hair straightener. To accentuate your looks in beehive half tie, do not forget to play with your eyes. Apply some generous amount of eye mascara and eye shadow in neutral shades.


Beehive Bun Hairstyle

There is yet another way to spot beehive hairstyle. You can spot a beehive bun. More divas are spotting it now days. Pull back your hair and make a beehive bun using the backcombing technique. Backcombing may look complex but it is very easy to do. This will make you look tall and obviously beautiful.


Beehive Ponytail Hairstyle

If ponytail is your style quotient you can go for beehive ponytail for your college. For the upper part of your hair, backcomb it. Once backcombing is done make a puff of the backcombed hair and pulling all the hair together make a mid rise pony tail. It will make you look young and fresh. You can go for matching rubber band as well.


Floral Hairstyle

To make your usual wavy hairstyle look marvelous, all you need to do is a little more effort. Accessorize your hair with some floral accessory. You can pick some fresh flowers or any artificial one that looks akin to real one. You can also match the flower with your dress for college. After you give partition to your hair, pull a certain amount of hair backwards from one side and put a bobby pin. Now take your flowers and with the help of bobby pin stick them over the previous bobby pin in a way that bobby pins are covered by flowers. This hairstyle looks beautiful with gowns and dresses.


Half Tied Colored Waves Hairstyle

Wavy hair looks out of the world when colored. Incase your hair are not wavy, you can make them wavy. Color the lower half of your hair in burgundy or pink for achieving that fresh college look. If you do not wish to go for original coloring, use a temporary color spray for your hair. Once it is done make center parting of your hair and pull back some hair from the front and tie them back using some bobby pins. In case you have ultra silky hair apply two- three bobby pins or a hair clutcher to ensure your half tied hair doesn’t loosen up while in college.


The Colored Long

Wedge Haircut looks stunning on any hair length be it short, medium or long. What can make your medium length wedges stand out is coloring them red. Red is a passionate color that represents love. So everybody in college is gonno love your hairstyle. Rather than coloring your whole hair red, go for streaks of red. Red colored hair against your original black hair, one followed the other looks amazing. As far as your hairstyle is concerned after you finish straightening your hair, fold the loose ends of your hair inside. Bang on for side partition as it will add grace to your hairstyle.


The Bow Bun Hairstyle

This bow bun is tricky but we assure you everyone will love it. All you need is little practice and a lot of patience. Use a small comb for this hairstyle. Ensure that your hair is well combed. Neatness comes with practice. Initially this bow bun takes a lot of time but when you have made it a couple of times, you will become a pro in it. So hurry girls, try this bow bun.


Try these amazing hairstyles and make your college days stylish and memorable.
Curl them, Cut them, Dye them; enjoy your hair…….