Bar Outfit Ideas for Women- For your bar night out, you might want to look different and stand out from the crowd. Although here are plenty of outfits that are ideal for a bar outing, you might run out of some really interesting and modern outfit options. For these special nights, we have come up with some of the best outfit combinations you can wear.

From the chunky rompers to the breathtaking mini skirts and from the casual jeans to the leather outfits, you can accommodate ample of outfits in your bar-inspired wardrobe. So it’s time to hi the bars and steal the show with your fabulous outfits. Have a look at these comfy and fashionable outfits and outings like a pro!

# 1 Bar Outfit – Ribbed Jeans with Black Fitted Blouse and Fringe Bag

Whether you are going out to a classy bar or a local nightclub with your friends, you can carry this causal and yet inspiring outfit. Grab your favorite ribbed jeans and pair it with a black fitted blouse. Instead of the simple blouses, choose the blouses with cutout patterns, strappy details and such unique designs and you’ll find a party look. Pair the look with ankle strap heels and carry a funky fringe bag to secure your belongings. It’s not only stylish but comfy too.


# 2 Bar Outfit -Maroon Velvet Bodycon Strappy Dress with Black Leather Jacket

Turn heads with this body hugging and fabulous velvet Bodycon dress. If you want to dress up for a bar night, nothing can replace the flattering maroon strappy Bodycon dress. It may sound like a bar staple, but you can modify the look as per your choice. Carry your favorite velvet Bodycon dress and layer it up with a cool black leather jacket. Beautiful stilettos and minimalistic accessories like stud earrings will enhance this look even more.

Bodycon Bar Outfit Ideas for Women

# 3 Bar Outfit -Denim Shirt Dress with Chunky Belt

If you want to wear comfy and stylish outfit just like a dress, ditch the casual dresses and try something new like this appealing transformation of a denim shirt. Turn your favorite chunky denim oversized shirt into a chic shirtdress while using a chunky belt. Pair the look with nude heels and the flattering hoop earrings. A stunning half up half down knot will make you look like a modish diva while you are heading out to a fancy bar.

Denim Shirt Dress Bar Outfit Ideas

# 4 Bar Outfit -Denim Shorts with Deep Neck Blouse, Jacket and Lace-up Booties

Here’s a badass look for those thrilling and exciting bar nightouts. If you are done with the dresses and want to try your hands on punk style outfits, this is a great outfit combination to pick. Wear your denim shorts with a deep neck black t-shirt and layer it up with a stylish jacket just like this floral printed cool jacket. You can make it exciting with the lace up booties and this combination will look even more amazing. Get inspired by this outfit and jazz up your new bar wardrobe.

Deep Neck Blouse, Jacket Bar Outfit Ideas for Women

# 5 Bar Outfit – High Waist Leather Pants with Bralette and Jacket

Leather pants or leggings sound like a perfect outfit for bars and clubbing and there are plenty of ways you can modify and shuffle the classic leather-pant look. Pair your black leather pants with a nice lacy bralette and layer the look with a chunky black coat or jacket. Ankle strap black heels are perfect for a night out and an all-black look. You can try accessories like midi rings and classy earrings to enhance this bold look further.

High Waist Leather Pants Bar Outfit Ideas for Women

# 6 Bar Outfit -Rugged Denim Shorts with Fitted Blouse and Boots

If you can’t get enough of those funky and bold denim shorts, here’s how you can twist the look for your happening bar night out. Pair your grey ribbed shorts with a pretty deep v neck fitted black blouse and black booties. Put an awesome flash on your face with a bright lipstick and carry some beautiful layered necklaces to rock the awesome bar look. This is a fun and bold night out look for party lovers.

Rugged Denim Shorts Bar Outfit Ideas for Women

# 7 Bar Outfit – Black Ribbed Pants with Sheer Black Blouse

Black ribbed jeans are awesome and when paired with a cute sheer or see-through blouse, it becomes even more interesting. If you have a see through blouse, pair it with a lacy bralette and a ribbed jeans and layer the look with a cute denim jacket. A pair of outfit looks even more stunning when paired with great footwear so you can pair this look with those glossy lacy booties.

Black Ribbed Pants Bar Outfits

# 8 Bar Outfit – Pleated Red Mini Dress with Strappy Heels

Ditch the little black dress and pick an awesome little red dress for your night out. Just like this adorable dress, you can pick a simple pleated and short dress for your upcoming party night. Its comfy it’s chunky and can be paired with those pretty white strappy heels. You can accessorize the look with chunky jewelry items like rings, bracelets and earrings.

Pleated Red Mini Dress Bar Outfit Ideas for Women

# 9 Bar Outfit – Chunky Polka Dotted black and White Dress

Polka dotted dresses are always fun and this long ankle length black and white polka dotted dress is a great pick for a bar night out. The layered dress has a chic neckline and long sleeves. You can pair this awesome look with pointed toe flats or strappy heels along with some interesting jewelry items. Especially if it is a semi-formal or formal bar get-together, you can wear this outfit and look smashing for the night.

Polka Dotted black Bar Outfit Ideas

# 10 Bar Outfit – Black Mini Skirt with Strappy Blouse

Black leather skirts are awesome and this zipper black skirt, when paired with a lacy strappy v neck blouse will look picture perfect. This is a punk-style bar outfit to set you free. Pair this awesome look with layered choker and a chunky coat and hoop earrings. Thigh high booties or the block heels will complement this extreme look well for a bar outing. Consider this one if you want to try something fun and thrilling.

Black Mini Skirt Bar Outfit Ideas for Women

# 11 Bar Outfit – Beautiful Black Floral Printed Off-Shoulder Dress

Floral prints are versatile and great for different looks. Not only for a work inspired look or a date night, floral outfits are also great for a bar night out. This cute black and red floral printed off shouldered dress is a great option if you want to try something new and leave the jeans in your closet. Pair the look with the casual black strappy heels and good makeup and you are ready for a fine bar outing.

Off Shoulder Dress Bar Outfit Ideas for Women

# 12 Bar Outfit – Burgundy Wrap Style Deep V neck Romper

Just like floral prints, you can use so many other outfit options to look pretty for your bar outing. A burgundy bright mini romper with a deep v-neckline and long sleeves is an ideal choice for a night out. Especially if you are transitioning from a casual get together to a fun bar night out, this amazing outfit will work for both the occasions. Pair the romper with those nude strappy heels and midi rings. You can also carry layered chains and minimal makeup with a bright lipstick for a poppy look.

V neck Romper Bar Outfit Ideas for Women

# 13 Bar Outfit – Floral Printed Suede Knee Length Sleeveless Dress

Want to keep it simple and appealing? This pretty pastel printed flared mini dress will pump your game at the bar. For a casual get together with your friends at the bar, this is a perfect outfit you can carry. A sleeveless knee length mini dress when paired with nude strappy heels, works well if you are hunting a comfy and funky outfit. Some layered bracelets and watch will make the look more formal and feminine.

Sleeveless Dress For Bar

# 14 Bar Outfit – Leopard Print Shorts with Black Blouse and Jacket

For a solid and super interesting bar look, you can go back to your teenage years and grab some of the finest outfits to look fabulous. Pair your mini skirt or leopard print shorts with a black blouse. Layer the look with a black leather jacket and underneath, you can wear stockings or pantyhose to support the look. Those black ankle booties and bracelets will simply enhance this bold and fun bar outing look.

Leopard Print Shorts Bar Outfit Ideas

# 15 Bar Outfit – White Vest Top with Pastel Pleated Trouser Pants

What can be more functional and interesting than a pair of tank top or a vest and a cool pastel trouser? This is an interesting and fashionable combination of outfits that’ll make you look awesome for your bar night out. Pair your flattering pastel high waist trousers with a white tank top or vest top. A messy bun and a minimalistic neck piece will add more style and freshness to this awesome look.

White Vest Top Bar Outfits

# 16 Bar Outfit – Buttoned Denim Mini Skirt with High Neck Blouse and Boots

Denim skirts are beautiful and when you pair these chunky skirts with a fitted black blouse and thigh high booties, it turns into a complete fashionable outfit. Pair your buttoned denim skirt with a fitted black high neck full-sleeve blouse. Compliment the look with those black thigh high booties and a pretty neckpiece. Not only is this look great for a bar outing but it’s also a great casual outfit fall and winter.

Mini Skirt Bar Outfit Ideas for Women

# 17 Bar Outfit – Off Shoulder Knee Length Feminine Dress with Strappy Heels

If you are a fan of casual dresses and want to rock a casual look for a bar outing, this pretty olive knee length dress is a perfect pick. It offers an oversized fit and features off shouldered pattern for a feminine and gracious look. Pair this look with those chunky nude strappy heels and earrings and you’ll need nothing more. Wear your hair down and carry light makeup if you don’t want a heavy look.

Knee Length Feminine Dress Bar Outfit Ideas for Women

# 18 Bar Outfit – Black High Neck Bodycon Dress with Baseball Cap

This might not look as the ultimate pick for a bar outing but it will surely make you look cute and adorable. A little black Bodycon dress with a high neck and sleeveless pattern is just great for a bar night out with friends. Pair the look with sneakers or sport shoes and a baseball cap if you are willing to rock a sporty look. This is comfy and a perfect go-to outfit if you are running out of time.

High Neck Bodycon Dress Bar Outfits

# 19 Bar Outfit – Raunchy Black Cutout V neck Jumpsuit

For a fashionable and stylish look, nothing can be more amazing than a great black jumpsuit. This pretty jumpsuit with a v neckline, sleeveless pattern and waist cut-outs will simply make you look exceptional. Pair the look with strappy heels or even flats if you want to dance your heart out. A traditional red lipstick and a volumizing blowout will enhance the charm of this entire look. You can also pile up the look with chunky golden accessories and look perfect for the bar night out.

V neck Jumpsuit - Bar Outfits Women

# 20 Bar Outfit – Black and White Printed Mini Skirt with White Blouse

Skirts are awesome and playful and if you want a playful look for your bar outing this weekend, steal this ideal right away. Pair your wrap style v-neckline, long sleeve white blouse with a cool printed black and white mini skirt. Those nude strappy heels will enhance the chunkiness of this outfit. This may seem like a casual outfit but when accompanied with good makeup and hairdo, this outfit will leave you with a look that will turn heads.

Printed Mini Skirt Bar Outfit Ideas for Women

# 21 Bar Outfit – Grey Long Strappy Maxi Dress with Cutout

For an outdoor bar, you can choose some interesting outfits and ditch the mini skirts and dresses. This beautiful long maxi dress with a flattering cutout pattern is ideal outfit for beach side bars and day time visits to the local bars. Especially if you are going out for a holiday and need a relaxing outfit for your outings, this pretty maxi dress will look adorable. This backless maxi dress can be paired with a chunky neck piece for a crisp look.

Maxi Dress with Cutout Bar Outfits

#22 Bar Outfit – White Sleeveless Blouse with Brown Thigh High Side Slit Skirt

Just like the maxi dresses, maxi skirts are also great for a night out at the bar. Pair your favorite brown thigh slit maxi skirt with a cool white or cream tank top and feel awesome. This is a simple and yet minimalistic look to wear for a night out. Pair the look with brown pumps and some minimalistic jewelry items like stud earrings to look pretty. It’s very simple to style and thus, if you are going for a semi formal bar outing, this is an outfit to choose.

Side Slit Skirt Bar Outfit Ideas for Women

#23 Bar Outfit – Classy Pastel Silk Plunging Neckline Dress

Mini dresses with a plunging neckline are awesome for a bar night out so grab this smooth and lavishing pastel silky dress and hit the bar.  This is a funky bar-hopping outfit that can be complemented with strappy heels for a refreshing style statement. If you want to look classy and want to flaunt your gorgeous toned lean legs, this is the outfit you can pick for your special night.

Neckline Dress For Bar Outfit

# 24 Bar Outfit – Grey Ribbed Jeans with Tank Top and Leather Jacket

Grab this bar outing staple and revive your bar look with a twist. Wear your grey ribbed jeans and pair it with a white tank top. Layer the look with a chunky black leather jacket and those pointed-toe ankle booties. This is a modish and go-to look if you are running out of time for your bar thrill. You’ll surely love a pair of jeans and a breathable blouse if you are looking for a comfy and stylish option.

Leather Jacket Bar Outfit Ideas for Women

# 25 Bar Outfit – White Mini Bodycon Dress with Long Cardigan and Nude Boots

A mini dress is a perfect choice for nightouts and if it’s chilly out there, you can layer the dress with a long coat or jacket and feel cozy. Layer the mini white Bodycon dress with a cute olive long coat and the nude thigh high booties. A classic watch and hoop earrings will enhance the charm of this dress even further. Rather than focusing on different type of outfits, wear this pretty dress and coat and mark your presence.

Long Cardigan Bar Outfit Ideas for Women

# 26 Bar Outfit -Black Velvet Mini Skirt with Pastel Oversized Sweater and Boots

For fall and winter, this is a fabulous outfit you can wear. A fitted velvet mini skirt, when paired with a knitted oversized sweater or one shouldered blouse looks extraordinary. Pair the look with those thigh high black booties and accessories. Not only is comfy, but it’s also very elegant and fashionable. You don’t always need to bundle up for your bar outing when you have a refreshing and breathable outfit like this one.

Velvet Mini Skirt Bar Outfits

# 27 Bar Outfit -Floral Printed Vibrant Halter Neck Romper

Cute floral printed rompers are a true inspiration for a night out. This amazing floral printed blue and cream romper with the ruffled halter neck pattern is a perfect option for a bar outing. For the fun nights, you can wear this super breathable and stylish outfit. Wear tan block heels and a tan cross body drawstring bag with this outfit and complete the look in style. Going out is fun and you can add more fun to this outfit with some chunky accessories like earrings and a watch.

Halter Neck Romper Bar Outfit For Ladies