Steps To Get Ready For Beach Party : Beach party is the best escape anyone can wish for. The saltwater cures all the wounds. The memories of the beach party are sure to linger on your mind more than the footprints you left on the beach. But before you step out for the beach party to savour all the fun here are top ten steps that will help you to get ready for beach party. Try them and have the best beach party ever.

1) Do Not Forget To Wax

Waxing becomes really important when you are stepping out for a beach party. Since you would not be wearing too much of cloths, and showing a lot of skin, you do not want your hair to spring out from every body part. Who loves hairy legs, or hairy arms?

So girls, do not forget to wax the area that would be visible or could be visible when you dive in for a beach party. You may not wax your legs thinking that you will wear jeans, but remember we often fold up our jeans at beach parties. So be prepared and wax all essential body parts.


You can try waxing by yourself or try getting it done from an expert in a parlor.  In case you do not like waxing and feel it’s painful, use a razor or hair removal cream to achieve hairless skin.

2) Exfoliate Your Body

Exfoliation of skin is very essential. It not only removes dead skin cells but also makes the skin soft and glowing. There are many ways to exfoliate the skin, both chemical and natural ones.

You can opt for scrubs, exfoliating brushes, exfoliating creams or exfoliates gloves; depending upon your choice.


Everyone shall notice your elbows, heels and knees besides your back, neck, legs and arms in your short beach outfit. So exfoliate you must if you do not want people to notice your rough legs or flaky elbows.

3) Moisturizing Is Essential

Everyone despises rough skin. Moisturized skin looks healthy and glowing. So always moisturize your skin before you leave for a beach party.

Oily skin beauties are often under the presumption that they do not need moisturizer as their skin is oily. But remember, even if you have oily skin, moisturizing is essential. So do not forget to moisturize when you step out for beach party.


4) Style It Up With Sunglasses

Though sunglasses today are associated with style but they do have a health and comfort aspect. The rays of sun contain ultra violet lights that are dangerous for eyes. Sunglasses help to keep the eyes safe from these rays. Buy a good pair of sunglasses.


5) Choose Comfortable Clothes

Beach parties are all about fun and enjoyment. The basis of all this enjoyment is your ease that cannot be achieved till you dress up to your comfort. You do not need to wear scanty cloths simply because it’s a beach party.

Choose cloths that you are comfortable in. It may be a pair of your regular jeans and tees or a long flowing dress. You can accessorize it and make your dress stylish. Wear what makes you feel good. Dress for yourself. Enjoy your beach party in the cloths you wish to wear.


6) Never Forget The Sunscreen Lotion

Beaches remind of the suntan. When you have to step out of your house for a beach party, twenty minutes before it, apply sunscreen on all the exposed areas of your body. Opt for a waterproof sunscreen. Choose herbal sunscreen if you have sensitive skin.


Pick a sunscreen that has 20-40 SPF (Sun Protecting Factor), depending upon your skin time and your need. Sun tanning not only makes the skin dark but also makes it prone to skin cancers. So always apply a sunscreen before you head to a beach party.

Keep reapplying your sunscreen after every 2-3 hours. You do not need to wash your face every time. You can apply it over the previous coat of sunscreen. For the beautiful damsels you are oily skinned, there are Sunscreens that come in gel formulation. Give it a try and say bye bye to tanning.

7) Waterproof Footwear

We all love classy footwear, but a beach party calls in for waterproof footwear. You do not wish to spoil your expensive footwear in water so to avoid it, choose a waterproof one. Ensure that your footwear is comfortable as you will need to walk a lot on the beach amidst the sand.


Avoid heels, however sexy they may look, but they are not for beaches. Markets are flooded with stylish waterproof footwear that comes in various types and colors. Pick one that matches your outfit and compliments it well. You can choose crocks, slippers, shoes or sandals as they are a great buy for beach parties.

8) Jazz Up With Hat’rick

Hats not only look glamorous but also protect from sun rays. So invest in a hat for your beach party. Choose a hat that is not only stylish but is a charm for the onlooker.


You can accessorize your hat by your own with matching ribbons or laces or buy the one that is previously accessorized. Hats today are made up for many materials like, jute hats, denim hats, bamboo hats or the age old khadi hats.

9) Use Waterproof Make Up

Girls love make up as much as they love beaches. But beaches and make up, do not go well unless its waterproof make up. You do not want your face to be flooded with black mascara.

So go for waterproof make up products. Choose fun colors for your lips and eyes. Ensure that the makeup bases you choose are also waterproof. Do not over do your make up. Natural is beautiful.


10) Bag It All

The class of a lady is depicted by her handbag. Choose a beautiful bag for your beach party. It will add the much needed oomph to your beach dress. Not only will it look great it has great functionality. You can put all you need in your handbag.


It is safe and handy place for all the stuff you will need for your beach party; your sunscreen, your Vaseline, your money, or identification card or be it anything, your bag shall be the storehouse of all of it and more.

Having done all this, you are all ready to rock the beach party.

Life is at the best at the beach party