Back Tattoo Designs For Men – Tattoo Designs For Guys Back : Are you a guy who is crazy about tattoos and is planning to get one inked? There are many different places on your body where you can get a tattoo but the most versatile canvas on a body is getting a tattoo on your back. The back provides an uninterrupted canvas, where the tattoo artist can use their imagination and expertise to create a gorgeous tattoo.

You can opt to choose a monochrome tattoo or a brightly hued tattoo to make everyone’s head turn. No matter what your decision, we are here to recommend amazing tattoo designs you can get etched on your back.

Why is it important to choose a good design on your back?

It is very crucial to spend time researching on the image or design that you want to get tattooed on your back. A guy’s back provides a flat and large space, serves as the best place to get a tattoo done. As we all know, getting a tattoo is permanent and it is very important to choose a good design that you will not later regret.

You can opt for a tattoo design based on a particular theme, color, and size for an overall design. Do some research before choosing a good tattoo artist and run your designs through him before zeroing on one. Better you and tattoo artist can create a custom piece that signifies a meaning.

Amazing back tattoo designs for Men

Moreover, by getting an attractive tattoo you can turn heads if you plan on channeling your inner Salman Khan by going shirtless. Go ahead and pick a great design among the ones recommended belong on your back to make a bold statement.

Classic Angel Tattoo On Back

The classic Angel tattoos made famous by David Beckham is also known as the ‘Messenger’ tattoo, which represents a guardian which protects one from pain and suffering to offering protection and exude positivity. An Angel tattoo need not be considered as a religious tattoo, the purpose behind getting an Angel tattoo is to rise above challenges, pain,and suffering. You can get an Angel tattoo as an accomplishment that you wish to remember for forever and whenever you are feeling down you can take a look and be ensured that you are stronger than you think.


Go ahead and opt for a classic monochrome angel tattoo on your back to exude masculine confidence and made heads turn with your positivity.

Angel and Demon Tattoo For Back

This gorgeous monochrome tattoo depicts the fight between an Angel and a Demon. If you observe closer, you can notice a date which has been etched within the tattoo. This hidden meaning can signify a personal battle which you may have fought between a good and a dark entity which symbolizes that the good in you triumphed over the dark entity.


You can get this tattoo etched if you want to remember a significant event in your life where you had to triumph over the darkness which threatened to overpower you but nonetheless you came out stronger.

Colorful Dragon Tattoo On Back

This fiery dragon tattoo in hues of black, red and orange exudes a powerful image on a guy’s back. A dragon tattoo signifies the Japanese Yakuza outfits who were very powerful, fearless and brave men who were revered in Japan. Getting a dragon tattoo etched on your back indicates that the person is a messenger of bravery and is fearless in the face of evil.

Go ahead and choose this fiery dragon design, signify your braveness and your confidence to rise from all the troubles that life throws at you. Moreover, this dragon with yellow eyes and majestic wings looks powerful and scary from a distance.

Colorful Superhero Tattoo For Back

This colourful tattoo of prevalent superheroes and villains such as Spiderman depicts boldness with a hidden message to the audience. The colourful tattoo may look cheerful in a first glance but if you look closely you can notice that the tattoo depicts the fight against a good and bad entity which manifest within oneself.

You can opt for this bold and colorful tattoo with multicolored characters if you want to project this message to a wider audience. However, you need the confidence and pose to carry out this colorful tattoo which is definitely not for the faint hearted.


A Monochrome Nautical Tattoo Design on Back

This monochrome nautical tattoo depicts a ship sailing through thunderstorms in the rough seas trying to reach the lighthouse at a distance. You can see that skulls are strewn all around the ship with a message ‘Be loyal to yourself’. This tattoo sends out a strong message about loyalty to oneself.

You can choose this tattoo to be inked on your back to depict a powerful message of being loyal to one, even if you are surrounded by unworthy enemies who prevent you from reaching the pinnacle of success. So remember about being loyal, if you are planning to get this tattoo etched on your back and send a powerful message to the audience.


A Colorful Geisha Tattoo On Back

This colourful tattoo of a Geisha with a powerful dragon at the back signifies the key cultural features of the country of Japan. Geishaoccupy a very important in Japan and are well renowned performers in arts and culture. As mentioned earlier, dragons are associated with fearless warriors in the Japanese culture.

This colorful tattoo is an amalgamation of feminine features of the Geisha and masculine nature of the fearless dragon warriors. This tattoo conveys a quirky mix of being subtle and bold at the same time.


Biomechanical Tattoo

This quirky piece of art is a monochrome biomechanical tattoo which shows the machine autonomy complete with a mechanical heart. Mechanical tattoos give the human body a cyborg or a half-machine look with visible machine parts. This quirky biomechanical tattoo is complete with an array of mechanical parts such as wires, cogs, metal joints, metal ribs, and springs.

Moreover, it has been etched with a 3D effect, which imparts a realistic appeal to the mechanical tattoo complete with torn human skin. If you are a person who loves robots or interested in technology you can opt for this tattoo to impress your audience.


Custom Japanese Hannya Tattoo Design

Another tattoo depicting the Japanese folklore finds its place in our tattoo list. The Hannya is one of the most popular subjects in Japanese themed tattoos. It depicts a demon with sombre eyes, horn and wide mouthed biting a snake in a flowery background. The Hannya tattoo looks formidable and scary.

The demon which is depicted in the tattoo is actually a female overcome with jealousy after her lover is taken by another woman. The lady out of jealousy and rage changes into a demon that showed no mercy to her enemies.

The person who sports this tattoo can represent the various stages of emotions such as anger, jealousy, resentment, pure evil who shows no mercy to his enemies, passion,and love, good luck or a person who can judge the good and the evil.


Feather Tattoo On Back

If you are a person who is not fond of violence, then you can opt for this colorful feather tattoo. The feather tattoo is suitable for both male and females that imparts a colorful blend. The feather symbolizes various characters such as truth, courage, bravery, freedom or someone who loves to travel as free as a bird without any barriers.

Whereas a feather tattoo symbolizes spirituality in ancient cultures such as the Native Americans choose feathers to depict their culture and character. Without a doubt, a feather tattoo remains a popular piece of art and you can go ahead get a custom feather tattoo like feather bow on your back which symbolizes bravery and spirituality.


Monochrome Viking Tattoo On Back

This powerful tattoo is of a Viking warrior who exudes power and fearlessness. The Vikings were warriors who were notorious for raiding various places in Northern Europe. The word Viking is derived from Old Norse which means a raider. They were fearless pirates who showed no mercy to their enemies.

The significance of sporting a Viking tattoo symbolises a person’s free spirited nature, nobleness, reputation, principle and their ability to overcome harsh conditions. This representation of a bearded Viking depicts Odin who was a respectable battle commander and a leader who is compared to Zeus in Norse tradition.


Hollywood Star Tattoo For Men Back

If you are a person who is crazy about Hollywood stars or movies, you can opt for a custom made tattoo comprising of your favorite stars or your favorite movie. These quirky tattoos ensure that your favorite stars are a part of you and continue to inspire you even after they have left the World.

This amazing monochrome tattoo comprises of legendary stars such as Elvis Presley, James Dean and Marilyn Monroe. If you observe closely you can find that it also depicts historical movie scenes from iconic movies such as ‘Psycho’ and the biker movie ‘Easy Rider’. You can go ahead and opt for custom a piece that incorporates your favorite movies and stars.


Scary Skull Tattoo On Back

Skull tattoos have various meanings and depend on what the skull depicts. Many of the skull tattoos are scary with large eye sockets, nostrils with a toothy smile. The skull symbolizes death and at times depicted as evil in many cultures. So why do men opt for these scary skull tattoos?

Many people choose skull tattoos, as they have no fear of death or that the person has accepted his own mortality. The skull tattoo also reminds a person that death is imminent and one should live life to the fullest. Go ahead and choose a skull tattoo that reflects your personality.


Wings Tattoo On Back

Wings hold a special place in various religious and mythological texts. Wings are seen on angels, birds and even on some mythological creatures. The wing tattoo symbolizes freedom to breaks away from shackles, giving wings to your dreams and faith.

This picture depicts Valkyrie wings popular from the Norse mythology. The Valkyrie’s were female who was responsible for selecting the strongest men for battle. Valkyrie wings tattoo is royal and bold statement piece which depicts bravery and symbolizes female empowerment. Basically, a wing represents everything from romance to death of a loved one.


Christianity Religious Tattoo Design

Religious tattoos are very popular among the believers, which symbolizes faith and trust in their religion. There are many religious custom made tattoos which you can decide upon with your tattoo artist.

This lovely monochrome tattoo depicts the major icons in Christianity like Jesus Christ, Mother Mary, Jesus’s crucification and the cross symbol complete with wings and halo which represents divinity.


Lord Ganesh tattoo On Back

This alluring tattoo of Lord Ganesh is depicted in his full glory. Ganesh is one of the most revered Gods worshiped in various parts of Asia. Ganesh is considered as a Lord of new beginnings for any ritual or ceremony.

The tattoo specified above shows Ganesh seated atop a throne and has four arms. Each arm holds an object which signifies a particular meaning. One arm carries an axe which symbolizes protection, lotus signifies knowledge and charm, open palm symbolizes his blessing and the right hand is holding a bowl of laddoos which is his favorite food.


A Lone Wolf Tattoo For Men’s Back

A lone wolf tattoo is very popular among tattoo artists as well as people who opt for it. The wolf is an animal that is portrayed differently in various cultures but holds a special place in Native American culture. Wolves are animals that are powerful, intelligent, and loyal.

A person who gets a wolf tattoo inked on his back values loyalty and is family oriented. A wolf tattoo has the following meaning such as devotion, strength, honour, fearlessness, masculinity,and independence. Displayed above is a gorgeous tattoo of a lone gentle wolf with the same wolf howling under the moon.


Tribal Tattoo of Animals On Back

Tribal tattoos signify the cultures to which they belong and were rooted in tribal tattooing in various forms. The tribal tattoo began as a style of tattooing as means of differentiating themselves from other local tribes or cultural groups. Moreover, tribal tattoos of animals are very popular among people seeking to get a tattoo.

This simple yet amazing tattoo of a tribal horse looks majestic on the wearers back. The figures and shapes used in tribal tattoos were representatives of animals and other elements of nature and tribal life. The tattoo of a dark tribal horse illustrates one’s strength and prowess in battle.


Native American Chief Tattoo On Back

Again a tattoo from the Native American culture finds prominence in our tattoo list. This elegant tattoo depicts a Native American chief who is adorned with a head gear with feathers and has powerful eyes that convey power and authority. It also depicts a ferocious wolf and a bow with a flower tied around it.

The Native Americans are deeply spiritual and an ancient tribal tattooing as a prominent religious practice. A tattoo of a Cherokee Chief depicts a form of tribute to their famous culture, free and spiritual nature.


Astrological Zodiac Sign Tattoo

A sun sign determines the personality traits of a person and his character. We have been fascinated by zodiac signs that are influenced by celestial bodies since thousands of years ago. Every single culture has their unique version of zodiac signs. The zodiac signs are split into twelve signs depicting each month and people who come under these signs share unique characteristics.

The picture specified above shows a Ram tattoo which is associated with Aries sun sign and is ruled by the Planet Mars. Ram is considered as God of war to the Greeks and Romans. The people coming under the Aries sign are adventurous, energetic, courageous and confident. You can go ahead and get inked with your favorite sun sign to represent your personality traits.


Flying Crow Tattoo Design On Back

A crow tattoo is a symbol that has various meaning ranging from sublime to profanities. However, in Western countries, a crow is associated with a bad omen and a bearer of bad news. Though in some cultures, the crow is considered as a mystical bird and is considered a symbol of love in Chinese culture.

The crow tattoo puts a meaning behind the wearer’s intentions and the life he has lived.  One should keep in mind the number of crows he is planning to get etched in his tattoo. More the number of crows are a sign of good health. This tattoo of a crow shows blood spilling from its wings spelling the word ‘Freiheit’ which stands for freedom in German.


Phoenix Bird Tattoo Design On Back

Phoenix is considered as a mythical bird in various cultures and conveys a very strong meaning. The colorful fiery bird is one of the oldest symbols in the world which represents rebirth, immortality, grace,and virtue. In Greek, the word phoenix denotes ‘purple-red’ and is indicated as a fire bird.

When a phoenix is about to die, it builds a nest from aromatic twigs and sets it on fire, then it is engulfed by the same flames. The story does not stop there; the phoenix arises from the same ashes – resurrected and reborn. A person who opts for a phoenix tattoo signifies renewal, rebirth and the advent of a new beginning.


Map and Compass Tattoo For Back

This elegant water color tattoo is of a compass and a map; both are used for spatial navigation. Compasses were said to have been discovered by Chinese travelers during the Han dynasty and later became popular navigation tools.

This tattoo comprises a star compass surrounded by the silhouette of various countries on either side. The star compass was designed based on the North Star, which is used by sailors for orientation purpose. It symbolizes that the person is seeking for guidance. The map represents the person’s strong desire for travel and discovery.


Celtic Tree of Life Tattoos

The tree of life holds a significant place in the Celtic culture, which symbolizes peace and harmony. The tree of life holds a special place in various Ancient cultures and was discovered in Northern England during the Bronze Age. In ancient culture, the tree of life is believed to have possessed special powers to nourish and nurture life and is revered among the community.

The tree of life tattoo is a very popular symbol and the wearer conveys the message of being a person who nourishes the life of everyone like how the roots nourish the land around it and proud warriors of their culture.


Portrait Tattoo On Back

If you are a person who is family oriented or passionate about your favorite role model then you can opt for a portrait tattoo. A portrait tattoo holds a special meaning to the one who carries it. The portrait may be of your family, kids, role model, star or a deceased person.

This tattoo depicts a portrait of kids which has been realistically etched on a man’s back. You can go ahead and opt for a tattoo which can signify your favorite star or a person who holds a very special place in your heart by etching their face on your back to be reminded of them when you miss them.


Abstract Tattoo Designs

An abstract tattoo is a multidisciplinary tattoo inspired by life’s finer details and one’s personal story. An abstract tattoo is unique with a visual interpretation of concepts and inputs which are provided by the client.

These individual inputs are encompassed as one and each piece has its own meaning. These abstract designs range from shapes, random markings, diagram, symbols old texts and others. This abstract tattoo is an amalgamation of various things such as a fighter airplane, a furnace, geometric shapes, a woman, birds, text, trees and various markings.


Ambigram Tattoo On Back

Ambigram tattoos are tattoos with words that convey the same meaning when flipped, inverted or mirrored. The Ambigram may be just a word or a phrase, which is dear to the one who has opted to get it tattooed on him. An Ambigram can also convey a negative meaning if it is inverted

It became very popular in recent years when people wanted to get their favorite quotes etched on their body. You can opt for a rotational Ambigram tattoo which can be viewed from all angles. The ambigram tattoo shown over here conveys the word ‘Truth’ which can be viewed and convey the same word even if it’s inverted or mirrored.


Minimalist Tattoo Design

If you are a person who is not a big fan of elaborate tattoos, we recommend you to opt for a minimalist tattoo which is easy to choose and fuss free. In the recent years, minimalist tattoos are finding a wider audience who prefer crisp and clean design. These designs are precise, simple and concise those are preferred by people who want elegant, sleek tattoos with minimal designs.

The minimalist tattoo shown over here depicts a Tetris pattern which is a famous past time game during the 90s. The Tetris tattoo is minimalistic with a simple, clean and elegant design which is pleasing to look.


Colorful Graffiti Tattoos

At some point in time, we have all chanced upon graffiti drawings in subway cars, car parks, the backside of the buildings, alleyways and over highway passes. This colorful piece of drawing has become an expression of freedom in recent times.

If you want a unique tattoo that specifies your personality traits, then you can go ahead and choose a graffiti tattoo with quirky colors. You can also etch your favorite words within the graffiti to give a meaning. This colorful bold piece of art will surely make you stand out in the crowd.


Triangle Tattoo On Back

A triangle tattoo is a classic geometry shape which is as old as time and is one of the most prominent shapes found in nature. What does a triangle signify and why is a favorite tattoo piece? A triangle is revered in Christianity as it represents the holy trinity comprising of the father, son and the Holy Spirit. However, in other cultures, a triangle is considered the gateway to wisdom.


If the triangle is specified in an upright position it represents masculinity and if it is inverted it represents femininity. The tattoo displayed above depicts two triangles which are combined into one image that symbolizes humanity or a bond between a male and a female. Furthermore, a triangle shape symbolizes harmony, proportion, and integration.


We have recommended an exhaustive list of tattoos with their significance and meaning. These amazing tattoos can be opted by a guy and have it etched on his back. Getting a tattoo has significance in one’s life such as starting over, overcoming troubles or memories that are dear to them. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and opt for an amazing piece of art among the recommended ones and make all heads turn.