Angelina Jolie Hairstyles and Latest Fashion Trends :-When you think of Hollywood heroines, the first one who pops into your mind will definitely be Angelina Jolie. Her reign to stardom was rather dramatic and she was the undisputed Queen of Hollywood for a long time. She does not shy away from donning adventurous roles and has bagged many awards to prove her acting mettle.

Off the screen, she has been closely monitored by the paparazzi for her gorgeous looks and impeccable style. Furthermore, she was appointed as a UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador in 2001. Her endearing contributions towards refugees prove that she is not only beautiful on the outside but inside as well.

Angelina Jolie Hairstyles and Latest Fashion Trends

From her younger rebellious days to her transformation as a buttoned up charity worker, her transformation has been nothing short of amazing. Moreover, she has given serious fashion goals for women around the World with her impeccable dressing sense. Let’s go ahead and take a look at her hairstyles and latest fashion trends followed by her.

Hence, without further ado,we will move forward and see the latest fashion trends that have set the standards high for other women.

One Shoulder Gown with Brown Curly Hair

Angelina Jolie looks angelic in this white one shoulder gown with an exaggerated rose fitted on her shoulder. She is often seen sporting lustrous brown locks with soft curls. Her hair is parted to one side and sports a soft wavy look which makes her look young and sophisticated at the same time. You can go in for this look by opting for brown hair color and create bouncy curls with the help of large rollers. You can go ahead freeze those soft waves by using a hair spray.


Black Halter Gown with a Soft Voluminous Hairstyle

No can forget Angelina’s iconic one leg out pose and this gorgeous black dress at the Oscars. This picture started going viral in an instant and started a trend which was recreated by many. This strapless black gown is elegant with a cinched waist and a thigh high slit which showcases her long legs. She sports soft voluminous and lustrous curls with bold red lips to set the red carpet on fire. Recreate this iconic trend by investing in a chic black dress to raise the temperature at any party.


Canary Yellow Gown with Half up and a Half Down Hairstyle

Angelina Jolie has been blessed with gorgeous long tresses which gives other women some serious envy. She looks like a Greek Goddess in this canary yellow sleeveless-gown sporting this messy half up and half down up do. You can replicate this hairstyle by gathering a part of your hair up and pinning it with pins to create a voluminous look, while the remaining hair falls down to form soft waves. Pair this hairstyle with soft pink lips and smoky eyes to become the star attraction at any event.


Grey Wrap Dress with Straight Hair

Yet again, Angelina Jolie looks like a sexy siren in this grey wrap dress complemented by a straight brown hair. Her medium dark brown hair looks chic and professional at the same time. If you are blessed with gorgeous straight tresses, you can replicate this chic hairstyle. Just dab on some styling cream and run it through your hair to create a soft texture. If you are not blessed with straight hair, use a hair straightener to achieve this look. Finish off the hairstyle by spritzing some hair spray to tame the fly-away.


Messy Bun Hairstyle with a Black Dress

Angelina looks like a sultry siren sporting this gorgeous messy hair bun with loose hair falling on the sides of her face paired with a black dress with a sheer neckline. You can achieve this gorgeous hairstyle by piling up your hair into a loose bun and let loose some side locks to achieve this carefree yet elegant look to make the guys go weak on their knees. Pair this look with a subtle make by highlighting only your eyes and going for soft pink lips.


Loose Ponytail Hair Paired with a Jumpsuit

Angelina looks like a young girl sporting this loose puffed ponytail with her face framed by bangs. This ponytail makes her look elegant yet carefree at the same time. You can copy this hairstyle of her since it is easy to create this ponytail at home. Pair up this ponytail with a chic sleeveless jumpsuit; throw in a fur sweater and heels to rock any formal event.


Sleek Chignon Bun with the Red Collared White Gown

This gorgeous beauty does not fail to impress us and looks ever so radiant in this sleek chignon bun. Her gorgeous hair is streaked with highlights and tied into a tight chignon bun. She looks like an ethereal star paired with a white dress adorned with a red collar, which makes her look graceful and beautiful. You can choose this hairstyle for both formal and informal occasion as well.


White Dress Paired with Grey Overalls

Trust Angelina Jolie to make a boring white dress seem very attractive and elegant. You can recreate this trend by letting your tresses loose and pairing your monochrome dress with a contrasting jacket to make it seem exciting. Much better, you can go ahead and recreate this same look by pairing your white pencil dress with a light grey tunic like overall to achieve her coveted look. You can go ahead with a no makeup look but don’t forget to highlight your lips with a bold color and throw on some nude pumps to put your best foot forward.


Black and White Tailored Suit

We cannot think of any other actress carrying out this look with élan rather than Angelina Jolie. She is channeling her androgynous look by wearing this perfectly tailored suit with a thin belt to highlight her waist. To make this suit look sexy, she has unbuttoned the top buttons on her shirt and unloosened the black bow. You can recreate this iconic and interesting look by investing in a well-tailored suit to channel your inner manliness. Remember to go minimal with the makeup like Angie and let your hair lose to let the World know your feminine side.


White gown with an off white cape

No can forget Angelina’s iconic look in the movie ‘The Tourist’ and she was a vision to behold in this mesmerizing costume. She looks like a royal in this white knee length gown paired with an off white fur cape. This white gown is elegant with a cinched waist and showcases her toned legs. She sports soft lustrous curls with bold eye makeup and soft pink lips. Recreate this iconic look to raise the bar at any event.


Shimmery Emerald Gown with Wavy Hair

Angelina looks stunning in this shimmery emerald green gown with full hand sleeves. She makes this gown look sexy without exposing her skin and makes the temperature soaring high. This gorgeous shimmery gown is cinched at the waist, accentuates her waist and upper body. She has opted for light makeup with her hair pulled to one side of her shoulder. You can opt for this gown if you want to stand out from the crowds and to keep your compliment register ringing with praises.


Blue Dress with a Plunging Back and a Chic Bun

Angelina looks like a million bucks in this eccentric blue dress with a plunging backline. The dress comprises of a boat neck with loose fitting sleeves and plunging back to highlight her tattoo. She has pulled off this look with a messy chignon swept to one side with her face framed with loose bangs on the sides. If you are a woman who has been blessed with a sexy black, then do not hesitate to opt for this look and make everyone’s eyes turn towards you.


Flowy Maternity Gown with Loose Hair

Who would have guessed that Angelina’s maternity fashion trend would provide us with some serious fashion goals? Being pregnant did not force her to dress in loose or ill-fitting clothes but went ahead and made a name for her. She looks gorgeous and glowing in this green flowy gown with a plunging neckline to highlight her assets or a long tunic like a dress with a bejeweled neckline.


Metallic Grey Shimmery Gown with Straight Hair

This gorgeous woman does not disappoint us with her fashion sense. She looks beautiful in this shimmery metallic grey gown with a sheer and plunging backline. Her killer toned back adds further oomph through this dress by highlighting her back and her tattoos. She has opted for a nude makeup look and accessorized her dress with drop earrings while sporting a killer smile. Go ahead and channel your inner Angelina Jolie by choosing a sheer metallic gown and paint the town red.


Off-shoulder Dress

She looks like a sultry siren sporting this off-shoulder dress with a fitted skirt highlighting her long legs. Her narrow waist is accentuated with a belt ending with tassels. She further complements this look by wearing her hair in a high ponytail with loose bangs framing her angled face. She has completed this look by wearing metallic gold pumps and looks ethereal. If you are blessed with a slender frame like Angelina, you can go ahead and sport this look.

Time and again this woman has never failed to take our breaths away with her gorgeous looks, impeccable fashion, and acting prowess and for carrying out humanitarian work. We hope that the hairstyles and fashion trends sported by her can be of inspiration to many women around the World.