Best Perfumes for Women – Best Perfume that Women Love – Nothing is more tempting and gorgeous than a woman who smells godly! Scents and perfumes can simply make your presence noted in a room filled with ample of people and thus, it is important to choose a scent that reflects your personality. Women can brighten up their personality by carrying a highly impactful and refreshing fragrance and when there are plentiful of marvelous perfume options out there, it’s natural to get confused.

If you are confused about which kind of perfume you should carry, here are the much loved perfumes you can grab and embrace your unbeatable love for inspiring fragrances. While new brands and companies are coming up with some crazy perfumes, here is the trending fragranced that will steal your heart.  Lock any of these fragrances in your closet and rock every outing with grace!

Viktor and Rolf Flowerbomb, Eau De Parfum

Flowerbomb is stealing hearts these days and is a combination of fragrances that will complement any look of yours. This pressed fragrance has a feminine and sweet vibe. The accords of patchouli, citrus, green tea, bergamot, jasmine, rose, orchid and musk will take your breath away.


Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium

Black Opium is an amazing perfume by Vyes Saint Laurent poured in a ravishing glitzy bottle. However, this is slightly a unique and different fragrance dominated by mostly the coffee scent. The additional notes of pink pepper, jasmine, vanilla, cedar, patchouli and orange blossom add more freshness and softness to the scent.

The sensational smell of these notes will keep you fresh and energetic all day long. Especially, if you are going to an evening party, this perfume will match your glitzy glamorous look as never before. This is perfect for a flirty special date night too.


Marc Jacobs Fragrances Daisy Eau So Fresh

Loaded with top notes of sweet pear, raspberry and grapefruit; middle notes of apple blossom, rose, violet, litchi and jasmine and base notes of plum, Virginia cedar and musk, this amazing perfume will splash you with freshness and glory. This perfume is a blend of floral, fruity and woodsy notes that will simply make you fall in love with this perfume.

This is a happy and soapy floral fragrance that lasts quite long and keeps you fresh all the day long. It is tender, sweet and smells like a bouquet of flowers. The fragrances in this perfume come together for letting you have an exceptional experience.


Paris Hilton’s Can Can

If you have always been a fan of Paris Hilton fragrances, here is a signature scent which consists of the perfect fruity, floral, citrus and woodsy accords to give you a refreshing and highly appealing vibe. This fragrance is fruity, oriental, sensuous and clearly feminine

The top notes of this perfume starts with black currant, nectarine and Clementine blossom; the heart notes consists of orange blossom and wild orchid while the base notes of the perfume are loaded with amber, precious woods and soft musk. It is a mild fragrance, not too heavy neither too sweet and thus, can be worn everyday to add some extra splash of freshness to your day. This sugar topped fruity and creamy perfume is all you need if you are looking for an extraordinary and aquatic-fruity perfume.


Tom Ford Black Orchid

From the previous and famous tom ford fragrances trust us this one is a more mystic and glorious perfume. This amazing perfume consists of the top notes of black truffle, French jasmine, citrus, ylang-ylang, black current and then blends in to the additional notes of vanilla, chocolate, balsam, amber, and vetiver.

The woodsy notes of patchouli and sandalwood add a very natural and unordinary touch to the fragrance. This chocolaty, sexy, dark and super strong scent is something the bold modern women must try!


Gucci Bloom Acqua Di Fiori Eau De Toilette

This latest women’s fragrance from Gucci is a complete floral retreat for women who love fresh blossoming smell of flowers. This awesome perfume will make you feel sun kissed and glorious with its fresh jasmine and white floral fragrance. Also if you are a fan of warm earthy notes, this is something you need to try asap!

As soon as you’ll spray it on your body, you’ll feel the freshness of tuberose, Chinese honeysuckle, red flower wine, musk and some fruity fragrances. This is a perfect everyday perfume that will make your day.


Thierry Mugler’s Angel

Angel for women by Thierry Mugler launched a long while ago but is still one of the best selling and lucrative perfumes available in the markets. This amazingly feminine, sophisticated and luxurious fragrance will steal your heart and will make you feel confident and adorable in a single moment. This long lasting perfume stays for hours and the creamy hints of vanilla would never seem to fade.

This killer fragrance consists of vanilla notes, fresh citrus accords, patchouli vibes, sandalwood, peachy accords, plums and melons. For an office wear perfume or for a special weekend trip, you can wear this awesome perfume and you’ll probably get showered with compliments!


Marc Jacobs Decadence Eau So Decadent

Love the mark Jacobs fragrances? Here is something you’ll love to wear. The top notes of this awesome perfume are loaded with black current and pear. The middle notes consist of white amber, jasmine and raspberry while the base notes will give you some fruity surprises. This is an autumn inspired collection for women who love to dress elegantly.

This amazing perfume lasts long and smells as a sensual, clean and crisp fragrance. Also the floral fragrance is not too sweet so you can wear it all day long without smelling too much. This dreamy and sparkling fragrance is a must have for this season!


Chanel chance Eau De Parfum

If you love fruity and floral fragrances, this amazing presentation from Chanel will give you a peppy and playful feel. The perfume is elegant and so feminine but on the other hand, it is also sensual, clean and sporty. This high quality and luxurious perfume can be your signature fragrance if you like woodsy and semi sweet perfumes.

The top notes of this redefining fragrance consists of the hint of pink pepper; the heart notes are loaded with iris and jasmine while he base notes will make you feel like fresh vanilla, patchouli and white musk. In fact, it is a great scent for a night out or an important cocktail party.


Versace Bright Crystal

Bright crystal Versace for women is a tempting and luring perfume with main accords of wood, aqua, citrus and floral. For a young and sporty feel, this amazing perfume is the best option. This is a very impressive perfume with a sparkling and bright effect. Along with it, the perfume makes you feel warm and cozy with its musky and woodsy feel.

The top notes of this perfume consists of frosted accords, Yuzu and to your surprise, the pomegranate; the middle notes open to peony and magnolia and are accompanied by the refreshing lotus and sweet floral accord. The end notes are of red woods, musk and some fresh plants.  This is a perfume for women who love mild and yet fun fragrances.


DKNY Stories Eau De Parfum

DKNY stories Donna Karan for women is the perfume is inspired by the home of Donna Karan and is a refreshing modern fragrance that combines some mystic fragrances like guava mousse and amber. The scent lasts quite long and thus is a great option for workplace. This contemporary and oriental fragrance will make you feel inspired and passionate every day.

The top notes open with a fruity and floral tone of spices and pink guava. The heart note comprises of iris, tea accords and jasmine while the base notes are loaded with amber notes, vanilla and sandalwood.  It is a milky, creamy, noticeable and powdery scent with interesting twists.


Glossier You Eau de Parfum

Splash your body with some powdery and floral scents this season with this blissful fragrance. The main accords of the Glossier you are studded with floral scents, woodsy vibes, powdery and musky feel. It is a very appealing perfume with a creamy and long lasting effect, available at an affordable price.

This awesome perfume is a perfect blend of orange blossom, jasmine, grapes, ginger, neroli, white musk and blonde tree fragrances. This also has a slight peppery and warm feel apart from its floral and fruity tangy fragrance. This is a fragrance you’ll get stuck to and get complements as never before!


Burberry My Burberry Blush

Packed into a sultry and appealing bottle decorated with an elegant bowtie, this is a luxurious and intimate perfume with lingering fruity and floral scents. This velvety pastel fragrance is such a breathtaking perfume option when you are going for a date night or are attending a special event. It is a perfect blend of juicy, sensuous and refreshing elements.

The tope notes of this perfume open with the smell of lemon and pomegranate; the middle notes will bring some geranium, rose petals and green apple fragrances to you while the base notes will surprise you with wisteria and jasmine. This is such a glorious designer perfume you’ll love to carry again and again!


Tom Ford Vanille Fatale

This balsamic and powdery fragrance by Tom Ford has a spicy and clean effect and you’ll probably love it for every occasion. This too-good-to-be-true perfume comes with vanilla, sweet, floral and spicy accords that’ll leave you stunned with happiness. The opening is gorgeous, the lasting effect is awesome, and the strong dark feel of coffee and spicy flavors is perfect for women who love to play naughty.

This another tom ford perfume opens to the top notes of citrus and floral accord, the middle notes comprises of warm and spicy coffee, rose, jasmine and while lilies; the end notes are loaded with powdery, green and nutty fragrances. Rich mahogany, vanilla, jasmine, roasted coffee are the highlighting fragrances of this perfume.


Chloe Love Story Eau Sensuelle Eau De Parfum

This is a sensuous and classic variation of ample of Chloe perfumes that comes with some luxurious elements and gives a dark and spicy vibe the highlight of this perfume is the orange blossom accord and it completes with a heliotrope which makes it even more yum and desirable. This is a romantic and tempting fragrance for women who love to grab all the attention!

This romantic and sweet perfume is a perfect blend of orange blossom, vanilla and heliotrope which makes it more subtle, sweet and luring. The mild undertones will simply leave you stunned and fresh as never before. Not to mention, this is a perfect perfume for a special date night.


Aerin Amber Musk Eau de Parfum

This refreshing and warm fragrance was designed specially for winter and consists of balsamic, woodsy, musky, coconut and spicy accords. This is a sexy and appealing perfume which brings to you some fresh floral and exotic scents. The main scents you will be able to feel with the splash of this perfume are of coconut, rose, jasmine, Amber musk, balsamic and sandalwood.

This is a daily wear perfume for women who love to smell tempting and fresh throughout the day. This warm and spicy fragrance will keep you going during the winter days and give you a sweeter and creamier feel.


Elizabeth and James Nirvana Bourbon

Fall in love with this intimidating, passionate and highly provocative fragrance this season and you’ll get glued to its tempting vibe. This awesome perfume is made up of bourbon vanilla, oak wood and tuberose and is gathered in an extremely sleek bottle.  If you love experimenting with dark, woodsy and spicy fragrances, this is the one for you.

It’s an absolute stunner and will come to your surprise if you’d like to keep away from the girly fruity and floral scents for a while. The strong woodsy and bourbon accord will make you feel powerful and minimalist. It’s less of a feminine and more of a warm and provocative perfume.


Calvin Klein Obsessed Intense for Women

Packaged into a stunning black bottle, this Calvin Klein fragrance is next in our list and will always be mentioned in the most tempting and impactful perfumes list. This a very breezy and luring fragrance which comes with strong accords of amber, balsamic, herbs, musk and spices which will leave a very passionate feel!

This is an ideal perfume for both, day and night and comes with the top notes of mandarin, elemi and citrus. The heart notes are of lavender, purple sage and violet leaf while the base notes comprises of liquid amber, labdanum and muscenone. You’ll simply love the way how this amazing perfume blends with your skin and gives you a lasting and refreshing feel throughout the day.


Jo Loves Red Truffle 21

One of the trending perfumes these days is Joe Loves Red Truffle which comes with absolute delight and fun accords. This perfume has got everything from savory to romantic and from fruity to woodsy accords. This perfume has the main accords of truffle, fig, pine and citruses and gives a uniquely prepared blast of freshness.

This is a perfume with a magical aftereffect and stays for a longer period than expected. The heavy blast of truffle, the playfulness and juiciness of citruses and the poised feel of fig and pine will give you a new and inspiring scent to carry for your office. It is a pleasant, soft, natural and highly clean fragrance you’ll fall in love with.


Art De Parfum Sea Foam

Packaged into a simple and yet elegant bottle, this amazing scent will remind you of freshness, freedom and openness. You would be able to feel the freshness of the sea and delight of the woodsy, citrus and natural elements. This exotic and luxurious perfume is loaded with natural oils, the green elements, a stunning salty feel and seaweed freshness that’ll make you addicted to this amazing perfume.

The perfume opens with the top notes of citrus, green leaves, eucalyptus, incense, sea notes and bergamot; the middle notes comprises of sea water accords, guaiac wood, seaweed and fig leaf while the base notes will bring to you the smell of vetiver, grass, drift wood, milk, lactonic fig, patchouli,  sandalwood and foam.


Acqua Di Gioia For Women

The Giorgio fragrances are the statement fragrances women love and this is one of the classic collections which are our all time favourite. The brand is actually brings on some cool natural flavours and sprinkles some inspiring lingering vibes of mint and flowers. This is a stunning example of a citrus and floral blend which will make your day energetic and inspiring.

The top notes of this fragrance will shower you with limone primo, mint and fiore femminello; the middle notes will brighten you up with the sweet jasmine sambac, pink pepper, peony and aquatic green fragrances while the end notes of brown sugar accord, labdanum and cedar will keep you fresh and energetic all the day long.


Marc Jacobs Daisy Sunshine Eau De Toilette

This is one of the best scents of 2019 and is inspired by various previous collections of marc Jacobs fragrances. For a very fresh and adorable spring inspired perfume, this is the best choice. This daisy perfume comes in a lovely bottle and gives away floral and fruity accords. The highlight of this impeccable perfume are the white strawberry and marigold accords which will give you a unique and mystic feel.

Sunny marigold, white woods and white strawberry creates perfect magic and makes this perfume unbeatably stunning. Try this awesome perfume for daily wear especially for the hotter days and you’ll simply love it on you.


Ed Hardy For Women

Fruity fragrances are amazing and alluring. For a breezy vibe and to feel blissful every day, you can use this masterpiece and it will make you smell sweet and attractive. The top notes are filled with tropical mango fragrance, red grapefruit and strawberry. The middle notes are warm and loaded with black freesia while the base notes consist of amber and rose accords. This is the perfect fragrance to carry for your everyday meetings, cocktail parties and for any important event. Try it and you’ll simply fall in love with this charismatic and luring scent!


Pure Poison By Christian Dior For Women Eau De Parfum

Want to smell dreamy this season? Here’s a blend of floral and woodsy accords that will give you a sparkling and fresh start to the day. Soothe your senses and feel the floral aura around you with this amazing pure poison by Christian Dior.

The top notes of this perfume will splash you with jasmine and bergamot, the heart notes comprises of white flowers while the base notes will make you sense sandalwood amber. For special parties, meetings or for a refreshing day vibe, this is an impeccable perfume women simply love!


Burberry Brit For Women By Burberry EDP

This is a masterpiece from Burberry and they never fail to blend some outstanding fragrances to build a feminine and inspiring perfume for outgoing women. This signature fragrance is a stunning combination of floral and woodsy notes which will make you feel special.

Layered with the top notes of tangy green lemon, soft and elegant white almond and refreshing pear; middle notes of peony while base notes of vanilla, balsamic Tonka beans and gourmand amber, this awesome perfume is a must have daily wear perfume for Burberry lovers.


Chloe Eau De Parfum

This perfume comes wrapped in a delicate and stunning packaging and is here to stay! It smells warm, nutty, sophisticated and yum! The sweet and woodsy fragrances will literally last long for hours and will make you feel fresh.

The top notes of lychee, peony and freesia will stun you; the heart notes of magnolia, muguet and rose will last for hours while the perfume will leave you with the blissful woodsy scent of cedar wood and amber! All the scents are noticeable and blended magically for a lasting impact.


Still Jennifer Lopez Women’s Wonderstruck  EDT

Still is a perfect fragrance for the ladies who love to sway it with the strong and high impact scents just like the diva! This is one of the finest perfumes is loaded with some powerful musk, flowers and citrus fragrances that will blow your mind. This gentle, peppery and wild scent is all you need while in a party mood.

The top notes of this perfume smell like mandarin, white pepper, earl grey tea and sake; the middle notes goes strong and sophisticated with jasmine, rose, orange and freesia while the base notes will turn you wild with the crisp smell of amber, pepper, orris, sandalwood and musk.


Jean Paul Gaultier Scandal By Night Spray Eau De Parfum

If you are looking for an extremely unbridled and refreshing fragrance of 2019, this is the one you should look for. This free spirited and passionate fragrance will fill you with tuberose, sweet honey and balsamic accords. For a special night outs and dates, this is the ultimate perfume option for ladies who love to try something different.

The top notes of this perfume are loaded with honey and citrus; the heart notes will surprise you with nard and tuberose while the base notes are loaded with Tonka beans, sandalwood and patchouli. Try this unique combination of fragrances and you’ll love wearing it again!


Philosophy Unconditional Love

You would simply feel the freshness, elegance and feminine vibes while splashing this awesome perfume on your body. This heart melting fragrance will light up your mood in seconds with its floral, fruit and woodsy elements. The combination of some unique and ultimate fragrances is what makes it so popular.

The top notes of the perfume consist of raspberries and black berry. The middle notes will smell like white lilies while the base notes will make you smell like fresh cashmere vanilla! Wear this to your office and people will get glued to your signature fragrance!


Michael Kors by Michael Kors for Women

Need a light sweet and yet mystic fragrance which can simply hypnotize people? Here’s what you’ll need. Michael Kors is an all time favourite which will surprise you with some woodsy and natural fragrances. This is a beautiful perfume with a lot of tamarind, floral scents and tuberose vibes.

The top notes are loaded with Chinese osmanthus, incense, tamarind and freesia; the heart notes will steal your heart with the fragrance of an orris root, arum lily, peony and tuberose. Lastly, the base notes will keep you lingering for more of vetiver musk and cashmere woods.


Narciso Rodriguez For Her – 3.3 Ounce EDT Spray

Are you in search of a dark, sensuous, playful and wild fragrance blended with fruity and tangy flavours? Here is a completely yum fragrance which will steal your heart. This amazing scent will make you feel bold as well as elegant at the same time so what are you waiting for? Go for this fresh, playful and babyish combination.

The top notes will make you feel fresh with its floral scents, the middle notes are loaded with amber while the perfume will make you smell woodsy and voluptuous in the end.


Sofia For Women By Sofia Vergara – EDP

Feel inspired and fresh everyday with this feminine and juicy fragrance. Sofia is a long lasting and hearty perfume which never fails to charm women and is a delightful option if you love the blend of fruity and floral fragrances.

The top not smells like plum, classic buds and blackberry; the heart notes comprises of Colombian orchid, violet, Colombian rose while the base notes will remind you of the earthy scents of sandalwood and vanilla. It is a highly affordable and lasting perfume at a reasonable price.


BVLGARI Rose Essentielle Eau de Parfum Spray

Feel like a fresh and lingering rose bouquet while carrying this immensely rosy and fruity perfume. This classic perfume will simple make you smell gorgeous and will last for hours. For a casual daily wear fragrance, you can carry this perfume and it will make you smell delightful every time you spray it.

The top notes of this scent will make you feel the freshness if green scents and Turkish rose. The heart notes are awesome with the blackberry, violet scent and jasmine while the base notes will leave you with a sensual patchouli and sandalwood freshness. This is something you definitely want to consider for your special dates too!


Chanel Allure EDP Spray

If you are in search of an irresistible and flawless perfume that smells exotic, this is a perfume for confident and lovely ladies out there! The oriental and floral scents will make you feel warm, cosy and special as never before.

The perfume opens with the top notes of fruity mandarin, the heart notes will fill you with the freshness of vanilla and rose while the long lasting perfume will smell like peony, rose, vanilla and mandarin at the end. Keep rocking with this extraordinary perfume all the daylong!


Yves Saint Laurent Paris

This is a limited edition rose fragrance designed for spring and is inspired by some feminine aquatic and luxurious scents. For women who love to flaunt their sophisticated and super elegant personality in style, this is a perfume that will embrace your subtle undertones. You’ll smell as refreshing as musk and roses while carrying this impeccable limited edition perfume.

The perfume is a perfect blend of bergamot, violet, roses, sandalwood and more. This killer fragrance is a combination of fruity, floral and some mystic fragrances that you can carry for special meetings or on regular basis.