There are millions of nail art designs created using vibrant colors these days. Thousands you can try for different occasions. But even playing with colors feel enough sometimes. Black and white, the so called universal colors create magic on the nails. When you run out of designs with other colors just think of these monochromatic magical colors. They will suffice your need for any kind of occasions taking from casual meetings to red carpet evening parties. Without any doubts you can try keeping just these two color nail paints in your makeup kit and you can all be ready for the events in minutes.

Though we feel colors are very much important in the fashion world because of the moods they create and the vibes they spread around. Keeping all of them aside when you think of black and white combination, you will extraordinarily wonderful to see its superiority over other colors. This universal combination can never go dull for your outfit. Choose the perfect nail art for every occasion and the natural beauty of basic colors can be seen on your cute nails.

Zigzagging Wavy Lines

Give a twist to your nail design with these zigzag nails to create wavy layer of black and white colors. The undulating lines are always beauty to see. You can use shining nail paints or glitters to enhance its look. The shaky lines are easy to make using toothpick or hairpin. If you git a thin liner nail paint, then no accessory is needed for creating this nail art design.

Black and White Nail Art Designs-1

Water Droplets Effect

How awesome to see pearly droplets over your nails! They can be produced using black and white nail colors easily. Over the black or white nail paint base, add dots of varying sizes to create drops. You can put a tiny dot of the opposite color to give it a reflecting effect of water. They look amazing for your long nails.

Black and White Nail Art Designs-2

Horizontal Long Stripes

Stripes are pretty easy to draw on the nails. Whether you have short or long nails, it makes them look still more longer and brighter. The light and dark lines create vibrant on the nails. You can wear this for your striped design dress for parties. It looks fantastic as a casual nail art design too.

Black and White Nail Art Designs-3

Side Swept Random Squares

You can wonder how stylish this nail art design is. Rather following the rule of uniformity, create the squares randomly at a side of your nails. This distribution and overlapping of boxes look contemporary for your nails. Using just two basic colors no one would think you can be so attractive at a special occasion like gathering of friends or relatives.

Black and White Nail Art Designs-4

Classic Checker Chess Board

Go for a checkmate with this black and white nail art design. The chess board pattern having black and white checks is famous not just in the field of sports, even in fashion it has got a commendable position.

The design looks simply superb. It makes your nails look formal and gives undisturbed feeling at any place you visit.

Black and White Nail Art Designs-5

Curvy Wave with Dots

Apply both black and white nail paints with a curvy line between them. When you don’t have much time to think about different designs, go for this simple and elegant nail art. Those added dots will really make you feel worth its presence once you have them. Don’t forget to try it for your next hurry burry outing.

Black and White Nail Art Designs-6

Shaded Merging Grids

A unique grid nail art design is a must one to try this weekend. The descending shades of black from dark to grey to end with white is the feast to eyes. Try making grids using thin tapes and create the merged shades using spray nail paint or sponge or any soft material. Else the colors may not merge as it is in the image.

Black and White Nail Art Designs-7

Dalmatian Black Nail Art Design

Dalmatian is a most favorite breed of dog humans love. For all those dog lovers this nail art is dedicated. It is the most creative nail art ever created using black and white colors. On the white nail paint base, you can apply dotted black spots to get a pattern of Dalmatian skin. Show off your love to your pet this way!

Black and White Nail Art Designs-9

Charming Glittery Stripes

If you feel just plain stripes are bore to be seen on your nails, try this twinkling nail art design with black and white nail paints. For those striped nails add glitters using shimmer nail paints or glued glitters to make them shine at the parties. This design suits any kind of dresses you wear.

Black and White Nail Art Designs-10

Black and White French Manicure

French tip manicure has become popular throughout the world now. Girls wants to be attentive among the large crowd. So they always choose to look attractive. If you are one among those ladies trying to catch the looks of people around you try this French manicure without miss. French nail art design is special because the design is made only near the tips. It looks really different and special!

Black and White Nail Art Designs-11

Professional Bows On Nails

Give an executive look for your nails with black and white colors. The bows and tie add the accomplishment to your attire. Imagine white nail paint as a shirt and design black tie, bow, buttons and a blazer. That’s all is needed to give a master appearance to your nails.

Black and White Nail Art Designs-12

Flower Winding Nail Design

You can see vine art on almost everything in fashion. A vine with flowers, leaves and butterflies have the natural beauty anyone can wonder. Using black and white thin nail designer create this nail art design with vines. Even without any color effects, it looks beautiful to be in monochromatic streak. It shows how creative you are!

Black and White Nail Art Designs-13

Unusual Zebra Streaks

Go dashing using zebra streaks to design your long cute nails this outing. You will wonder how awesome you feel to have them on your nails. Make the zebra pattern by yourself by random zigzag lines.

Inspired by a wild animal zebra it obviously gives a nature’s presence. When you can create an ultra-modern zebra nail art in minutes, what else can make you feel happier!

Black and White Nail Art Designs-14

Mix Up the Patterns

When you are in a doubt choosing best design between many, go for mix match game. For each of your five fingers apply varying black and white designs like dotted, stripes, checks, zigzag, floral etc. or nay more. For a casual outfit this nail art appears amazing and even you feel satisfied with multiple designs on your beautiful nails.

Black and White Nail Art Designs-15

Royal Prince and Princess Design

Prince charming and princess beautiful, both are combined to give an enchanting feeling here. Using black and white nail arts and added rhinestones, you can own a kingdom on your cute nails. It looks imply superb to have this royal design on your nails. This can even be considered as a most loved bridal nail art design, where you can imagine your life partner as a prince who has entered your kingdom of fashion.

Black and White Nail Art Designs-16

Wild Leopard Pattern

Simple leopard designs can be made using black and white nail paints. This pattern is most commonly done using yellow or brown colors to give a realistic look of leopards. But here you use these colors to give a shadow effect of leopard print on your nails. Instead of going for single colored nail paint do this leopard print nail design which never takes a long time from you.

Black and White Nail Art Designs-17

Horizontal Straight Lines

In horizontal nail art design both black and white colors go along each other very well. Both these basic colors are equally dominating when they are with each other. You will love to see them being together on your nails. This horizontal stripes may make your short nails look wide and even more short, so it is better to use it when you have long nails.

Black and White Nail Art Designs-18

Musical Design with Piano

A Grand Piano is a great musical instrument and they carry the elegance of black and white colors in them. This nail art is an inspiration of piano. Rather creating simple stripes try making piano keys as in the image. Show your love for music this way. Wear this for musical shows to look outstanding among the gathering.

Black and White Nail Art Designs-19

Splash of Milk

This unique design shows the splash of milk with a dark background. This milky nail art design looks creative. It just shows how milk spills when fallen from a height. Mixture of black and milky white gives a splashing appearance for your long nails. It can easily be made using just nail brushes and no other equipment is needed.

Black and White Nail Art Designs-20

Trimmed Mustache Design

If you love your guy’s trimmed mustache, show it off on your nails with this nail art. It can be done on empty clear nails or nails with white background. The manhood can be seen on a women’s nails this way. The thick mustache is a symbol of strength and fashion. Nowadays people are going crazy about their mustache and beards. The same as you can see on the nails.

Black and White Nail Art Designs-21

Eye Balls Design

Do you remember where you can see the mixture of black and white every day? It’s nothing but our eyes. Eyeballs are good example to show how clever the black and white’s combination is.

Generate them easily on your nails with two dots to make them look like eyeballs. Though it looks crazy and scary, this even looks stylish for your nails.

Black and White Nail Art Designs-22

Bunch of Flowers

Flowers are always a charm creating things. They make wonders wherever they are. The tiny charming floral designs can be made on your soft nails to give them a sweet look. It appears very attractive for your floral dressing outfit. There is no doubt in getting addicted to this design. Because of its brainstorming blossom, it spreads its fragrance around you everywhere.

Black and White Nail Art Designs-23

Roll The Dice

A joyful mood of yours can be brought on your nails with the dice created on them dice shows the best combinations for black and white colors. Count your score of the game on your nails. These fun loving nails are loved by everyone in your group and your childish nature can be highlighted here in a simple way.

Black and White Nail Art Designs-24

Rings and Springs

Look how beautifully they are drawn as an outline of nails! A thin nail paint liner is a must equipment needed to create the design. The rings and rolls brings the bridal mood for you. You can wear them for traditional outfits as they enhance the culture in you. The simple combination of white and black with dominating white creates a peaceful atmosphere.

Black and White Nail Art Designs-25

Miniature Art Design

This miniature nail art design can be done only by the experts. You will feel amazed to see how the design is drawn with lean lines and tiny designs. This nail art design is different from other designs because of its high defined art.

This skillful design sparkles over your nails giving them a dazzling look. Better and better designs can be created in the similar way according to your mood and need.

Black and White Nail Art Designs-26

Tangled Multi-vines

You can remember how the natural green vines gets tangled inside each other around the trees. You will also be able to see tiny flowers here and there. The real beauty of tangles vines can be seen on nails with this nail art design. Even this is a miniature art and professionalism needed for creating them. You will feel your nails are full with this completely covered nail art.

Black and White Nail Art Designs-27

Tiny Paws Black Nail Art

Anybody, at least once in their lifetime would have felt lovable to see the tiny paws of puppies. Your love for pets are showed up on your nails when you have them. You can create tiny paws around the nails. It looks cute on those long nails.

Black and White Nail Art Designs-28

Dispersed Triangles

Geometric designs have retained their importance in the area of fashion. You can see them on fabrics, furniture, carpets etc. Triangle is one among those geometric shapes. Scatter them on your nails with opposite colored background. Vary the size of triangles to define them properly on the wide space of your nails.

Black and White Nail Art Designs-29

Mood of Music

Melodious nails are here with ready-made musical notes. Black and white colors are specially made for this nail art we feel. If you have time and patience you can draw them on your own.

Else don’t worry, you have stickers available or you can ask your designer to make them for you. They show that you love music to the core.

Black and White Nail Art Designs-30

Pretty Dotted and Streaked Nails

This nail art design with combination of different patterns looks fabulous on your long nails. Those pretty dots and stripes works very well along with plain nail paints. Taking from casual walks to red carpet events, this nail art design will do the magic with just two colors playing with each other. A fantasizing design is always appreciated as it is done for this nail art.

Black and White Nail Art Designs-31

Diagonal Tips Design

When you got those long funky nails, design them bright enough to give you a really special look. Diagonal tips design does a great job here. For single piece short dresses this is a wonderful match. You also mash up with glitters or shiny balls to make them twinkling. With glitters the look itself totally changes to another level.

Black and White Nail Art Designs-32

Half and Full Moons

You cannot see more than one moon in the sky and you even can’t imagine a sky with many moons. Here you see, it does a magic! You can have the whole imaginary sky on your nails. Along with its stylish appearance it gives a chic look for your full outfit with this nail design. You can add up shimmers to enlighten the design.

Black and White Nail Art Designs-33

Silver with Black and White

This silver glittering nail paint, when sandwiched between black and white gives another shade to your claws. Along with the beautiful mix of colors, the lightening design sparkles your nails definitely.

Silver is an expensive color in its loving appearance. You will never feel regret to wear this nail art design for any occasion. Try different designs to get many more pleasing nail arts.

Black and White Nail Art Designs-34

Diamond Nails

Astounding nails are here with lots of diamonds. They definitely will enhance the beauty of the combination of black and white colors. You can dress them up using rhinestones to add diamond flashing to your nails. You will not get bored to have them. This is a perfect design for any grand events like wedding, festivals or any other celebrations.

Black and White Nail Art Designs-35

Black and White Check Boxes

Be simple, be realistic is the moto of this nail design. This uncomplicated black and white grids are cakewalk to create anytime on your nails. This is one of those cleanest nail arts. It makes you get ready for this winter with its cool nature. Without a second thought go for it when you have less time to get ready for an important event.

Black and White Nail Art Designs-36

Crackled Nails Design

This is a nail design which makes every lady around you feel jealous of you when you wear this. Being equally dominant, black and white colors play a short game here. Those random black line with unequal thickness reflects the real cracks on your nails. From casual walks in the evening to traditional family celebrations this go perfect.

Black and White Nail Art Designs-37

Play with Shades

Whatever may be the colors of materials on this earth, the shadow will be always black in color. That is the importance of black and you could see how it can never be detached from our lives.

Going along with white, this makes the universal combination. This shaded nail art defines another beauty point of black and white. You can’t imagine how beautifully they merge with each other.

Black and White Nail Art Designs-38

Water Marble Designs

Though this nail design looks awesome using more than three colors, it looks modish with just two colors and they can be black and white obviously. You can’t expect how the design is formed. Here colors play with themselves without your impact. Drop the colors in water ad mix them to for a swirl. Dip your nails to bring the color mixture on your nails easily.

Black and White Nail Art Designs-39

Gleaming Tribal Design

Tribal designs were decided to be conservative in the race with modern fashion. But now it is nowhere less than the modern design in the area of fashion. They are the most defines pretty designs you can ever see. It looks so sophisticated to be on nails for any kind of occasions. Your friends will feel delighted to see this miniature beautiful tribal design.

Black and White Nail Art Designs-40

Popular Polka Dots

You might have felt the decent look of dotted dresses or sarees you wear. Those polka dots have become another name for trendy design. You can see them everywhere around you. These tiny polka dots look so delicate when you wear them on your nails. You can choose between black base paint and white dots or white base paint and black dots.

Black and White Nail Art Designs-41

Christmas Present Nails

As the name itself says, it is specially made for the evening of Christmas. Where there will be a lot of exchange of gifts and presents, this symbol takes value of that. The knot says it is ready to present to someone who deserves it.

Draw those tiny knots on your white polishes nails. It looks lovely for your Christmas outfit. You can add up glitters to make them shine over evenings.

Black and White Nail Art Designs-42

Black and White Sheer Nail Paints

Sheer nails are not at all difficult to create. While you plan to make them, just apply a single thin layer of black nail paint. You should be able to see your nails through that thin layer. Once it dries you make other designs over that thin layer. Mixing it with snow white nail paint looks extraordinary on your nails. You can twinkle them using shiners.

Black and White Nail Art Designs-43

Express Your Love On Nails

Get ready to surprise your valentine this date with a tiny love letter specially made for him. Writing letter over one or two nails and keeping other nails plain or floral makes it special for the special occasion. Expressing love this way is really found unique and you are sure going to impress the one whom you meet. Be careful! You may get kidnapped for your beautiful nails!

Black and White Nail Art Designs-44

Plain Black Nails

For few people when you ask for their favorite color, they say black, light black, pitch black, castle black and every shade of black. That much they fell in love with black. This nail design is specially for you if you are one among those crazy black lovers. You simple apply black nail paint, go plain and elegant. You can try a bridal design using white paint for one or two fingers to make it totally change from plain to performing.

Black and White Nail Art Designs-45

Cool Snowflakes Design

Snowflakes are the symbol of love. Winter is full of snowfall. The beauty of dusky atmosphere is around you with the chilling weather. This nail art is exactly for this soothing season.

Also known as one of the best Christmas nail art designs. You can recreate the night sky with twinkling starts and snowy trees using black and white colors.

Black and White Nail Art Designs-46

Black and White Roses

We shall enter into a virtual world where you can see only black and white roses! Being addicted for colorful roses one feel surprised to know about black roses. But in this modern era anything is possible. Even with just two colors you can create beautiful roses on your nails. Go for it when you are bored with spectrum colors.

Black and White Nail Art Designs-47

Criss-Cross Lines Design

These patterns may look old but they are all time favorite for the one who chooses classy appearance. You can allow the lines to play on your nails. Let them cross each other, jam with others, go with a braided pattern or anything. That creates a smooth design for your long nails. It looks imply superb! With two highly contrasting colors like black and white you can make any number of patterns with lines.

Black and White Nail Art Designs-48

Ombre Shaded Nails

Let black and white mingle with each other and get blended well. They give birth to another color grey when they get blended well along. This ombre nail art lets you see the best mixing shade of two colors ever. You can see each particle of colors mixing and giving origin to the third color between them. You can create it using cotton scrub or sponge.

Black and White Nail Art Designs-49

Disney World Nail Art

Your favorite cartoons from Disney world are on the way to your nails with black and white screen. In olden days you might have enjoyed cartoons in black and white television and your memories are brought here with this nail art.

You need a designer or stickers to create perfect shape of cartoons on your long thin nails.

Black and White Nail Art Designs-50

Dangerous Halloween

While you are getting ready for a Halloween party at your office, and get no colorful nail paints at home except black and white. You don’t have to worry about nail art design. This scull and crossed bones design can be made perfectly using black and white colors on your nails. You can look scary as well as trendy among your colleagues.

Black and White Nail Art Designs-51

Flying Birds Print Nails

It is so pretty to see the birds flying after rains in the clear white or blue sky. Those happy birds are easy to draw on your nails with white background. You will get a feeling of having the beautiful sky on your nails. It works well for your children’s nails too. Try it out this winter without miss.

Black and White Nail Art Designs-52

Glitters and Rhinestones

Any simple nail arts with any color changes its look completely when they are added up with glitters or rhinestones. You can’t believe your own eyes when you see the transformation happens between plain nail paint to a grand charming nails. That’s the beauty of shiners. It looks like the starts are shining in the dark sky.

Black and White Nail Art Designs-54

Free Yourself

Theme based nail arts are always welcomed. Going perfect with the occasion they add the theme of the celebration of an event enchantingly on the nails.

Here being free ourselves is the theme and a flying bird is the symbol of freedom. White mosaic paint is used to get a polished mosaic look at the background.

Black and White Nail Art Designs-55

Tiny Lace Shoe Nail Art

Giving a funky look, this shoe nail heart has stolen the hearts of many youngsters. It makes wonder in changing your looks to a stylish one from normal. You can have lace shoes on one of the five nails or all of the nails. Black base paint is to be applied and create lace using white paint and paint the tips with white color and draw a curved line with black paint. It’s done!

Black and White Nail Art Designs-56

Dotted Flowers Nail Design

You know how popular polka dots are in the field of fashion. Rather having dots haphazardly all over the nails, you can design them to form flowers. This is an easiest design. When you have the same kind of floral design on your dress it looks even more interesting. This is a traditional nail art design.

Black and White Nail Art Designs-57

Black and White Acrylic Design

Acrylic nail paints are distinct in appearance. Different types of nail art designs can be created using acrylic paints. If you are a culture and tradition lover go for this for this festive season. You will enjoy having them on your pretty nails. Having black or white background, either way it gives a commendable output.

Black and White Nail Art Designs-58

Tiny Cute Paws

Your pets can’t walk on your nails to imprint their footprints. But you can recreate them on your nails by yourself using black and white nail colors. Use a toothpick to draw the dots or paws.

Show how affectionate you are towards your pets. Let the love for your little puppy be spread across your home.

Black and White Nail Art Designs-59

Lovely Kittens Design

Kittens are the most loved animals next to dog. Some people love to have them at homes rather having dogs. The puffy soft cats are really cute to hold and get cuddled with them. Usually the color of kittens will be black or white. Mix them both and draw this loveliest cat design over your claws.

Black and White Nail Art Designs-60

Bridal Nail Designs

When you plan to wear snow white gown with sheer white veil for your wedding, you can’t go with nails having vibrant colors. Either you should go with white or combination of white and black with some glitters over them. Get yourself ready with miniature nail arts using these colors.

Black and White Nail Art Designs-61

Butterfly Nail Art Design

This is another type of French tip nail art design. Here tips are designed with butterflies and flowers. It looks very much realistic. As if the butterflies are behind those flowers for sucking nectars. Rhinestones add up the sparkle in this design. Black and white colors combine at their best in this nail art design.

Black and White Nail Art Designs-62

Lunar Phases On Nails

Moon looks lovely in the night sky. We all have wondered how the shape and size of the moon changes every day. The changes in the shape is called as lunar phases. They are easy to draw moon using white nail paint with black background which looks as dark sky.

Black and White Nail Art Designs-63

Plain White with Black Tips

You already know how special to have French tip nails. Here this nail art is similar to French tip nail art design but exactly it is not same. This could be the simplest nail art in the whole list. Apply white nail paint over the nails and paint a minute part of tip with black color paint. This nail art design shows your dignity and simplicity over the gathering.

Black and White Nail Art Designs-64

Space Back White and Black

Natural nail color itself is awesome. Baby pink nails are naturally beautified with their texture and softness. When you can’t go bare nails, try showing them a little along with the nail paints. Black and white colors may be used to make simple nail arts leaving a little part of your nails without colors. That adds up another color to your nails.

Black and White Nail Art Designs-65

Black and White Stiletto Nails

Long sharp nails are difficult to maintain. But one you are a pro in managing them, why don’t you try make them look glamorous with this stiletto nail paint design. As you can see in the picture it looks fantastic to have sharp stiletto nails. You can draw few modern designs or go plain on those stiletto nails to complete the nail art work.

Black and White Nail Art Designs-66

Transparent See Through Nail Art

Transparent nails are incredibly wonderful. For anyone who sees this nail at design feel surprised for its loving appearance. But it all can be done very easily using black and white colors.

The only trick to be used here is to apply a very thin layer of nail paint to make them look transparent. You can add rhinestones, glitters of normal nail pain to create other designs over them.

Black and White Nail Art Designs-67

Rhythmic Heart Beats

When you are with your loving one, you don’t need a stethoscope to hear your heartbeats. Your heart will be pounding heavy with excitement. Show that exciting beats on your nails with cardiograph nail art design using black and white nail art designs. So simple to create and so elegant to look. It will definitely spread the fragrance of your love in the air around you.

Delightful Matte Paint

In recent times matte finished nails have gained a large popularity. It doesn’t shine but it brightens up your outlook. The soft texture and its simplicity steals the viewers’ hearts. You can design floral arts, tribal designs, love symbols, butterflies or anything using matte nail paints. If you have fair skin, this looks amazing for you.

Lovely Hearts

Heart is not just a shape. It is the feel of love. Soul of a true relationship. it is beauty to create those lovely hearts on your nails using black and white colors. Bring them on one nail as shown in the image or on all the nails to make your nails full of hearts. It brings the mood of love. When you want to look pleasing with your loved one, try this out.

Natural White Marble

White marble nail design is provocative. You might have seen the how black and white have blended with each other on real floor marbles. It is created in the same way the water marble is done. Mix up both the colors in water. Let the quantity of white nail paint added to water be more than that of black to get white marble design.

Spider Web Nails

Scary spider webs are famous for their horror looks. It is also one of those popular Halloween nail art designs. Using black and white colors you can draw webs easily on your long nails. Apply black background, with white nail paint draw crossing lines. Join the ends of line with curved lines as in the image. This vampire design is famous for Halloween evenings.

Soft Velvet Design

Velvety texture is soft to feel and looks contemporary on your nails. There are velvet nail paints available in the stores. For your soft woolen winter dress or sweater velvet nails match perfectly well. You can apply them diagonally as shown in the image. There are even other designs you can make. These simple but glamorous nails look attractive for the beautiful evenings.