Asian women are known for their wheatish complexion and nice black hair. The hair texture of Asian women is plain and straight normally and has amazing sheen. Most Asian women have black hair. But coloring trends are popular globally and the effects of the same have been seen in Asian women as well. Women like to color their hair in various shades and choose different hair styles. Coloring the hair in different shades helps in expressing individual style.

In fact, women change their hair colors from time to time to match the changing events in their lives. Sometimes they also want to kill the monotony and play with hair color variations.

If you are new to hair coloring, mentioned below are some hair colors you can try, making you look gorgeous and stylish. If you are blessed with dark and thick hair, coloring the same on your own can be quite a difficult job. In such situations, it is recommended to seek assistance from professional hair stylists. They know the right ways of coloring such hair uniformly, which looks great.

Popular hair color trends for Asian women

Auburn Hair Color

Asian women who have lovely warm skin tone can definitely choose auburn hair color. When compared to other hair color variants, this color is warmer and lighter and suits the skin tone perfectly. In fact, this hair color when done well can make the overall appearance glowing and warm. Moreover, this hair color looks good with all kinds of apparels.

Maroon Hair Color

Many women love experimenting with their hair color and love flaunting bold hair colors. Asian women who are looking to make a bold style statement, but cautious of hair damage at the same time can definitely try the maroon hair color. Since maroon is a dark color, it stays for long and you will need to change color less frequently, thus protecting hair from damage caused due to hair dye.

Deep maroon is the most preferred shade in this regard; the color almost looks like purple. This color suits the Asian skin tone perfectly as this shade blends perfectly with dark hair shades. There are different shades of maroon and you can choose the one which suits your skin tone in the best manner. The maroon shade mainly looks better with long hair than on short hair.

Dark Hair with Caramel Shade Highlights

Instead of coloring the entire hair in some shade, highlighting is a popular option with many Asian women. Usually Asian hair is dark in color. If you are not interested in creating ombre-balayage effects with the hair, try highlighting the dark hair with honey blonde or caramel shades. This is not only easy on maintenance, but helps in creating gorgeous looking hair without much effort. In fact, it gives the hair many dimensions and makes it extremely attractive look. The best thing about this styling is that it can be done on long as well as medium-length hair with ease.

Light Brown or Blonde Balayage

If you are looking to make your dark hair color appear lighter, don’t bleach the same. This might cause hair damage. Instead, try light brown or blond balayage for the right effects. This will lead to lightening up the entire appearance and make you look prettier.

Balayage is highly recommended by hair stylists and professionals as it does not require frequent touch ups or does not damage the roots in between the hair dyes.

The extent of balayage effects you want depends on your preferences. You can increase or decrease the balayage highlights as per your own wish. Try this style with long or medium length hair easily.

Copper Red Hair Color

Asian women who love flaunting bold looks can try red hair looks with ease. Usually a red hair color looks edgy if one cannot carry the same elegantly. Since Asian women have dark hair color naturally, red shows up easily.

Dark colors on darker hair shades take less time to settle. As a result, the damaging effects of the colors are also less. While some women choose to color the entire hair in red; some prefer to color the ends and the edges only, with some streaks here and there. The overall impact of the color is great.

Light Brown Hair

Highlighting and streaking are difficult options when it comes to hair coloring. One has to be careful so that the right areas in the hair are dyed. But when it comes to coloring whole hair, the process is simpler and less time consuming. In fact, this can be done easily at home saving money.

Though Asian women have dark hair, they look good with light brown hair too. Light brown hair gives an overall warm look to the face. It imparts plenty of depth to the entire appearance.

Whether you have long straight hair or wavy hair, light brown hair looks good on all. Try this style and you cannot go wrong with it anyway.

Blue Hair Color

Just think when your hair color matches with your costume, how cool will that be? Well, if you are experimental in nature and don’t feel scared to check odd things out, you can definitely try coloring the hair in blue.

Instead of coloring the whole hair blue, try applying color to the lower layers of the hair and highlighting and streaking the other parts.

It would indeed be a funky thing and be a great eyeball grabber thing as well. Wearing blue dress with the hair color will just be the perfect combo!

Silver Color

Silver hair color will not be suitable for all Asian women. Your hair stylist will be the best person to recommend if a silver hair color will look good on you. Women with thin and straight hair look good in this hair color. Also the color goes well with layered cut.

This color will not look very good in long length hair; medium length and short hair are just ideal for sporting this hair color. Try the color; you might get a new appearance altogether.

Ash Blonde

Asian women, particularly from China, Japan, Taiwan etc hasa fair complexion and nice straight black hair. The lengths of the hair vary from one woman to another.

While some have long straight hair, some have medium length hair and some have short hair. If you are looking to experiment with your hair style and color, try the ash blonde style. Along with the blonde cut and color, let some bangs fall on the forehead for the perfect style. This hairstyle is not too flashy or bold but helps in making a subtle style statement for sure.

Dark Brown Hair with/without Golden Tones

It seems that certain hair colors are made for particular ethnicity of women. Dark brown hair color is extremely popular all over the world, but it seems that it is just perfect for Asian women only. Long dark brown hair looks just wow.

Since Asian women have wheatish to fair complexion, this hair color is in contrast to the skin tone and make them look gorgeous. The face gets glowing warmth with this amazing hair color. In fact dark brown is among the safest hair color shades one can try.

Many Asian women love experimenting with the dark brown hair color shade too. Slight golden tones can be applied to the tips of the hair or used as highlight or streak. This gives a softer edge to the otherwise dark brown color and makes the hair look amazingly beautiful.

Lime Green Accent

This is a very interesting hair color shade, which is gaining immense popularity with Asian women. Well, coloring the hair green might not be a very cool idea, but playing with green shade here and there might impart a unique look. Try lime green accent in your medium length or long length hair and see how stylish it looks.

The entire hair can be in natural black or dark brown shade and lime green streaks and highlights will be visible towards the hair tips or along the hair length in asymmetrical patterns. Going to a rock show? Flaunt this style with ease and rock the world.


It is quite evident from the name that this hair color will be something vibrant. You love colors, don’t you? Why not present them on your hair and make a great style statement? Choose the colors of the rainbow and highlight your hair in parts with those colors.

However, for this, the base hair color should be in some light shade, say silver or straw or blonde. Wear colorful attire with this hair style and color and become a show stopper to any place you go.

Whatever be the shade of hair dye you choose to color your hair, remember to use the best quality products so that natural hair is not damaged in the process of coloring the hair.