Hair coloring styles change with every passing season and every passing year. New trends keep emerging out of fashionista’s creative minds or celebrity inspirations. Bright warm hues like red, copper, orange, etc are ideal for summers they make you look stylish and hot.

As fall arrives this trend changes to cater softer hair colors like blonde, chocolate, strawberry gold, and many more. The arrival of winter marks the chill in the air with hair coloring ideas transforming to violet, pink, deep blue and similar colors to blend with the coolness around you.

Rainbow colored hair give you a wild and funky appeal while shades of red, magenta, wine, copper or yellow give you a bright and stunning makeover. Dual tone hair colors are awesome and can lend a subtle change to your looks. Look through the article to find out more dramatic and psychedelic hair coloring trends to follow.

Sleek Long Hair Colored In Blue And Pink For Electrifying Appeal

Make a bold statement with this exotic hair coloring idea. The stunning bright shade of blue with the underlying sweetness of pink hue looks electrifying. The sleek and long hair with long frontal bangs trimming the eyebrows imparts style and beauty to your looks. Pair this hair color with nude or light pink lip color for a fashionable appearance.

Dramatic Hair Coloring Idea For Fair Complexioned Women

If you are bothered with the graying of your hair, going granny’s trend is a cool style statement. The platinum blonde hue adds a remarkably dramatic effect with the deep touches of cinnamon brown tone. The color combinations of this lovely hairdo bring warmth to your personality. The women with fair complexion are known to sport this dramatic hair color in a stylish way. The short casual crop adds charm to the hairstyle.

Fiery Orange Short Wavy Tresses For Unique Appeal

If you want a drastic makeover from the boring natural hair, try this unique and punk hair color. The bright orange hair color reflects your bold attitude in life and acceptance of a challenging look. You can also calm the fiery look by giving an ombre effect towards the root or tips with light peach undertones.

Messy Short Bob Hairstyle With Purple Color For Gorgeous Appeal

There are various hairstyles obtained from bob haircut. The below hairdo is a short bob hairstyle with asymmetrical trim and longer frontal bangs. The bangs are kept slightly tousled for a messy look. Start coloring your hair with a soft pastel purple at the roots and dye the tips with darker tint of violet for a classy makeover. The pastel tone imparts an icy look while the deeper tips add warmth to the facial features.

Turquoise And Purple Split-Dyed Hair For Funky Appeal

Let your winter bring along a new hair hashtag style in your life. The split-dyed hair lends you a funky and super cool effect. All fashion beauties recently are hitting their cool pictures on social media with this kickass spilt hairdos. The turquoise and purple mix gives you a wild look. This coloring hairstyle lets you choose two attractive colors for a daring personality.

Turquoise Ultra Short Bald Hairstyle For Stylish Appeal