The classic black dress can be given a smart twist in the form of tuxedo attire. Tweed like fabric can be used in the making of the costume. If you want to add oomph and glamour to the dress, tone down a deep neckline.

Wear a big and heavy necklace so that the neckline is filled up. A subtle seduction tip for sure! And needless to say, stilettos go best with these attires.

Sweater Dress

What would you do if you had a fall or winter first date? Well, there is no point shivering in the cold by wearing a short dress just to impress your partner. He will be more embarrassed and worried than being happy. Instead dress as per the climate and weather conditions.

A sweater dress can be a perfect choice when it comes to first date during the winters or the fall season. The sweater should have a nice pattern, fringe or color combination to be attractive.

For tunic length sweaters skinny pants are great; while for long length sweaters tights are better. Tall, heeled boots are the best footwear that can be teamed with this dress.

Sporty Dress with Leather Jacket

Sporty dresses look good on women who have a great figure. These dresses are extremely stylish on their own and you don’t need to put in extra efforts to look smart and good.

These dresses are short in length and reach much higher above the knees. Compliment the dress with a short and smart leather jacket. The full-sleeved leather jacket has metal buttons and zips. The total dress combination looks extremely stylish.

For the shoes, you can settle with sneakers or even try heels. Carry a large sized bag to make a great style statement. You do not need any additional accessories with this costume.

Casual Mini Skirt with Crew Neck Sweatshirt

There are some dress combinations, which you might never have tried. But once you try them, you might like them so much that you can wear the same kind of attire for your first date. The combination of a casual miniskirt and crew neck sweatshirt is one such arrangement.

The greatest impact is made if the miniskirt is in light shade like powder blue color and the crew neck sweatshirt is in black, dark grey or dark blue color. The sweatshirt should be preferably full-sleeved to make the right kind of impact. Leather pumps or leather boots are the best shoes, which can be worn with this attire. Effortlessly stylish, this dress makes a great style statement.

Flowing Maxi Dresses

Maxi dresses are a popular choice with young women. These dresses are long and reach to the feet and have flowing effect. They look amazing and have a very playful effect. Maxi dresses come in wide varieties of colours. Most of the times, these dresses come in synthetic materials as the flow and the flares won’t be prominent in cotton or other heavy fabrics. Prints on maxi dresses vary from one another.

While some prints are small; some dresses might have large prints. Horizontal and vertical prints are common too. Again, some maxi dresses come in uniform colors. Strappy max dresses provide casual and playful yet feminine appearance.

The Wrap Dress

You can never go wrong with a wrap dress for your first date. And if the wrap dress is white in color, there can be nothing better than the same. If you are nervous that the wrap might reveal some skin and you don’t want that, wear a small camisole inside.