Back Tattoos Women -Tattoo Designs for Women Back- Latest Back Tattoo Designs For Women:- Every day, we see a lot of people covered in ink. Especially, women nowadays love to get some interesting and cool designs on different body parts.Some women get tattooed for cherishing memories while some get the tattoos reflecting their personal beliefs. Whatever the agenda is, women simply love tattoos especially on their backs. Back is a broad and elaborated area of the body on which, some interesting tattoos can be carved. Also the tattoos look fabulous on the slim and crisp back.

If you always wanted a marvelous tattoo on your back and were waiting for the touchiest and inspiring design, here are some glorious back tattoo options that will make you go crazy. These are the catchiest and meaningful tattoos that will steal your heart!

1. A Colorful Precious Rose Tattoo On Back

Roses represent love and compassion and here is a tattoo if you are a red rose lover. If you want the most naturistic and flawless shades of roses on your back, go for this precious and glorious rose tattoo and cover your back with something unusual.  A simple rose with the beautiful small leaflets and tiny prickles will make your back bloom up as never before. Carry your stylish low back or backless dresses and flaunt your brand new inspiring rose tattoo. You can either get the rose carved on your upper back or in the lower back.


2. Delicate and Unusual Dandelion Back Tattoo

If you are bored of the common floral and tribal back tattoo designs, here is something unusual and high profile for your back! Pick this small and delightful dandelion tattoo with a small dandelion rising on your back and the pretty small petals heading towards our beautiful shoulders. This is a light weight tattoo if you simply want to cover a small portion of your back and get it uniquely tattooed. This will look simply adorable while you carry a beautiful off shoulder dress or even in a tank top.


3. This Perfectly Adorable Bird Tattoo For Back

If you think large and messy designs are simply not for you, choose this adorable bird tattoo. This beautiful bird tattoo symbolizes that you too are a free bird and love to enjoy your liberties. The small birds designed in black ink will simply brighten up your back without making it look messy and untidy like the huge tattoo designs. This is one of the delicate and sober tattoos women love to have on their backs. To make it a little different, you can also get it carved on your lover back or in any other direction.


4. The Furious Wings Tattoo On Back

If you love the gorgeous furious wings, here is a full back cover tattoo that will look distinctive and fab on your back. If you love huge tattoo designs with multiple shades and a great coverage, you can choose this amazing one.  From the shoulders to the lower back, this tattoo will cover your entire back and will give you a very sovereign feel. Choose this tattoo if you are looking for a solid and rocking back tattoo.


5. Beautiful Quoted Back Tattoo On Back

The quoted tattoos are amazing and you can also merge these tattoos with some pretty designs. If you don’t want your back to be covered with a large sized tattoo, choose a simple quote and add a vertical quote straight on your back. This is an awesome idea to tag 2 little birds above the quote and give a finishing touch.  This is one of the finest ideas you must try.


6. Gorgeous Quoted Bow Belt Tattoo

Bows look immensely stylish and but what about a colorful and adorable bow straight on your back? Try something intellectual and unique just like this amazing tattoo. On the back of your neck, get beautiful bow. Let the beautiful long belt flow down your back with grace. You can also add a stunning quote to end up the tattoo in a mystic and engaging way. Also you can try some amazing colors or animal prints or tribal designs to make it catchier.


7. Colorful Queen Crown Tattoo

Everyone girl is a queen and to showcase it, here is a dazzling crown you can carry with pride. If you love the dazzling crowns, here is a beautiful queen crown you can get tattooed on your back.  The fabulous crown with beaded base and a stunning color combination will brighten up your back and will make you feel like a queen for sure. Awaken the inner princess in you with this rich and adorable queen crown.


8. Gorgeous Elephant Head Tattoo

Try something unique and impressive with this cool elephant head tattoo. For broader area coverage and to make your back look more stunning, you can choose some trending tattoos and one of the trendiest designs is the elephant head. The best part about this tattoo is that you can make the elephant head look more unique and interesting as you want it. Decorate the elephant head with pearls and beads to add more traditional feel to it.


9. Mystic and Creative Sun and Moon Tattoo

Love the universe? Here is a beautiful way to express your enthusiastic side with a cool sun and moon tattoo. This is a stunning shaded sun and moon tattoo which showcases the universe in a very creative way. The stunning sun, the dazzling starts, beautiful moon are all created perfectly to stay on the back. If you don’t like colorful tattoos, this is a sober and classy option to choose from. Represent your love for this amazing universe with this highly catchy and ravishing tattoo.


10. Completely Unique Eclipse Tattoo

If you want something immensely unique and refreshing, here is a beautiful vertical tattoo you can get carved on your back. This tattoo represents all the 15 phases of a moon and shows the eclipse in a very sober and clear way. Get this amazing tattoo and you will love this amazing design on your back!



11. Meaningful Quoted Tattoo

Do you believe in something very deeply? Has any quote changed your life forever? Then we recommend you to get it tattooed on your back! If you feel a quote is worth spreading, get it tattooed on your back and this will clearly showcase your personality and your beliefs. This is a beautiful idea to tattoo your back with something valuable to you. A clean and purely fabulous quoted tattoo is all you need this season!


12. Angel Back Tattoo Women

Have a strong belief in angels? Here is a dazzling and catchy angel tattoo you would love to get on your back. This is one of the strongest and influential tattoos for women. If you love the wings, angels and a stunning mystic tattoo design, choose this and cover your back with something fancy. Your shoulder is the perfect area for spreading the angel wings and the entire design can be stretched till the lower back. Try this awe inspiring angel tattoo and make your back look stylish.


13. Beautiful Feather Tattoo For Women On Back

Feathers are stunning and delicate. Show this amazing design on your back and make it look super stunning. There are ample of variations in back tattoos and one of them are the feathered tattoos. You can choose form colorful and black and white feathers add some flawless birds and complete the tattoo with a dazzling feel. You can cover the entire back with this famous tattoo or can get it carved on your shoulders.  This beautiful tattoo represents freedom and elegance and you must try this pattern if you like simple and meaningful tattoo designs.


14. Wolf Head Howling with a Girl’s Face Tattoo on Back

Okay, so this is one of the unique and completely fresh designs for tattoo lovers. Women generally prefer soft and colorful tattoos on their bodies and to destroy this misconception, here is a completely rocking tattoo a girl can get! A wild and inspiring howling wolf head tattoo is furious and creative. Get a furious dark world head on your sleek and bright back for a gorgeous impression and you will surely love this amazing makeover. This amazing tattoo has a deeper meaning and looks exceptional. If you are one of those experimental women, choose this tattoo and play with the beautiful shades.

15. Refreshing and Precious Butterfly Tattoo

Change the definition of pretty small butterfly tattoos and replace them with this wild, furious and large butterfly tattoo. If you are a tattoo lover and like butterfly impressions, here is a mesmerizing tattoo you will love. The best part about this tattoo is that you can simply add more shades and designs in this tattoo. Cover your entire back with a large butterfly and make your back a gorgeous the most charismatic part of your body!

16. Mesmerizing Peacock Back Tattoo for Women

Peacocks are simply awesome. The beautiful feathers, the stunning shades of the feathers, the beautiful designs can simply make your back look more gracious and elegant. If you love colors, choose a unique and curvy peacock tattoo design and get it carved on your mesmerizing lean back. You can either get it below your shoulders or on the centre of the back. This is a purely feminine and gracious design to choose this season.


17. Cute Cat Tattoo For Women

People love to get the tattoos of their loved pets on their bodies and if you are an animal lover, here is a cool and stunning cat tattoo you can try. Women love cats and thus, you can show your love for the stunning cute cats by getting this fab tattoo. Play with some shades; give a realistic look to the tattoo and this will look completely unique and appealing. Try something different than the regular tattoos with this amazing option.


18. Captivating Tribal Tattoo Design

A lot of women love getting inspirational and unique tribal tattoos on their bodies. If you are one of those women, choose this lavish and colorful tribal tattoo for your back. The tribal tattoos have simple and colorful designs. Tribal tattoos are generally black but you can add more shade in your inks and turn the tattoo colorful and glorious. You can choose from ample of tribal signature designs like arrows, floral patterns or any random designs for a rich and high impact design.


19. Star Back Tattoo Design For Women

Stars are such a perfect option of you are looking for something gracious and highlighting. Stars are simply peaceful and dazzling and you have this fabulous design to try. Get a beautiful tattoo design with a series of beautiful stars on the back. Get some stars filled with colors while get some stars highlighted blank. This is one of the trendiest options which will not only cover your back but will make your back look sexy and dazzling when you will carry a cool backless dress.


20. Cute Fish Tattoo Design For Girls

Fish tattoos are quite common and you can uncountable variations on this area. If you love colorful tattoo designs that can cover your entire back and make you look flawless, choose this colorful and huge fish tattoo design for your back. Enhance the beautiful curves of your back with this amazing fish tattoo design. You can add small and more fishes in the design and choose from different variations. For women who love delicate and colorful designs, fish tattoos are a great option.


21. Stunning Heart Design Back

We love this crazily beautiful and stylish tattoo which will brighten up your back. You can get your name or your beau’s name carved on your back with a heart. Add some flawless and beautiful colors to the heart and cover it up with some beautiful and interesting stars. This is one of the most fabulous and catchy tattoo designs which will melt your heart. You can change it in your own way and create a completely new version of this tattoo on your back! Add a personalized touch and make your back look super glorious.


22. Romantic Love Tattoo On Back

There are ample of love tattoos out there to make your back look completely submerged into love. This is a stunning romantic tattoo you will love. A simple and beautiful calligraphic letters of love and the surrounding wings showcase the romantic gesture you have. You can try different romantic designs and can replace the wings with hearts, floral patterns and such unique variations. Surprise your bae with an awesome romantic tattoo on your back.


23. Dazzling Lotus Tattoo For Women

Lotus tattoos have been rocking the tattoo world since beginning. The lotus design is one of the most dynamic and elegant designs women love to get. The lotus is a symbol of peace, elegance and simplicity and this is purely signified in this amazing tattoo. The minute details of this tattoo will simply melt your heart. The lotus is perfectly highlighted and the shades are simply mesmerizing.  The beautiful finishing touch given to the bottom of the lotus is inspiring and brings newness to the tattoo.


24. Little Panda Tattoo On Back

One of the awe inspiring tattoos is the beautiful little panda tattoo which will make you go crazy. There are ample of animal tattoos around but the panda tattoos are so adorable and cute. You can get a small notorious and charming little panda on your back either playing with the tree branches or rolling over the grass. This tattoo surely reflects fun, thrill and a lot of enjoyment. If you love pandas, joint the league by getting this small and affectionate tattoo on your back!


25. Colorful Universe Tattoo

The universe can be picturised is the most colorful and fabulous way and this amazing tattoo is the finest example of it. This is a unique and broad universe tattoo that will steal your heart. Cover your entire back with this dazzling universe tattoo and fill the universe with the cool shades. This tattoo is for those women who love to cover their back with rigorous and bright tattoos. On the upper portion of your back, this tattoo will simply look exceptional and unique.


26. Phoenix Tattoo Designs For Back

Phoenix tattoos are always furious and unique. This tattoo is simply a merge of amazing shades and perfect art. You can represent the phoenix in the catchiest and appealing way on your back. The stylish tattoo with fierce appeal and a dazzling blend of colors will make your back look cool. If you love some tribal colorful or bohemian style tattoos, this is a perfect choice for you. The tattoo will perfectly settle on your back and will give it a gorgeous look.


27. Egyptian Goddess Tattoo

The Egyptian tattoos are extremely trendy and cool. The Egyptian designs consist of some interesting and cool elements. One of the best designs for women’s tattoos is the Egyptian goddess tattoo. This beautiful goddess represents the inner diva you are and the beauty and grace of the goddess. It represents the traditional roots of Egypt and if you love the ancient sculptures and beliefs, go for this amazing tattoo and cover your back with some meaningful tattoo option.

egyptian goddess Tattoo Women back

28. Infinity Tattoo

You might have spotted a lot of women with this fabulous tattoo. This is one of the most common and widely loved tattoo designs nowadays. Infinity tattoos can be designed in ample of different ways. You can add whatever you want to add in these tattoos. Either add some quotes or add small and little elements like bells, hearts, stars, butterflies etc. Carry this dynamic and lovely small tattoo design and make your back beautifully catchy.

29. Realistic Eye Tattoo

Some tattoos are realistic and fabulous. The eye tattoos are always inspiring and look so natural. Especially if you are an art lover, the back is the best area to get this stunning eye tattoo. Add some shades, add the dark black feel and this will simply make you feel awesome. Carry a beautiful tank top or backless dress and explore this outstanding eye tattoo.


30. Naughty Lips Tattoo

Well, if you want something sexy, happening and ultra cool, here is a naughty lips tattoo that will bring out your sexy side. A small peck of kissable lips with bright lipstick is our favorite take when it comes to sexy and simple back tattoo. Choose this option if you want something small and catchy on your back. Give our back a little exposure with a small kissable lip tattoo and this will make you feel fresh and naughty always.


31.   Adorable Ballerina Tattoo

 If you are a ballerina or have some unexplainable love for ballerinas, here is a tattoo that will brighten up your back as never before. This tattoo represents a free and gorgeous ballerina dancing with all the joy. If you have a carefree and stunning attitude, this is one of the best tattoos you can get inked on your back.


32.   Simple and Catchy Leaf Tattoo

If you love to try something innovative, peaceful and extremely gorgeous, here is a fab tattoo design you will love. The beautifully carved leafs is a dream tattoo for us. The stunning leafs beautifully lie on the back with a simplistic effect over the back. You can also color the tattoo to give it a more natural and contemporary feel. This is one of the most eclectic and inspiring tattoo for your back if you like black ink and want to get something uncommon on your back. You can also get this tattoo on your lower back and it will simply brighten up your beautiful back.


These are some of the exceptional and trendy back tattoo designs for women. You can look for some interesting and modern tattoo designs and get the exact one that suits your personality and beliefs. The tattoos are the representation of your personality and thus, select them wisely and get inked with pride!