For the young generation, the tattoos have taken different meaning to that what it used to be for their ancestors. The previous generations considered tattooing as part of their religious beliefs, ranking and royalty. Now-a-days, tattoo is an art that depicts beauty and fashion with deeper meanings. This dramatic redefinition offers tattoo artists a challenging job. Creating newer designs to cater to individual needs is an art that requires imagination.

The tattoo addicts refer tattoo designs as tats, permanent ink, artwork, pieces or skin art. Every tattoo print can have very personalized meanings to the wearer however the placement ideas for them need to be pertinent. Smaller spaces are inked in delicate pieces while the large canvases are detailed with amazing tattoo artworks. In this post you will find lovely and stylish tattoo patterns to be inked on the back of neck.

Astounding Roman Numerical Tattoo Work

Roman numerical is a cute and whimsical way to remember your special day. It may be your birthday or anniversary or any special date. Even lucky numbers can be etched as tattoo for an astounding appeal. Number tattoos are funky while using the roman font can make the design look more fashionable and stylish. You can etch the roman numbers on the neck, wrist, or arm.


Intricate Elephant Tattoo On Nape

All you ladies there will admit this elephant tattoo is a work of art. It’s so beautiful and intense. You will require an expert tattooist to recreate this tattoo work on the back of your neck. Since the skin at the nape is delicate carving the tattoo there might be little painful. The pencil sketch makes the graffiti look presentable and charming.


Traditional Lotus On Back Of Neck In Black Ink

There are many ways you can represent a lotus on your neck. Injecting colors to flowers might look appealing, but, the bold black and white outlines outdo the colored tattoo works. The lotus is a traditional flower used for worship. Though it grows in the murk it knows how to stand up beautifully. Lotus tattoos are special and impart self-esteem to women who wear them.


Cute Cupid Tattoo For Beautiful Women

Cupid tattoos are commonly referred to as baby angel or cherub tattoos. They are a cute representation of messengers from God and are thought to be an angelic link between Earth and Heaven. In the Roman myths cupids are a symbol of grace and erotic love. Woman sporting this tattoo is definitely in love.


Quirky Barcode Tattoo Design On Back Of Neck

All tattoo designs need not be meaningful. They can be something fun and inspiring the new generation tattoo lovers. Barcodes can also symbolize secret messages; they are the used to judge the value of a particular product. Besides the meanings they are just so catchy and appealing to the eyes. Sport one barcode on the back of your neck for a quirky look.


Tribal Tattoo Art On Neck For Bold Appearance

Tribal tattoos lend a bold touch to your personality. The patterns are beautiful with curves that instill a sensuous aura in a woman. Tribal patterns are long known for its beauty and ancient meanings. They are inked in bold black ink. The design looks more interesting if you inject red color. Other shades from the color palette are rarely used for tribal tattoos.


Neck With Delicate Eagle Feather Tattoo Art

Feather tattoos are delicate and amazing. The back of neck is a stylish place to represent feather tattoos. If you have long hair, tattoos on the nape can be invisible. Try getting a lovely updo or short hairstyle to flaunt that little piece of art. The type of bird feather represents different meanings. An eagle feather depicts honor and bravery while a peacock feather represents beauty and watchfulness.

Beautiful Stag Tattoo Design On The Neck

Deer tattoos are unique animal tattoos worn by women. The spotted deer with antlers will look more impressive if you choose to introduce colors. Keeping the silhouette black has its own significance for the wearer. A doe signifies gentleness and motherly love while a stag is known for its masculine power, virility and strength.


Rose Tattoo Artwork For Women On Back Of Neck

Roses are very common motifs for tattooing. There is interesting meaning related to different colors of roses. Wow! Same flower has so many different denotations. The woman has carved a simple pink colored rose tattoo to indicate grace, elegance, style, healing, and beauty. You may add your initials alongside the tattoo for a variation in design.


Flaming Phoenix Tattoo For Sensual Appeal

Phoenix is a mythological bird that impresses all. The fact that it is thought to rise from its own ashes is fascinating and awe-worthy. The flaming colors of yellowish orange make the tattoo look bright and an object of elegance. The bird of fire is believed to be originated from Greek representing rebirth and longevity. Phoenix is an ideal tattoo for some discerning tattoo freaks.


Women With Small Swan Tattoo On Neck

Swan tattoos can look very artistic and feminine. They are a symbol of love, loyalty, creativity, emotions and purity. Swan tattoos are very versatile and can be inscribed as tribal motifs, abstracts, outlines, origami and more. The little swan on women’s neck looks marvelous and neat.


Sparkling Star Tattoo On The Neck

Women are fond of stars; they are so shiny, sparkly, bringing hope through the dark hours of the night. They make you feel delighted and charming. Sporting stars on your neck can take various forms. You can wear shooting stars, a single star with text, a bunch of sparkling stars, nautical stars and so on.


Back Of Neck Bow Tattoo Design For Cool Effect

Bow tattoo are chic and feminine not worn by males. Bows are embellishments for your hair, accessories and clothing. Bow tattoos are indicating to things that are pulled back, tied and released into a free ribbon. This is why they mean a lot to women who experience liberation in the male-oriented world.


Black Tree Tattoo Work For Modern Women

A tree tattoo can mean many different things. A full grown tree symbolizes growth, strength, evergreen, abundance and life. While a tree with no leaves can mean death. The real representation can be brought out by the wearer’s perception and how she relates the tree in her life. Whatever the reason might be tree tattoos on the neck looks mod.


Love For Mother Star Tattoo On Nape

If you love your mother and want to express your feelings, tattooing is the best way to show it. A mother is associated with emotions of love, faith, hope, dreams and trust; this is why the lady wears a start tattoo and relates her mom to these feelings. Three cheers for this one!


Spiritual Om Tattoo For Indian Women

Om tattoo have originated from Indian culture mainly Hinduism. However, many non-Hindu girls like to sport such tattoos for its sharp looks and graceful appearance. This sacred symbol is tied to powerful concepts, cosmos, and mystic world. It is considered as the song of universe and pronounced as ‘Aum’.


Colored Flower Tattoo On Back Of Neck For Adorable Look

How can you not think of the colorful flower tattoo at the back of neck? They are so graceful, aesthetic-packed and full of variations. There are thousands of flowers and tattoo designs to choose from this category. All flowers mean different but reflect the same beauty and elegance of a woman.


Chinese Character Tattoo Design For Women

Chinese letters and symbols have a unique meaning. Chinese tattoos are rarely worn by women of non-Chinese origin. However, if you want to amaze your friends try some lovely Chinese prints on your neck. Be careful to study what those characters mean, else you might depict something you never intend to.


Red Black Pieces Tattoo Symbol For Ladies

Fish tattoo can be massive or can be petite. The neck is ideal for placing tiny and cute tattoo designs. The red and black pair of Koi fishes represent the zodiac sign ‘Pieces’. Koi is considered of great cultural importance in Japan. If you want a simple yet stunning tattoo art, try this one.


Scorpion Zodiac Symbol Tattoo Art On Nape

Let’s see another zodiac symbol tattoo inked on the back of neck of women. The symbol is a unisex pattern worn by all scorpions. Scorpion ladies convey attributes of power, dynamism, seduction, boldness and secretiveness. You may also consider having a realist scorpion tattoo for a foreboding effect.


Tattoos are best ways to showcase your true self. They are expressive, graceful and friends for lifetime. All that matters is the tattoo design and its meaning. Various tattoos are elected because they mean something important to the wearer and some others can just be an inspiration from celebs or fashion world. Try some back of neck tattoo for an gorgeous appeal.