Benefits Of Facials On Your Skin – How To Do Facial at Home : Our skin is a very delicate and soft organ of our body. While getting exposed to sun light, dust and intensive makeup products, the skin can degrade day by day. Due to these damaging conditions, a layer of dead skin is formed on your body. When the skin starts appearing dull, shine-less and rough, it’s time to get a cleansing facial to rejuvenate the skin.

Benefits Of Facials On Your Skin – How To Do Facial at Home

Facial is an exclusive beauty treatment which includes the usage of natural or cosmetic products to cleanse the skin. It is a step-by-step process to deep cleanse the skin through steam, exfoliation and massage. The products used in a facial are lotions, creams, masks, peels, scrubs and face pack. Not only for cleansing the skin, but also for regular skin health and as a spa treatment, facial on regular basis is recommended for women!

How To Do Facial at Home?

Facial is an easy cleansing process which can be carried out at home too. On regular basis, you can perform facial on your skin as well on other’s skin. While you have all the tools and equipments to perform a facial, you can regularly perform facial on your skin.

So let’s learn to perform a facial at home:

Things you will need to perform a facial:

Towel, hot water, steam machine, cotton sponges, scrub/chemical peels, serum, gel, facial mask.

Steps to Perform a Facial at Home:

Step 1: Cleansing

The first step to perform a facial in a professional way at home is cleansing. Cleansing is a process which will remove all the dirt, dust, oil, makeup etc from your skin.  These elements can deeply penetrate your skin and can make it look dull and tired.

To perform cleansing, take some water and wash your face using a cleanser. Use of Luke warm water is highly recommended as Luke warm water opens the skin pores quickly and makes the skin ready for the facial.

You can choose mint cleansers, aloe vera cleansers or any renowned branded cleanser to cleanse your skin. Wash your skin with lukewarm water, take some cleanser in your hands and apply the cleanser while massaging it on your skin. Use your finger tips to massage your skin in circular motion.

This will remove the dust and other particles from your skin using this technique. Now, take some Luke warm water and wash your face. Take a towel and tap your skin dry.

Step 2: Exfoliation

Exfoliation is extremely important for your skin. Exfoliating means cleansing the skin with tiny crystal like particles to remove all the dirt dust and dead skin cells from your skin. Due to the use of Luke warm water, the pores of your skin will open up and thus, you can now remove the dirt from the deeper layers of your skin. Exfoliation also provides a smooth, polished and shining look to your skin while hiding the effects of wrinkles, fine lines and dark spots.

There are ample of scrubs available in the market. You can use those fruit scrubs, chemical scrubs or exfoliants for scrubbing while you can also use natural ingredients like sugar, salt, honey or such home ingredients to exfoliate your skin.

Thus, take a moist and crisp scrub and massage it on your skin using your finger tips. Massage the scrub on your skin in circular motion. This will make your skin cleaner and even brighter. After massaging your skin for 5 minutes, you can take some cotton pads and wipe out the scrub from your skin.

Step 3: Steam

Steam is a very important step to perform during facial. It will not only remove all the dust and dirt from your skin but will also improve blood flow and will make your skin shine.  Steam is a very soothing and relaxing part of facial.

All the pores of your skin will open up after performing steam and your skin will get cleansed.  You can make steam more interesting and aromatic. For this, take your steam machine or you can boil water in a utensil and perform steam while using the traditional method.

In the utensil, add some rose petals, few drops of essential oil or aromatic herbs to get an appealing or aromatic steam. Boil the water, lean your face towards the utensil and feel the warmth of hot water on your face. One the water droplets start forming on your face, you can stop.

You can feel the steam for 10-15 minutes feeling the warmth of hot water. This will allows blood flow under your skin and will also remove the dirt and dust causing dark patches on your skin!

Step 4: Extraction

Extraction is the process of removing blackheads from your skin. The aim of facial is to make your skin free from dirt, dust and all such elements which can make your skin look dull. Performing extraction is very essential and must be performed in a very gentle and professional way.

The black heads formed on the tip of nose, forehead or chin. For extracting blackheads, you can use your fingers and pull the blackheads from your skin. There are different tools available in the market using which you can easily remove the blackheads.

You also must perform extraction after scrubbing and steaming as steam opens your skin pores and promotes quick extraction of blackheads. If you are not able to remove the blackheads, do not attempt squeezing your skin for more than once as it can cause scarring and skin damage.

Step 5: Treatment Mask

After cleansing, rigorous scrubbing and steam, it’s time to pamper the skin. For pampering the skin, you can use different masks available in the market. From fruity masks to herbal masks, there are plenty of options available.

Make sure, you choose a rich mask with nutrients and essential minerals that are required by your skin. Choose the mask as per your skin type. For extremely dry skin, you can choose honey or coconut oil masks. For oily skin, you can choose clay, mud or fruity masks which will help in nourishing your skin.

Apply the mask and le it work on your skin for 15-20 minutes. Let your skin absorb all the nutrients and essential minerals from the mask. Wipe your skin with a wash cloth and tap it dry.

Step 6: Toning serum

A lot of women end their facial treatment with mask. However, you must tone and pamper your skin using effective toning serum. You can use toners and mists to brighten up your skin. Toning serums will make your skin feel smooth, glossy and beautifully polished. Toners will help your skin to relax and soothe so apply the toner, let it work on your skin for 10 minutes and rinse.

Step 7: Moisturizing

After performing all the above given steps of facial, you will need to moisturize your skin.  To polish and soothe your skin, you must apply a moisturizer.  You can choose a moisturizer suitable for your skin type as intense moisturizing can make your skin oily and greasy.

Thus, choose a moisturizer and massage it gently on your skin.  With a refreshing moisturizer, your skin will bloom up like a rose petal!

These are the basic steps of performing a facial on your skin. When you want to perform a facial, you will need to take off sometime, relax and gather all the products for performing a facial. You will need approximately 1-2 hours for a soothing and relaxing facial. Thus, choose d day when you are free and are ready to dedicate some time for this amazing spa treatment!

How Often Should You Get a Facial?

Facial is an extremely important spa treatment which provides a sparkling glow to the skin. However, every treatment must be performed on regular intervals for better results. You can get a facial every month or 5 times a year to deep cleanse and nourish your skin.

Don’t perform facials too frequently as your skin takes some time to heal after one facial session. Thus, every month, perform facial on your skin and give it a mesmerizing look!

What are the benefits of facial on your skin?

1. Your Skin Will Get Deep Cleansed

Every girl dreams of a crystal clear skin. This can be achieved while performing a facial. Facial consists of different steps through which, your skin will rejuvenate beautifully. Massaging, exfoliation and scrubbing will remove the dust, dirt particles, oil build-up and toxins from your skin.

Various bacteria can clog the pores and damaging particles on your skin while facial will easily wipe out the bacteria from your skin. Facials will fight bacteria, blackheads, white heads, oil buildup and pimples from your skin and will give you a smooth and flawless tone.

2. You will Experience Intense Skin Rejuvenation

Massaging, steam, exfoliation will enrich skin rejuvenation. Rejuvenated skin is the fresh, glowing and youthful skin which can be achieved by facials. These steps will make your skin look fresh and bright within 2 days. You will notice your complexion getting clean and toned with regular facials. Thus, each session of facial will rejuvenate and brighten up your skin.

3. Facial is an Anti Aging Treatment

Every woman is scared of the aging effects on the skin. Fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots, saggy skin etc are the signs of aging which make the skin look dull and patchy. Facial fights such aging issues and boosts elasticity of your skin. Facials will improve blood and oxygen flow in your skin and fight the signs of aging. Regular facials will make your skin appear youthful and fresh.

4. Facial is a Natural Spa Treatment

Facial is a completely soothing and natural treatment in which, you can use some home based products, fruit products, herbal products for skin care. It is also an effective treatment for fighting pores, enriching the skin tone and also preventing the signs of aging.

There are a lot of women opting for treatments and surgeries which can damage the skin. To prevent extreme skin damage, you must go for regular facials. This regular care and natural spa treatment on your skin will hinder the need of such costly and skin damaging treatments.

5. Blackheads and pimples will get removed

Massaging, steam and scrubbing will easily remove the blackheads from your skin. Oil build-up, breakouts etc can make the skin look extremely dull and damaged. In such case, for a brightening and flawless look, you can choose facials. Also extraction is one of the cleansing processes which will make your skin spotless and gorgeous.  By regularly removing the black heads and build-up, your skin will look awesome!

6. Your skin will look adorable during every season!

We all know that summers come with extremely greasy and dirty skin; winters can make the skin super dry while monsoon can make your skin spotty and patchy. For seasonal care, facial is one of the best skin care treatment. Every season, you can choose the products suitable for your skin and fight seasonal effects on your skin.  Facial will keep your skin untouched and flawless from the seasonal effects.

7. Effective Toning

Facial also includes the use of toner. This will simply make your skin even toned and gorgeous. Seasonal changes can also affect your skin complexion while use of correct toners will maintain your beautiful skin tone. Thus, if you want a crystal clear skin tone, go for regular facials.

8. Fight Stress with Facials

Facial is an amazing treatment which will make you feel relaxed and calmed. In today’s fast paced life, we don’t get enough time to rejuvenate and distress. In such cases, you can go for facial sessions and feel relaxed. Massaging can simply make you feel relaxed and focused. Not only your skin but your mind will also get benefited from facials. While massage is performed on your skin, you will feel calm and relaxed as never before!

Facial is a very soothing and beautifying treatment for your skin. This amazing treatment will not only glorify your skin but will also help you relax and calm down. From inner peace to beautiful skin tone, you get everything from regular facial sessions!