Clever Things To Do After Being Ghosted – These days, breakups and being ghosted have become quite common. A lot of people get ghosted and are left confused and stressed thinking about why it happened to them. If you are unaware about what it means, being ghosted means, the one whom you were dating has terminated all the communication with you suddenly without giving any excuses or reasons.

A lot of people choose ghosting because either they are afraid of talking about the breakup with their partner or they don’t care enough about their feelings and just want to get rid of the relationship. Whatever the reason may be, ghosting is a hurtful thing and a person who gets ghosted goes through a tough trauma. If you or your friend gets ghosted out of nowhere, here are the things you can do.

Clever-Things-To Do-After-Being-Ghosted

Make Sure That You Are Legitimately Being Ghosted

Most of the cases of ghosting are quite clear but it doesn’t hurt to confirm that you are being ghosted before reaching to any conclusion. If your spouse doesn’t answer or text you back for some hours or even days, there might be some other problem.

Make sure you don’t freak out and assume that you are being ghosted. If you come to know that he/she is in town, is following the regular schedule and is still avoiding you out of the blue, that’s ghosting.

Call Him/Her Out

Ghosting is such a cowardly stuff and weak people do it. If your partner is ghosting you, call him/her out. You are not going to feel better unless you let him/her know that you are aware of their intensions and thus, call them out.

Thorough calls, texts, on social media or any other medium, let him/her know that you know what they are up to. Especially, if you have done nothing to deserve this kind of treatment and if, they are not eager to talk it out in any manner.

Don’t Try to Contact Them

Once you have called them out for their immature behavior, it’s time for you to move on.  This might be the hardest and heart breaking thing to do, but you have to do it anyways or else you’ll feel more heartbroken. Don’t try to call text or contact them in any way.

They have ghosted you because they don’t want to see you or hear from you so why make it harder for both of you. Handle this condition maturely and move out of their lives. Not only this will help you move on with your life, but it will also save you from further pain and suffering.

Don’t Blame Yourself & Don’t feel Guilty

A lot of people blame themselves for being ghosted. People even think that their actions, behavior or their mistakes have led them to being ghosted and this is not true. If you are being ghosted, it’s not because of you; instead, it’s because of their adolescent nature.

Simply don’t freak out, don’t start blaming yourself and take it lightly. Unless you have done something extremely horrible to them, don’t fault yourself. This is the worst way to end any relationship and if they don’t understand this, the problem is with them.

Acknowledge That You Have Been Ghosted and Talk About it

It takes guts to accept and acknowledge the fact that you have been ghosted and it hurts. Don’t feel ashamed to talk about it with your close friends and family members. If you wish, cry out loud for once, feel sympathetic towards yourself and share it with other people.

Your close ones will surely make you feel better and will help you recover. Talking and sharing stuff is like a therapy, the more openly you talk about it with your friends, and the more quickly you’ll be able to recover from it. So think no more, feel sad, talk about it and finally get over it.

Thank your Fate That They are Gone

A person who chooses to ghost someone with whom they shared a great bond is a weak person and you probably don’t want to be with a person who doesn’t care about the feelings of other people.  If you were dreaming of a future with him, be thankful that they are gone and that you are saved from being with a weak and immature person.

This doesn’t mean that you have to speak ill about someone but it means that you are simply thankful that you are saved from being with an incompatible person. Be happy that they are gone and think that you deserve better than that. This will automatically boost your recovery!

Move On & Take Care of Yourself

Taking care of yourself, physically and mentally has a very positive impact on our body and this is the thing you should do. Getting stuck in a room, feeling guilty and wondering that why it happened to you, will not help you. The best way to move on is, to take care of yourself.

Eat healthy food, get enough sleep, go for some physical exercises, engage yourself in some productive work and enjoy your life with your friends and family. This will make you feel light and awesome. Release your emotional strain while doing the activities you love and you’ll soon get over it.

Don’t Change Yourself in Any Way

When people get ghosted, they often feel guilty and shamefaced. They think that their habits and behavior are the reason behind being ghosted. This feeling can often make people change their habits unwontedly. You should never feel that you aren’t enough and should change.

Remember, if not for him/her, you are perfect for someone else. Not all the people feel the same way and thus, don’t change yourself. If you’ll change yourself in any manner, you’ll miss your old self horribly and will feel guilty for changing. After all, a person who doesn’t care enough for your feelings should not have a deep impact on your mind. Take some time and you’ll realize that it happened for good.