Bun Hairstyles For Women – 20 Unique And Easy Bun Hairstyles Ideas That Are In Trend – Bun hairdos have an ancient history which never goes out of vogue. In olden days women with long voluminous hair frequently sported bun hairstyles, however, times have changed and bun hairstyles have made a comeback with different styles for every hair length – even the short ones.

Bun hairstyles are quite versatile as they can be combined with various other styles to change the look every time you change your ensemble. Girls perk up buns in a number of ways and styles – combine different sizes of buns together; pair the buns with braids, fringes, layers, or headbands framing your face; color them up or add subtle highlights; and make it low or high or sideways – every style has its own endeavor to make you look beautiful and trendy.

Women can always modify their look with makeup and outfits to complement the cute bun hairstyles for different events and occasions. Bun hairdos can be done in a sleek and smooth finish or can be given a tousled touch for carefree look.

The popular hairstyle has never lost its charm since the 17th and 18th century in the Queen Elizabeth era. The queen ties her hair into vintage-styled twisty toppy buns for royal appeal. Read on to know how to wear the amazing looking bun hairstyles for stylish look.

Cute Cinnamon Bun Hairdo For Simplistic Approach

When you have to get ready for a casual meet with friends and you don’t have the time to dress your hair try this simple bun hairstyle. The low bun at the nape needs a few twists and turns and securing with bobby pins to get the stylish look. Get a polished look by using hair protein serum to keep the hairdo from getting messy.

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Fascinating Two Minute Low Braided Bun For Young Girls

A low twisted braided bun is a low maintenance hairstyle that lends you a casual appeal ready to wear anywhere and everywhere. Look great with this bun hairstyle for a less time consuming errand early morning. Leaving the frontal fringes loose over your face gives a messy touch up for a casual fascinating look. You may wear this hairdo over skinny jeans and simple t-shirt for a fun-packed summer outing.


Awesome Beehive Hairstyle By Penelope Cruz

The beehive hairstyle has emerged from the inspirations of hairstylists from around 1960s when women wore puffy hairstyles with a gorgeous attitude. The beehive bun with subtly highlighted strands lends a completely ravishing look to the wearer. It’s a comfortable, classy and fabulous choice for weddings, parties and prom nights. The hairstyle adds volume and height to the short hair giving you a royal redefining look.


Ultra-Chic High Bun Hairstyle With Twisted Head Band

The bride needs to look the best on her special day. She needs to impress her better half with her looks and beautiful features. Getting dresses in such an elegant yet stylish hairstyle is a wondrous way to notch your looks up to the next level. The twisted bun is highlighted with the head band and frontal fringes to give a modern twist to traditional bridal hairstyle. You can’t go fashionably wrong if you pair up correct accessories, and outfit with this ultra-chic hairdo.


Beautiful Women With Twisted Top Knot Bun For Minimalistic Look

You will find many variations in the top knot bun hairstyles across the globe. Fashionista and salon experts give their twist to the hairdo to give you the most stylish look that complements your personality and face structure. This super smart bun is made by twisting your long whips into a top knot. The hairstyle imparts an easy, comfy and neat look to the modern women.


Gorgeous Messy Angular Bun With Auburn Highlights

Angular bun hairstyle gives your face much structured look and adds dimensions thereon. The hairstyle can be created with a little practice by folding the layered hair one over the other and securing them with bobby pins at the back of your head in an angular shape. The subtle auburn highlights add a zing to your looks.


Sock Bun Hairstyle For Medium Length Hair

Create a magnetic image with your sock bun hairstyle. The blonde and sleek hair with medium length and layered haircut can be finished with this style beautifully – not to mention that long hair can pull off the look even better. The sock bun hairstyles go with every outfit that you wear, from sloppy summer dress to the formal shirt and trousers.


Dual Toned Hair Color With Braid-N-Bun Hairstyle

This braid-n-bun hairstyle is really dignified without being too conventional. Create marvelous lowlights in light brown for your blonde hair, tie them in a classic French braid, fold it up from the nape and finally secure the remaining hair into a high bun at the top.


Electric Blue High Donut Bun Hairdo For Stylish Women

The donut bun – hope you aren’t thinking about the confectionery next door! The point of discussion is the trending and captivating donut bun hairstyle. This trending hairdo is easy to wear and looks damn charming. This dazzling electric blue colored bun adds a striking appeal and stands out from the rest.


Low Side Chignon With Messy Touch And Side Sweeps

Here comes another stylish messy bun hairstyle for beautiful blonde ladies. The low side chignon with tousled whips looks great with almost all outfits. It will make a great do for brides or even bridesmaids; it can be worn in parties or casual outings with friends. The textured wavy look and side-sweeps balances the entire ensemble flawlessly.


Quirky Twisted Top Bun Hairdo At Grammy Awards

Bun hairstyles that surface at the Grammy Awards can never go unnoticed. Katy Perry wore a quirky twisted top bun hairdo. Pull your thick hair at the crown, twist and turn it into a tight, sleek top bun. Give it a slightly flattened shape and prevent flyaways by applying serum.


Seductive Low Hung Easy Bun Hairstyle For Sexy Women

The low hung bun looks as though it’s been created by some lazy hairstylist by mistake. However, the perception is quite wrong; creating a messy low bun with just the correct messy appeal needs expertise and patience. The hairstyle lends women a seductive and cute appeal at the same time. The long earrings add grace to your beauty.


Funky Braided Pigtail Buns For Crazy Girls

Pigtail bun hairdos are extremely funky and perfect do for high school girls. The punk appeal makes you stand out in the crown with a crazy look. The blue and purple colored strands add a more dramatized look to the wearer. The frontal flyaways are left loose to add finesse to the crazy hot look.


Half Up Half Down Bun Hairstyle Looks Really Rocking

Half up down hairstyles are quite versatile and can be paired with braids, headbands and even buns! The half up and down hairdo with a bun doesn’t need much effort to style. Part the middle section of your hair and tie it up in a knot bun to create this rocking do. The tousled look complements the mischievous grey eyes.


Fiery Red Colored Side Bun With Short Fringes

Redheaded women lend a fiery look that’s adorable and eye-catching. The medium length hair is twisted into a messy side bun with short choppy fringes side sweeping the forehead. The hairstyle can be paired with any prom dress or party outfits to put the stage ablaze! The red hot lip color further adds a bold appeal.


Elegant Formal Puffy Bun Hairstyle

The dark black hairs are secured in a puffy bun hairstyle along with two small knot buns at the side. Apply enough serum to the hair for a polished look leaving a decent tangled finished so as to make it little messy look – don’t overdo the messy touch!


Gorgeous Bouffant Bun Hairstyle For Brides

Women on her special day – the wedding day – are under scrutiny all the time. The bride is the center of attraction looking perfect with her attire, makeup, accessories and hairstyle. This bouffant hair bun with braided band looks gorgeous and glorious. The smooth and neat hairdo is all you need to complete your stylish ensemble.


Classic Half Bun Hairstyle For Women With Short Hair

Bun hairstyles were appreciated a lot for long lustrous hair. However, with the passing decades the fashion world is changing rapidly to sport cute bun hairdos with short hair also. The dual tones hazel and blonde hair color looks ravishing with the slight angular bob haircut and a cute half bun at the back.


Beautiful Rosette Bun Hairdo

As the name of this beautiful hairstyle suggests, it gives the chic look of a bunch of roses pinned up to create a lovely headband on the front line. The savvy hairstyle looks stunning and classic. It’s an ideal hairdo for women with curly hair. It looks quite attractive if finished with floral embellishments.


Fancy Lace Braid Headband Into Starburst Bun

Lace braided hairstyles are always awe-worthy. The lacy braids look elite and are meant for those who want a classy, polished and sophisticated appeal. Twisting the lace braids into a chic starburst bun hairdo is a marvelous idea. You may secure the bun with beaded bobby pins or embellishments of your choice to match your attire.


Messy Bun Hairstyle With Side Sweeping Whips For Lazy Mornings

For those lazy mornings where you are getting late for work this messy bun hairstyle can work wonders. The frontal bangs are layered sleek with good quantity serum; the back hair is combed loosely into a low messy twisted bun. The side sweeping bangs add a flirtatious aura to your personality.


Flirty Purple Hair With Braided Top Bun And Shaved Nape

Bun hairstyle with a shaved nape is definitely not for women with a faint heart. The brown and purple hair color was not all to impart a bold fashion statement that this girl shaved off her nape. Two simple plaits cross over at the back of head to end in a loosely secured bun at the top. It’s a unique hairstyle with flirty look that can achieve several compliments.


Box Braid Bun Hairdo For Black Women

African or Afro-American women love box braided hairstyles. Then how can they style them different at various occasions? Here is a cute and chic example of how box braided hairstyle can look stunning. The long micro-braids are turned up into a bun for a stylist look.


Sleek And Sophisticated Casual Bun Updo For Girls

Simple yet elegant is what you will call this hairstyle. The sleek brunette hair is rounded up into a cute bun at the nape. It’s not too low and not to high chignon with just the perfect appearance. This casual hairdo will suit most summer outfits and keep you away from sweaty greasy look.


Wow-Worthy Waterfall Braid Bun Hairstyle

Waterfall braids are popular amongst women who want a sassy hairdo. Combining the braid with a bun hairstyle adds character to your looks. The dark black roots with auburn ombre looks great with the braiding and bun do. Complete the look with a floral headband or tiara if you are the bride to be.


Having shown you so many bun updo options, there is nothing that can impede you from donning the perfect stylish look from head to toe. These simple bun hairstyles can be an adventure at home giving you the trendiest and chicest ever appearance.

No matter what type of hair you have – blonde, redhead, brunette, or dip-dyed – you can style bun updo in celebrity inspired ways. The simple and intricate bun hairdos can complement your dressing, personality and overall appearance.

Let your pretty tresses tied in a bun captivate the onlookers and pull off many appreciations. If you have liked any of these stunning bun hairstyles try them and see yourself transform into the hottest trendsetter!