Are you the one who is missing all this fun, because it’s SUMMERS? Not any more my friend, cheer up, because its summer time. Summer has knocked us out and we are running after our souls, wondering what wear.  To bring back the soulful souls of us, all you need are these ten wonderful dresses, and you are sure to bloom, brighter than the summer lily in your garden.

A perfect summer day is when the sun is shining, breezes are blowing, birds are singing and you are wearing your favorite summer dress, munching in a bowl of juicy water melon and sipping Mint Mojito by the pool side. Be happy and smile, because it’s summer time baby.

Here are ten must have dresses for summer season to make your summers HOT….HOT and HOT….

Crisp Cold Shoulder Dress For Summers

For a crisp and classy look, this pleasing sky blue cold shoulder is all you can wish for this summer. Style it with brown ankle length strappy gladiators with heels and a silver clutch to enhance your feminine side. Match your outfit with light blue studs.

For that ultimate look add catchy finger ring and a simple yet sophisticated hand band in silver. Pop up some pink color to your lips and compliment with a pink blusher. Give a wavy look to your hair.

Spray your favorite summer perfume all over your pulse points and you are good to go. This look is perfect for an evening with your loved when. It will kindle the romance when words become too difficult to utter.

Summer Dress Ideas For Girls

Shirt Dress Style For Summer Season

To enjoy this breezy hot summer, a shirt dress is necessary. You can achieve a fitted look by putting a big brown belt across the centre of the dress, somewhere around you waist.

Allure some eye balls with a matching platform heels and an over sized sunglasses. Add a hit of color by a indigo thread earring dangling up your ears.

Leave your hair open for that catchy looks. A snake leather bag on shoulders and BOHO!!! You are all set to face the summer of your life.

Best Summer Dress Ideas For Girls

Zebra Stripes Skirt and Crop Top In Summer Season

You may love animals or not, but you are sure to fall for this zebra stripped crop top and short skirt. Grab a pair of black heels. Add a black clutch. Go for curly hair.

Finish off the look with red lipstick and a black nail paint to lift the dress. This casual look works great for summers. Its comfortable yet an eye candy.

Summer Outfits Ideas For Girls

Orange A Line Midi Dress For Hot Summers

An orange round neck, chiffon midi dress is all you require for the summers. A line shape gives you all the fresh air your legs would require and the pleated part gives shape to your lower body. The lace in the centre helps the dress to fit in on body frame.

A monochrome black kitten heels bellies and a smart watch on your wrist to finish off this look is must. Tie your hair in a neat lower bun with side partition.This look is for more formal occasions. Opt for this look rather than your everyday office look. It is sure to spice up your boring meeting or client call.

Dresses To Wear In Summer

One Shoulder Jersey Dress Style This Summer

This one shoulder black dress is perfect for summer. You can never go wrong with the LBD- Little Black Dress, even when it is summer time. The dress is loose fit and thus it lets in a lot of air and helps you escape the heat of summer.

Go braless, because its summer time or wear a transparent strap bra. The brooch on the shoulder glamorizes the look. Pair with black heels. It’s simple yet stylish outfit. Straighten your hair. Attention is often drawn to details when you are wearing this kind of dress.

Latest Summer Dress Ideas For Girls

So, try being flawless. Keep your hands and feet well manicured and pedicured. Apply a light color natural nail paint, the color of which matches your skin color.

As far as lipstick is concerned choose a nude shade of brown, pink or peach. Do not accessorize except a statement finger ring, as the dress itself speaks volumes. Grab your piece now, and trust us you will look really daunting.

Polka Dot Denim Dress To Style Yourself

Denim is for winters, and that is a myth. Denim comes in a lot of variants. Pick up a polka dot denim shift dress which is sleeveless for a beach out with friends in summer. Open some buttons to breathe in.  Carry your essentials in a big tan handbag.

Red cage heeled sandals are big hit with this dress. Line up the waterline with thick kohl.  Do not forget to wear your smile. This dress will go well with every body type. If you are on the bulkier side, you can go for a little longer length. If you have short hair, style them up by adding a gel that lends the shine on your hair.

You can opt for a neat bun if you have long hair. Do not partition your hair. This is also the best outfit  for a summer lunch with your girlies.

Modern Summer Dress Ideas For Girls

Strapless Body Cocoon Dress

Strapless dresses are summer staple. Go bold with a blue strapless body cocoon dress. It will accentuate your curves. Invest in a good stick on bra and panty line free panty to wear underneath.

Do not forget to scrub your back and neck while wearing this dress, as it is going to grab a lot of attention.Curl your hair for the essential summer beach look. This dress is perfectly for a summer late night party. Spice up your appearance with some arm candies.

Hot Summer Dress Ideas For Girls

A pink lipstick will go well with this look. Eyeliner on upper eye lid and you are all ready. This is the utmost sophisticated simplicity look with the blue strapless body cocoon dress. Sky is blue and it’s beautiful, so are you.

The Lacy White Dress

For the simple yet sun kissed look go for a lacy white dress. White color does not absorb sunrays and thus you stay cool.  Laces look sexy and feminine. Jazz up with an earthy brown hat. Leave your hair open. If you love colored hair, go for honey bronze color for this summer.

This will multiply the glamour quotient and will also protect your hair from harmful rays. Accessorize with a dotting silver neck piece and matching earrings. A wrist bag will do wonders. Settle for bright orange platforms that will make your sexy legs look longer. Do not forget to moisturize your legs. It also adds shine to your legs.

Dress Ideas To Wear In Summers

Floral Long Dress

Flowers lift up your mood in summer heat. Flowers are a fun print to style this summer. Keep it minimalist as you already have a lot of prints on you. Let your dress grab all the attention. Wear simple black comfortable heels with your long floral dress.

This long floral dress is best for women who are on bulkier sides, as it will hide all your flaws. This look can be worn in any time of the day to any place you wish to go in summers. Be it your office meeting, or a beach party, a summer wedding or some disco time; flaunt this dress.

You can try different colors and lengths. Experiment and see what works best for you. Color your lips in any chirpy color; red, pink, fuchsia. Keep your hair open with a center partition. Carry your own garden with you in the long flowery dress and be the queen.

The Cute Neon Dress

Neon colors are quite in vogue, this summer. It is quite a fun color to play with. This neon short dress is everything from flashy to really bright.

This cute neon dress will make every one envious. Grab a catchy pink neck piece and matching ballerinas to contrast the outfit. It will add brightness to your appearance.  This look makes you look cute, joyful, quirky and catchy.

Summer Outfits ideas Women Styles

” Do not hesitate to get bronzed in this summer.

Do not be afraid of getting tanned this year.

Tan will fade but memories will last forever.”

A sun screen can do wonders. Apply it generously.  Drink as much of liquids you can for the dewy summer skin. Fruits are your best friend this summer. Let summer be your state of mind. Make your summer the perfect summer with these ten dresses and enjoy the Crazy, Lazy, Hazy days of summers.

Wake up to the summers of your life. Summer is spreading everywhere. Decide your dress and be ready, heads over heels for the summer time that is sure to delight you. Do not forget to keep calm and enjoy this summer with these beautiful dresses that are sure to make your summer an unforgettable one.