Ways To Decorate Walls Of Your Bedroom: Home decor you’ll agree is an art with technique and style. Rack your imaginations beyond the routine and choose something chic, modern and fashionable for your bedroom interiors. You are about to find thousands of inspirations and expert opinions on the net but they may be confusing as well. Choose what suits your space, taste and style from amongst the clusters of home decoration ideas and it will result in a well-groomed, defined and aesthetically approved bedroom interior design. If your bedroom is putting you off to sleep every time, it’s time to wake things up in your bedroom design.

Ways To Decorate Bedroom Walls

Transform the boring decor into something chic and modern. The big, windowless walls of your bedroom can work as a great canvas for incredibly creative decoration ideas. Artworks make a definite important element in bedroom decor; however those are not the only things you can use to spice up your bedroom walls.

White walls have their space in interior design but pick up your paintbrush to give the walls a punch of color for your next bedroom remodel. You’ll definitely love it! Select from amongst the various prints, craft ideas, colors, artifacts, ornate artworks, painting and much more to bring back the bedroom walls to life. These creative sorts of things offer off-limit ideas and deck up the bedroom walls in style.

Printed Wallpaper With Patterned Bedroom Decor

When you have decorated your bedding space with a pared down color palette, pairing it up with a mix of prints and patterns will look awesomely chic, not chaotic. The printed wallpaper in beige complements the print on print concept of the bedroom design. Stick to neutral hues of cream, beige and pale grey if you want to vary the wallpaper selection as per your taste.


Series Of Matching Canvases For White Bedroom Wall

Large bedroom walls quite often seem boring if left painted in a single color. It is incredible when you fill up a boring, left out space on the wall with exclusive wall arts. In this case, the masterpiece is split into multiple small oil paintings to lend a beautiful look to the minimalistic bedroom decor. The soft blue paintings refresh the white bedroom walls against the traditional wooden and crisp white bed frame.


Round Mirrored Bedroom Wall Decoration For Dazzling Look

Mirrors form one of the most popular wall arts for bedroom spaces. A large framed mirror in your dressing area can be replaced with an accent mirrored wall for your pretty bedroom. Collect or purchase some cool round mirrors in varying sizes and place them randomly on the black bedroom wall. The end result is gorgeous! You may differ in the shape size and color of the mirrors according to your preference and rest of the bedroom decor.


Heart Shaped Memory Corner For Teenager Bedroom

Bedroom walls need not be decorated only in artworks or frames and paintings. Rack your creative brains and get some cool ideas like this to decorate the bedroom walls with a personalized punch! Print some memorable pictures of you and your loved ones write down a few lines and create a perfect heart shaped memory corner. You can add any number of images and be creative with the shape and writing of your memory corner to spruce up your wall design.


Stylish Centerpiece For Minimalist Bedroom Decor

How chicer you can get with mirrors on your bedroom walls? This centerpiece is a definite attention grabber. The golden accents on the pista green wall color create a beautiful focal wall in the bedroom. The wall colors are matched with the bed linens to give a fabulous appeal and add aesthetic beauty to the bedroom. The minimalist décor is further graced by other golden accents like the two table lamps and wooden furnishings.


Creative Wooden Wall Bedroom Art For Rustic Appeal

Many modern homes are now decorated in rustic ambience for a traditional look with contemporary modern design. Bedrooms designed with simple ideas can be given a twist of style and creativity with wooden headboards or large wooden backdrop for your empty walls.

Use the blank square footage to sport old wooden planks or fences and some painted glasses and a shelf to create storage spaces on the wall.


Cozy Bedroom Interior With Upholstered Focal Wall

The bedroom is decked up with warm earthy tones of brown and beige. Give a pop of color though accents like the blue chair and upholstered wall for a classy bedroom design. The focal wall is upholstered along with some portion of the ceiling for a designer and luxe look. Complement the interiors with simplistic cream blinds, white marbled furniture and beige flooring.


Kids Bedroom With Wooden Wall And Driftwood Headboards

This is a twin bed bedroom design for kids and you must admits its adorable. The exposed barn on the walls, wooden backdrop and the funky wooden furniture amalgamate a cute bedroom interior to create a cozy and rustic looking bedroom ambience. The driftwood headboards make a stylish impression against the wooden accent wall. Your kids will surely love this new bedroom design.


Family Picture Tree – Beautiful Toilet Paper Roll Artwork

Family pictures and memorable photographs make an important element of bedroom wall decors. They take you back to those pleasant relaxed moments of fun. This is what you much need in the bedroom; peaceful sanctuary and attractive decor. Don’t throw away your toilet paper rolls; instead make such cute family tree out of those. Paint your walls plain with a color that matches the color scheme of the bedroom and the black tree will suit almost any color.


Fabric Wall Art Panels For Creative Bedroom Decor

Many of us women are into sewing and there are chances you have remnant pieces of leftover fabrics. Different styles of fabrics and textures create a beautiful wall decor items for your bedroom. The colors incorporated through fabric artworks liven up the bedroom beautifully. These wall arts add an instant touch of sophistication and style to bedroom wall. If you have light colored walls choose bright and dark fabric panels and vice versa.


Artsy Metallic Wall Art For Bedroom Wall Design

A man’s bedroom is a reflection of masculinity, sophistication and simplicity. The saturated tone of the bedroom interior is given a stylish and jazzy look with the innovative wall art behind the headboard. The accent wall is designed from metallic scraps to give a startling appeal to the room.


Free-Style Marker Art On Bedroom Walls

Adorn the walls of your bedroom with innovative and creative ideas. You often have preschoolers in your house that love and enjoy scribbling along your beautifully painted walls. Then why not convert this art into something more adorable and memorable? Pick up few markers and draw lines in free-style squiggles, curves, and lines across the walls. This will lend an exciting vibe for your walls.


Colorful Pinwheel Origami Art For White Bedroom Wall

Origami is one of the coolest paper art tracing its roots to Japanese culture. You can create amazing crafts and models using this art technique. Decorate the walls of your children’s bedroom with colorful pinwheels made from paper. Use differently colored and textured paper for stunning results. Other origami motifs and garlands can also be used to decorate bedroom walls.


Incredible DIY Wall Art Using Bottles And Paper

DIY wall artworks crafted from waste and unused item is really commendable and worth awe! You may have different styles of spare bottles in your kitchens and gardens. Don’t throw them away. This wall art is made using old photo frames, some transparent bottles, wires and card paper. You may replace the leaves with flowers for fascinating decor styles.


Stunning Wall Piece For Nautical Themed Bedroom Decor

Paper mache home decor items can add aesthetic elegance to any bedroom decor. The nautical themed bedroom is designed with a large paper mache shark and is hung high on the bedroom wall between the twin four poster beds. The white linens are designed with blue border to enhance the coastal feeling.


Amazing Canvas Artwork For Simplistic Bedroom Design

Decorating walls with fancy wall decals and quotes is common and found in many homes recently. This wall is designed with text with a twist. The wall decal is replaced with a white canvas with ‘Sleep’ written incorporating two closed eyelids. The white color scheme of the bedroom makes it look fresh, divine and airy.


Teens Bedroom Wall Decorated With Book Shelf And Wallpaper

Teen’s bedroom can be decked up in a variety of unique and whimsical ways. Change the drab color on the bedroom walls and paste a chirpy, birdie and fall inspired wallpaper design. Place a geometric book shelf stand in bright yellow tone in the corner to some quick storage hacks and a popping accent wall.


Candle Bedroom Decoration For Romantic Ambience

If you want to instill romance in your bedroom atmosphere, what can serve better than scented candles. They give an aromatic and romantic aesthetic to the simple and calm bedroom design. There are number of ways in which you can decorate the room with candles. Here they’ve done the bedroom wall with candle shelf. Treat yourself to cozy and warm atmosphere in this enchanting bedroom.


Bold Graffiti Bedroom Wall Decor For Dramatic Look

If you are designing a bedroom for teenager, this bedroom look gets a guaranteed approval at anytime. The graffiti artwork on the bedroom wall involves bold colors, inscribing names, phrases and lyrics in an edgy style. You can use all black spray can or incorporate every color from the rainbow to make the room attractive – the choice is entirely yours!


Full Wall Wooden Headboard For Sophisticated Bedroom Wall Decor

You have seen exposed and rustic effect of distressed wood available in your house. This bedroom shows yet another wooden wall décor with a polish and elite look. Create a full wall headboard design in wooded planks and pieces with background lighting for a posh bedroom interior. The furniture is updated in the same look as that of the headboard for a classy touch.


Tin Tiled Bedroom Backsplash For Incredible Look

Most of us follow the perception that tin tiles are good for kitchen backdrops and bathroom walls. This won’t fall true for this classy bedroom shown here, as these self-adhesive tiles in different textures and patterns add a wow factor to the bedroom decor. You may avoid mixing patterns if you want a more simple and cohesive look.


Pretty Floral Wallpaper Decor For Girls Bedroom

Girls bedroom are decorated in sassy and cheery ways. To change the look of her bedroom with her changing taste and mood wallpapers and wall decals are best home décor options. You may opt for floral blossom designs to give a refreshing look to the bedroom. If a glam touch is needed choose luxurious damask wallpapers with hint of gold for a charismatic bedroom wall décor.


Incredible Bedroom Wall Art With Wine Corks

Are you looking for inexpensive ideas to deck your bedroom walls? Are you bored with putting up decals, canvases and artworks on your walls? This is a creative, fresh and incredible idea to style the bedroom wall yourself. Collect as many wine corks you can and paste them up on the wall. Give it any desired shape or color them up in your favorite shades for a quirky wall art – choice is yours.


Incredibly Cute String Wall Art For Bedroom

Women tend to love yarns and embroidery floss; that doesn’t mean you can only knit or sew with those threads. Keep your next weekend free for some amazing DIY wall decorating projects using yarns and strings. The boring four walls of the bedroom will instantly transform into chic and cute retreats with a simple string project.


Paper Washi Tape Wall Art Decor

Paper washi tapes are made from Japanese rice paper and crafters love them because it comes in gazillion of patterns, colors and sizes and it’s a cinch to replace the washi tapes design. There is no need of expensive wallpaper when you style the bedroom walls with mind-boggling washi tape wall art. From city scape to geometric figurines all look cool here.


Multicolored Post-It Note Masterpiece On Bedroom Wall

Creating large murals by you can be a cool idea for a fun weekend home décor venture. If you want to decorate your bedroom and have a limited pocket, post-it notes create a burst of design and colors on the walls. The neon post-it shades look rocking and captivating. You may also create picture frames using colorful neon post-it.


Draped Fabric Bedroom Walls For Luxurious Appeal

Who believes that drapes and curtains are made only for covering the windows? Why not cover a bedroom wall and create an accent design for lush and luxurious wall décor. Select drapes complementing the bedroom decoration, pick your favorite fabric texture, create color contrasts or replace it with the headboard to spice up the bedroom aesthetics.


Polka Dot Wall Art For Cute Bedroom Appearance

Pick up your paintbrush and splash some awesome colors on the walls. If you have neutral toned bedroom create a focal point by painting a wall in bold bright hues. The red white colors inject style, attitude and warmth to the small apartment bedrooms.


Stylish Wall Clock Art For Modern Bedroom Walls

Wall clocks have made their place into the bedroom decors recently. You’ll find numerous styles of clocks that can be hung into the blank bedroom spaces. Large or small, antique or modern, decimal or roman numbers, with or without hands; clocks complement any contemporary to luxurious bedroom decors.


Hot Wheels Bedroom Wall Art

Fantastic idea isn’t it? If you are obsessed with cars this cute wall decor idea with give you a kickass idea to store and display your collection. The cars are put up in display with color gradients. The car decor looks artsy and rocking on your bedroom walls. You may also use pipe cutouts and stick on the walls, then store the cars in them.


In the pure chaos of the daily chores, your bedroom is the only space that you can go and be able to regroup and revive your strengths. No electronics, no kids, and no worries to distract you in your sanctuary can be achieved with the decor you love.

The above ideas are easy, inexpensive, stylish and incredible ways to pep your boring bedroom walls. Give yourself a home court advantage by bringing together the motifs, patterns, colors and artworks of your choice and taste.

The markets are flooded with wall decor options however; some DIY muscle can give a touch of discrete personal touch to the interiors. Treat yourself to one of these revering retreats and you are sure to wake up happier every morning!