Finally, you are ready to go on your very first date. That is indeed an incredible thing and many congratulations for the same! It is obvious that you have already started planning for the date. There might be many things going about in your mind regarding the date.

But have you thought what you would be wearing for the date? Well, this is one of the most difficult questions to answer and women have been in an absolute dilemma regarding their costume for the first date. All women will want to look more than perfect for the first date and for that choosing the right attire is very important.

Dressing as per the location of the date

The location of the first date will play an important part in deciding the dress that you choose for the occasion. If the date is for a formal dinner, the dress will need to be elegant and sophisticated to match the location. However, if you are going on a casual movie and coffee date, you can wear a smart and beautiful casual dress for the day.

Whatever be the kind of costume you are wearing, the most important thing is to be comfortable in the same. Until and unless you are comfortable, you will not be free. Your closet might contain different kinds of costumes; choose the one in which you feel comfortable and confident and carry yourself well.

Few Dresses You Can Try on your First Date

Choosing the perfect dress for the first date is a brainstorming event. Many girls also seek assistance from stylists for the perfect dress choice. Mentioned below find some of the costumes, which you can surely wear on your first date and make a great impression:

Skirt and Blouse

You can never go wrong with a skirt and blouse combination for your first date. If you are the woman, who loves to keep things simple yet stylish and sophisticated all at the same time, the skirt and blouse combo is more than perfect for you.

Choose a silky blouse in some light shade, like off white, light yellow, cream or even white. The skirt should be in contrast shades with the blouse. You can wear stylish, high heels for making a smart appearance. Accessories can include sleek bracelet in one hand, a watch in the other, smart looking glares and a stylish bag matching with the whole ensemble.

Leather Pants with a Loose Fitting Top

First date is not the right time for showing skin. However, if you have the right assets and want to flaunt them without revealing skin at the same time, you can do the same. Instead of wearing a high hemline or low-cut top, concentrate on your bottom wear.

Jeans are evergreen and eternal; but try to think something different like leather pants teamed with a loose fitting top. The leather pants are practical though they might be a step up from jeans. Accessorize this costume with suede, over the knee boots and you are sure to rock the show. This costume is overtly sexy without any skin show.

Printed Playful Romper

There are women who are surely excited about their first date, but they don’t like overdoing things. If you are one of these kinds, a printed playful romper dress will be just perfect for you. Ensure that the prints on the costumes are small and beautiful.

It is preferred that the base color of the romper is in a dark shade and the prints on it are in lighter shades. The sleeves can be full or three-quarters.

Flat sandals will look good with the attire. Accessories can be minimal. If you want, you can wear a small ear stud and a cute looking pendant to complete the look. The style is casual and comfortable.

Black Skinny Jeans with White Blouse

The combination of skinny black jeans and white blouse can never ever go wrong. If you cannot decide what to wear for the first date, you can always choose this alternative without any problem. Since skinny jeans cling to your legs, you can flaunt your long legs in style.

Wear a bold and fashionable belt with the jeans to make a great style statement. The white blouse can be tucked in or left loose – it completely depends on your choice and preference.

Wear a metal banded watch with a large dial and you are ready for the date. For the shoes, you can choose from flat pumps to stylish loafers – whatever makes you comfortable. The dress is casual and stylish.

Smart Tuxedo Dress

Ask anyone about a first date dress and majority will come up with the suggestion of wearing a pretty black dress. However, this dress can only be worn if one is going for a dinner date at some plush venue. This dress is perfect for a date in which there is need of some dressing up.