Back Tattoo Designs Ideas For Women That Are In Trend – When you finally decide to etch a gorgeous tattoo on your body the first thing that strikes your attention is which body part you want to decorate, later you will think of the design that suits the placement option. For women who want a large tattoo work and is concerned about the visibility, back is the perfect canvas to ink any tattoo design. The pictures may be related or unrelated to each other. Adding a boost of colors makes the designs more expressive. Let’s see how back tattoo add style to female persona.

Tribal Dragon Tattoo With Cherry Blossoms For Amazing Appeal

Many of our tattoo designs are inspired form the Japanese culture. The dragon and cherry blossom both have cultural importance in Japan. Dragons are fierce creatures while the blossoms represent nature, beauty and fragility. The dark inked dragon tattoo in tribal patterns looks bold while the colorful flowers lend a feminine touch to the tattoo.

Mind-Blowing Backpiece Tattoo Art For Modern Women

Full back tattoos might seem very painful but it’s worth the beauty-packed appeal it lends to women’s personality. The tattoo shows a black leafless tree spreading its branches across the wearer’s back. A silhouette of couple is seen perched upon the branch staring aimlessly into the dark purple sky. The moon shines brightly in twilight while the marijuana leaves and text are inscribed on the lower portion of the back.

Colorful Anchored Balloons Tattoo Art On Back

The anchored balloons are one unique tattoo idea. This design is an amalgamation of two opposite ideations. The balloons remind us of flying freely into the sky of our dreams and the anchor tells us to keep rooted to the earth. The tattoo is a beautiful explanation of a women’s life. Etching such motivational tattoos on the shoulder blade gives you a rocking look.

Stylish Maple Leaf Pattern On Back For Fall

Showcasing the maple leaf reminds us of the fall. Maple leaf is also a national symbol of Canada. Thus women from Canada can sport this tattoo in style. Pull off a rocking look with this stunning warm colored backpiece. The leaf tattoos are considered sacred in some religions while they symbolize truth.

Tribal Mirror Image Tattoo Art For Lower Back

Mirror image tattoo is a wow factor on the women’s lower back. Creating a text tattoo design in tribal fonts looks really stylish and extravagant. The innovative script fonts can mean nothing but is definitely jaw-dropping and fascinating. Try to come up with newer ideas to beat this one!

Flying Bird Tattoo On Back For Sexy Appeal

Bird tattoos are representations of modern women free from the bonds of orthodox male dominated world. Even today many women face situations where men take an upper say in most things.

This tattoo etched to show a bird flying across the back is not only sensuous but also adds power to a women persona. The motion of flight is beautifully captured in the design on the back.

Depressed Angel Tattoo On Back For Women

If you want to express the emotion of sadness this angel tattoo is perfect. The angel is sitting at the center of the back with her head down and long hair swaying across. Her wings spread across to reach the shoulder blades on either side. The angelic tattoo can also be etched in remembrance of your loved ones who have parted away.

Beautiful Peacock Tattoo Design For Eye-Catching Appeal

The peacock is carved off-center to the spine. The artist has a pretty imagination of a peacock perched upon the shoulder blade. You can place the same design on the lower back stretching above to the spine. The peacock on its own looks beautiful with the color play and feathered body. Here only green has used to paint the gracious peacock in style. Peacock tattoos are symbols of beauty and watchfulness.

Awesome Geisha Tattoo Artwork For Ladies Back

The woman presents another tattoo piece with a blast of colors and images. The geisha tattoo has personal meanings to the wearer. The beauty of the artwork mesmerizes everyone. The myriad of images etched across the back consists of a geisha, an ornate bird wearing a locket, a moth, few flowers, and tall feathers that reach the shoulder.

Devil Heart Tattoo Design On Back With Inscribed Quote

Quoted tattoos are quite popular amongst both genders. To showcase your wilder side and support a social cause this artwork might be just what you wanted. You may change the text according to what you want to portray and display to the word. The red heart with devilish look adds a bold fashion statement to the tattoo design on back. You may add a fill in color inside the heart to make the design more appealing.

Artistic Full Back Tattoo Work For Wondrous Feel

As said earlier tattoos carved on the whole back look magnificent, so does this gorgeous artwork. This full back artwork compasses a face of woman with deep emotional eyes and beautiful lips.

Birds are humming across the barren tree. In the corner you have hibiscus and lily to add freshness to the design. The tattoo might mean something very personal or just a creative piece of art to the wearer.

Twisted Feather Tattoo Form For Women’s Back

Feather tattoos are delicate ones that perch on the back beautifully. Feather tattoos often relate to their parent birds for meanings and symbolism. The feather symbolizes lightness of the soul and flight of the eagle bird. Women love to soar high in the skies free from the worries of the world. This is the perfect tattoo for her back. You may ink more than one feather of different birds together.

Music Inspired Back Tattoo Idea For Women

Music is an essential part of our life. Men or women both like music inspired tattoo designs. The back can sport more than just musical notes; motifs like the dragonfly, clock, hourglass, hearts and stars are combined together. People passionate about music cannot miss this tattoo idea. The dragonfly and clock emphasizes importance of time and changes that occur in life. Living life with music becomes fun and entertaining too.

Female Dreamcatcher Tattoo On Back In Black Ink

This is a free hand tattoo sketch carved expansively on the back. The string that hold the dreamcatcher spreads across the shoulders while the webs dangle down the spine reaching the lower back. The more the number of feathers attached to the dreamcatcher the more beautiful is the appeal. Inject some colors to this boring sketch to make it more attractive.

Arrow Tattoo On Back With Geometric Line Work

Geometric patterned art has transitioned from beautiful manicures or nail art to the mind-blowing tattoo works. Inking your back with the lovely arrow print with geometric line work adds a bold fashion sense to your personality. The arrows in this image point to all four directions. This denotes a balanced phase of life.

Finger Heart Tattoo With Roses For Romantic Appeal

Envy your friends with this fresh and trendy tattoo art. The sign language is used to create image of heart with fingers. The beautiful hands are surrounded with red roses for a romantic appeal.

Express your love with this fabulous tattoo art with detailed and realistic design. You can add the name of your loved ones in this tattoo for a personalized effect.

Colorful Phoenix Back Tattoo For Astonishing Appearance

Phoenix is a mystical bird that is believed to rise from its own ashes. Thus a tattoo sporting phoenix means rebirth, life, growth, longevity, and similar attributes. In Greek, phoenix means purple-red in color that associates it to fire. The full back tattoo shows a colorful phoenix with its tails as peacock feathers. The burst of colors create a dramatic effect.

Abstract Watercolor Effect Floral Piece For Women’s Back

What a mind-blowing tattoo abstract this is! Water coloring is a pretty technique to create lovely painting on ones skin. The inked backpiece looks like a painting on the wall. The silhouettes of birds flying far away and a bird humming its song amidst the beautiful flowers are surely captivation. Don’t wait any longer to choose such marveling tattoos for yourself.

Butterfly Winged Upper Back Tattoo Art For Women

This lady loves being tattooed. She has many tattoos around herself each one symbolizing different attributes of her personality. The butterfly wings on the upper back with cool color palette and a touch of red looks stylish. She has a realistic heart on her lower back which means she values her life.

Delicate Clover And Heart Watercolor Tattoo Work

The intervention of colors and mix of designs is very remarkable in this tattoo. This is another example of watercolor effect tattoo work. It’s simple yet elegant. Women can make their sexy spot – the back – look even sexier with this delicate tattoo. A clover leaf and heart on the blue water looks sassy.

Cute Mini Tattoo With Artsy Scroll Work Design

Scroll work tattoos are usually tribal pieces. However, the tattooist has carved on tiny scrolls within the mini mouse design. Mini is girls favorite cartoon character and so it’s righteous to get it inked on her back. This is a cute back tattoo for women with a twist of artsy patterns.

Bold And Beautiful Tribal Back Tattoo Design For Women

Tribal tattoos are no longer confined to male bodies. They have crawled up to women’s back with bold and beautiful appeal. The upper half of the back is covered in designer pair of wings with bold line and scroll work inside. The lower back incorporates graffiti-styled patterns using negative spaces. Tribal patterns are rarely understood but have deep cultural meanings.

Star Tattoo Design On Lower Back For Cute Appeal

Many lower back tattoos are small and discrete. The stars collated around a beautiful scroll work add charm to the design. Star tattoos are very common but how you present them should be unique every time. A colorful star tattoo, shooting star tattoo, nautical stars, stars and sun tattoo are some exciting variants for lower back tattooing.

Ornamental Geisha Tattoo Inspired From Japanese Culture

Another geisha tattoo presents its way up the women back. Inspired from the traditional Japanese culture geisha tattoo have become popular amongst the youth. Geisha tattoos are often worn in larger tattoo pieces. They are ornate pieces of art just as their name signifies. Geisha tattoo expresses the nature of women being beautiful, sexy, well-groomed and well mannered too.

Magnificent Rose And Butterfly Tattoo Design On Back

Roses add more essence to love and relation. Butterflies symbolize transformation and change. Both these motifs together make a magnificent tattoo design. The large rose with fluttering butterflies and decorative scroll work lend an artsy appeal. The shadow work in the tattoo design is a masterstroke here. Inscribing names, initials or date next to this tattoo can make a memorial tattoo work.

Back is a body part that provides ample space to the tattooist to create masterpieces. There are only a few times where you see miniature tattoos been carved upon the back. You have seen a compilation of various different tattoo arts on the back with their meanings and concept. From the romantic rose tattoos to the bold tribal patterns your back looks just as stunning as ever. Dig up your imaginations and etch amazing back tattoos right away.

Small or large all tattoos look chic and stunning on the back. Back is an attractive spot for women. Full back pieces like the stunning phoenix design, couple perched on tree design and more can look bold, creative and imaginative.

Small designs like floral works, mandala, butterflies, cross, angel wings, tribal patterns and so on are some feminine tattoos favored by women. Few women like to paint a myriad of designs on the back to get a picturesque tattoo artwork.