Huge turn ons for girls: We girls are pure mystery to guys. Well, at least sometimes if not always. The fact becomes even more prominent when it comes to figuring out the ways to attract or excite us. A lot of men feel helpless and frustrated when it comes to firing their women up. But guys, do you know that there are more than a few secret turn-ons that can make us feel the heat almost immediately? These can be anything from a visual treat to an oh-so-hot habit. Though most of them vary based on our personal choices, the remaining ones are common and just too hot to handle. Isn’t it right, girls?

24 Huge Turn Ons For Girls

So, all those guys who are reading this, let teach you the art of seduction today. Know 24 sure-fire tricks to seduce your girl from this list of huge turn ons for girls – check it out:

1. Be Strong

Girls just love muscles. Yes, there is nothing to deny about it. But it does not necessarily mean that you have to achieve the physique of a typical athlete or look like the studliest stud by any means in order to turn them on. Just work on your strength and your girl will never mind looking at your ripped ab muscles or the size of your biceps. In fact, the thought that you are strong enough to protect her in emergencies and keep her calm when she is totally freaked out will work as a huge turn-on for her.

2. Sweat. It. Out.

It is unpleasant. It is gross. But, it is a major turn-on for almost all girls out there. Looking at a hot guy working out hard and sweating out even harder can actually arouse girls like hell. Be it surprising or shocking, it is absolutely TRUE! So, next time you leave the gym, let the sweat flow down your neck, your biceps, your cuts, and…..well……let the magic happen!

3. Give Her A Sneak Peek

So you thought that stealing the glimpse of a hot girl is nothing but a man’s business? Okay, the reverse is also true! When you offer a sneak peek of your cozy hairy chest or stretch a little to reveal your ‘happy trail’ to your girl, she is bound to fall head over heels for you at once. Want to turn up the heat even more? Let her watch you totally drenched with the shirt sticking to your chest. Bang on!

4. Roll Your Sleeves Up, Please!

A pair of strong and well-built forearms with the veins popping out of them is a treat for girls’ eyes. And guess what? When you just casually roll the sleeves of your shirt up to your elbows exposing those nice masculine forearms, the chances are that she has already gone jelly-kneed.

5. Stubble Or Beard? You Decide!

Whether it is a little bit of stubble or full-fledged beard, the hint of facial hair can make girls literally swoon all over a guy. It signifies masculinity, maturity, and sophistication, which cumulatively result in a jaw-dropping combination, thereby turning any man into a hottie. So, give yourself a ‘bearded’ makeover and enjoy your girl struggling with her inner urge every time she meets you.

6. Play With Her…Well…Locks!

Who says that turn-ons are all about sexual pleasure? It can be a ‘hair-y’ affair too! Look into her eyes while she is busy talking to you and run your fingers through her soft, silky locks. Her blushing smile will be enough to make you understand how turned on she is.

7. PDA Is Not Wrong Always!

Let the world know that you are very much into your girl. No, you surely not be grabbing her butt or signalling that you are ready to plunge into the ‘action’ right now.

But, a little bit of PDA (public display of affection), such as an intentional gaze or some light touches will never go wrong. Trust us, she will not only enjoy it but will also get melted inside right away.

8. Give A Long, Warm Hug

Embrace her to make her feel loved, wanted, and secured, and do not leave her until she herself wants it to end. The heating power of a long, warm and tight hug is beyond question as it let the girl know exactly how much delighted the person is to be with her. Needless to say, it is an instant turn-on for many of them.

9. Master The ‘Art Of Touching’

Touching your girl at the right places, the right time, and the right way is an amazing art. If you already know where and how she would love to be touched, you are the winner (for the night, of course!). Soft and light touches along the sensitive parts of her body, such as back of the neck, upper arms, waistline, inner thighs, etc. will not only arouse her like anything but will also make her want you right away.

10. Up Your Kissing Game

A good, moist kiss is the sexiest thing to melt your girl like a popsicle. And if you really are a great kisser, a little power play will never hurt. So, just push her against the wall, lock her palms with yours, and let your lips do the talking. Turn your kissing game even longer and more intriguing by shifting your focus to other rarely caressed areas including behind the ears, along the spine, shoulders, elbows, and ankles. Trust us, the super sensation will leave her weak in the knees!

11. Give A Relaxing Massage

Your girl might feel completely drained out of energy after a long tiring day, but you can get her in the mood just by giving her a nice, relaxing massage. Start right from her shoulders and keep massaging with light hand so that her muscles and nerves feel relaxed. By the time you will reach her thighs, she will be fully seduced by your gesture.

12. Pamper Her

Are you game for a role reversal, guys? It may sound cliché but it actually works! The sense of being pampered and doted on by her man can actually turn on a woman very hard. From straightening her hair to painting her toe nails bright to applying her that gorgeous red lipstick, you can do anything and everything to groom her the way she wants. It shows that you find that specific part of her body highly attractive. Just enough for getting aroused!

13. Take A Shower Together

You really need an explanation for it, eh? But wait, do not rush! You can actually let the heat rise more consistently by focusing on the shower itself. A girl finds it too appealing when her guy takes care of her in the shower by shampooing her locks or shaving her legs.

The flow of water, the slithery of the shampoo or the shaving gel, and the temperature of your body together create an amazing stimulation that turns her on instantly.

14. Make Her A Priority

A guy who makes his girl a priority and never fails to remind her how special she is to him is a huge turn-on for sure. Wear her name and let her spot it, say you love her and show some unique reasons, leave short and sweet notes around the house – do whatever you can to express that she truly matters to you. She will simply be unable to resist her excitement.

15. Raise Her Level Of Anticipation

Make her keep anticipating about your next move and you will love being where it will get you! Bring her closer to you when she least expects it and whisper the hint into her ear of what you are going to do with her later. You can also reach her lips for kissing, back off a bit, and then wrap her waist and kiss on her neck from behind. The feeling that she is going to be surprised by something totally unpredictable along with your heavy breath on her neck will be enough to give her goosebumps.

16. Foodgasm! Anytime!

You know what we mean, right? Unless your girl has a firm belief in fad dieting, you can seduce her readily with some scrumptious food. Order the meal she loves to gorge on or cook her favourite dinner yourself. Your efforts to please her taste buds will be more than enough to please her senses and she will definitely return the favour in a more exciting way.

17. Appear Well-Dressed

For many girls, untidiness, poor hygiene, and bad dressing sense are a strict NO-NO. They simply go wild to see a man in a suit or any other formals. So, make sure that you maintain your decent and cool version in front of your girl by dressing well and following hygiene. Your presentable look will not only appear attractive to your girl but she will also feel excited inside by the idea of getting closer to you.

18. Smell Utterly Delicious!

When there is a doubt about how to turn on a woman, a nice fragrance always works. Yes guys, it’s not all about looking good and feeling good. Rather, you need to think about her nose and put your efforts in smelling good too.  Apply the right perfume to excite her nose cells and get ready for a furious lovemaking session!

19. Show Your Chivalry

Your chivalry can help you go a long way and be assured that it will never ever go unnoticed by your girl. She will find all your little efforts sweet and appreciable.

Moreover, the fact that you are being attentive to her and giving her the respect she deserves will arouse her remarkably.

20. Slay It With Sense Of Humour

If you can tickle her funny bone with your wit and give her enough reasons to laugh, you are definitely going to get paid off for this. In fact, the ability to appreciate humour is known to be one of the most common turn-ons for girls and hence, they typically find a guy with amazing sense of humour irresistible.

21. Support Her In Bad Mood

Now, this should not be something misleading. Guys, we are not telling you to cheer her for throwing her phone away or breaking furniture when she goes absolutely crazy. But, if you be at her side when she is going through a terrific mood, you are surely going to win it later. P.S.: Get ready for an amazing makeout session when her mood gets better.

22. Reveal Your Daring Side

You just cannot be dull and boring, at least when you are trying to stir her up. Girls may not be much vocal about how they love the dangerous side of a guy, but it has been found that a deadly adventurous guy can give them some serious adrenaline rush with his every daring act. So, are you ready?

23. Wear Confidence Everywhere

Girls love confidence in a guy the most. If you walk tall, talk smart, and be yourself, you are definitely going to kill her with these. In fact, it is pretty impossible for any girl not to get turned on to see a guy oozing confidence. We bet, you’ve never ever thought about it this way. Have you?

24. Strike The Right Chord

Nothing can be more appropriate than establishing a deep connection with a woman to make her excited. Being an extremely emotional creature, women always like to know their guys inside out. Hence, connect with her and let her know what you actually think and feel about her. It will always help you strike the right chord to turn her on.

There you go, guys! Melting your woman inside and getting her in the perfect mood was never so easy, right?

And girls, we know there are tons of other unique and ‘weird’ (or, are they?) things guys do that instantly turn you on. But for now, which of these can you relate to the most? Let us know by leaving a comment below.