Coconut is a favorite fruit in many parts of the world. We all know that coconut tastes great and thus it is used in different recipes – in salty dishes as well as in sweets and desserts. Along with the pulp of the fruit, tender coconut water also has many benefits. Last but not the least; coconut milk has many benefits apart from tasting great. Coconut milk is naturally sweet and has smooth and creamy texture.

In many places, coconut milk is considered to be a miracle liquid as it can cure many problems of general health, hair and skin. Coconut milk can be made at home easily and can be stored for use.

15 ways in which coconut milk can be used for health, hair and skin

For Treating Skin Conditions

1. Provides Anti-aging Benefits

Application as well as intake of coconut oil helps in dealing with stubborn signs of aging from appearing on the skin. This happens because coconut milk is a rich source of vitamin C and copper, thus improving skin elasticity.

These components help in slowing down the aging process by improving elasticity and flexibility of skin. Thus the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, dark circles, aging spots, sagging skin etc can be avoided on the skin.

2. Helps In Skin Moisturization

Coconut milk has excellent soothing properties and hence acts as a wonderful moisturizer. Dehydrated skin gets due moisturization on application of coconut milk. Rubbing coconut milk on the skin directly and leaving for 30 minutes helps in moisturizing the skin.

Dryness is combated with this method, leaving the skin moisturized and hydrated. You can also make special bath water by mixing 1 cup coconut milk, 1 cup of rose petals and ½ cup rose water in the bathing water. Soak for 15 minutes in this water so that dry skin is moisturized.

3. An Excellent Makeup Remover

Removing makeup is very important for skin health. Instead of buying expensive cleansers from the market, use coconut milk for removing the most stubborn makeup from the face.

Take coconut milk and coconut oil in the ratio of 2:1 and mix them well. Use this mixture for removing makeup softly, particularly from the eyes. Along with removing makeup, this concoction can be used for skin moisturization as well in the most sensitive part of the skin – the eye area.

4. Helps in Treating Sunburns

You might suffer from sun damaged skin and sunburns and looking for effective remedies for the same. Application of plain coconut milk is great for dealing with sunburns and sun damaged skin. Take a cool coconut milk and apply a thin layer of the same on the sun burnt area.

Coconut milk has oils and fats and helps in reducing redness and rashness along with hydrating the sun burnt skin. Use coconut milk in the bathing water for skin moisturization. If applied topically, leave it overnight for best results.

5. Helps in Treating Different Skin Ailments

Various kinds of skin ailments can be combated with application of coconut milk. It is true that this natural ingredient cannot cure the skin problem, but it can relieve the pain and discomfort considerably.

Symptoms of dermatitis, psoriasis and eczema can be soothed with coconut milk because of the moisturizing properties of the ingredient.Harmful bacteria get removed from the skin surface by application of coconut milk. Dry and irritated skin also get nourished with natural fatty acids of coconut milk.

Coconut Milk for Health

6. Helps in Lowering Cholesterol Levels

It is true that coconut milk is a potent source of saturated fat, but when compared to dairy based creams and butter, coconut milk can reduce cholesterol levels significantly.

Coconut milk contains lauric acid, which helps in boosting HDL levels (good cholesterol). It is easy for the body to break down coconut milk and metabolize healthy fats, including omega 6 essential fatty acids.

7. Helps in Promoting  Weight Loss in a Healthy Manner

Since coconut milk contains saturated fats, it is considered to add fat to the body. But along with saturates fats, the ingredient also contains fiber.

Due to high fiber content, you seem to feel fuller for a longer period of time. As a result, binge eating is curbed substantially.

With controlled eating, it is possible to minimize the calorie intake and lose weight effectively. Coconut milk when consumed in moderation can help in effective weight loss.

8. Helps in Making Strong Bones

We all know that regular milk contains high amounts of calcium, almost 38 mg per cup. It is true that the coconut milk does not contain that amount of calcium.

But it contains phosphorus in decent amounts. And phosphorous also plays a major role in bone health in the body. Per cup of coconut milk contains quite high amounts of phosphorus, making bones strong on the long run.

9. Helps in Making the Immune System Stronger

Having a strong immune system is important for a healthy body. Some of the main components that are present in coconut milk include antimicrobial lipids, lauric acid and Capric acid and they contain antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral properties.

It is interesting to know that lauric acid undergoes a transformation after entering the body. It gets changed into a compound known as monolaurin, which helps in combating bacteria and viruses responsible for causing influenza, herpes and even HIV.

10. Helps in the Treatment of Arthritis

Coconut milk is a rich source of selenium. And selenium is an excellent antioxidant. People suffering from arthritis can be relieved greatly from the symptoms with intake of coconut milk.

This natural ingredient helps in controlling the free radicals. Thus the chances of risk of joint inflammation are decreased considerably with coconut milk. Since the problem of arthritis is more in the winters, it is recommended to include coconut milk in the diet during that time.

11. Excellent Source of Magnesium

If you are looking for a food item, which has an abundant quantity of magnesium, there is no better option than coconut milk for the same. Per cup of coconut milk contains almost 89 mg of magnesium.

This mineral plays a pivotal role in maintaining normal blood pressure and helps in calming the nerves. There are times when nerve cells become overactive due to various reasons, calcium stimulation being the main reason. Muscle contraction is reduced, thus making one feel more relaxed.

Using Coconut Milk for Hair Health

12. Acts as a Great Hair Conditioner

One of the best natural hair conditioners, coconut milk helps in having long and thick hair. Take equal amounts of shampoo and coconut milk and rinse the hair. Coconut milk can also be used as a leave-in conditioner for the hair so that your hair can have the volume you are looking for.

More importantly, this milk does not make the hair greasy. Take little coconut milk in your hands and rub your hands together.

Apply this coconut milk from the roots of the hair to the ends and on the hair. The nape of the neck area and underside of the hair should also be massaged with coconut milk.

13. Helps in Nourishing the Hair

Application of coconut milk on the scalp provides a cooling sensation. The scalp gets nourished and moisturized and the hair gets its effects right from the roots to the ends. Get some fresh coconut milk and massage the same on scalp for 3-5 minutes. Let it be there for 20 minutes and then shampoo hair.

The hair follicles are stimulated and hair growth is promoted. Damaged, dry, brittle and weakened hair can be restored with coconut milk. Split ends can also be repaired.

14. An excellent hair Detangler

Women who face the problem of hair tangling to a great extent can get relief with the help of coconut milk. An excellent natural detangler, coconut milk can do wonders for the hair.

Take some coconut milk and rub the same on the hair while combing hair. Apply the coconut milk on the tangles and then comb hair. You will see that the hair detangles easily and you can comb through easily.

15.   Helps in Preventing Balding and Receding Hairline

When coconut milk is combined with other kinds of organic components, it can promote hair growth exceptionally well. In fact, if people are facing problems like beading or receding hairline, this natural ingredient can be of great help in combating the problem.

Take about 50ml of coconut milk and mix 100ml plain water in it. Now add a few spoons of camphor solution in the mixture. Mix everything well.

Massage the balding spots with the mixture. Leave it for a few hours. Use warm water for rinsing off the coconut milk. Put a towel on the head to soak away the excess milk.

Don’t rub the hair dry with the towel as it will deplete the moisture from the hair making it dry.

All these above mentioned benefits of coconut milk are proven. And the best thing is that coconut milk is a natural ingredient and applying it comes with no side effects at all.