Summers are almost here. Days of sweating, humidity and uncomfortable weather have already arrived. It has been seen that summers bring with it various kinds of health issues, including skin itching and infections, perspiration and bad odor related to the same, loss of appetite, lethargy, dehydration, etc.

Doctors recommend taking proper care of health during this time as there are chances of falling sick quite often. And the main reason that contributes to ill health during the summers is none other than dehydration.

Sweating takes away fluids from the body along with important minerals and causes dehydration. Keeping the body hydrated in the right manner is therefore very important.

But with the coming of summers, your work cannot stop. It is important that you remain healthy and refreshed even in this season. Mentioned below are some highly effective tips which you keep you fresh and full of energy even in the scorching summer months:

Take Foods That Have Cooling Effects

During summers many of us lack appetite and suffer from feelings like anorexia and nausea. Bring a change in the diet and see the magic that takes place. Include lots of fresh salads in the diet and make sure that they have abundant cucumbers and tomatoes in them.

Both these fruits are high on juice content and keep the body cool. Sprinkle pepper and salt and enjoy the salad. Other fruits which have high water content include mangoes, litchis and melons and are readily available during summers.

Avoid junk and spicy food as much as possible. Use spices like anise, mint, cardamom and fennel as they have cooling effects and help in digesting food as the internal system is cooled down.

Try stocking up vegetables like radish, spinach, onion, garlic and asparagus as they have cooling effects on the body. Instead of milk, include yogurt in the diet as it aids in food digestion.

Keep The Body Hydrated

Summers are times when the body can become dehydrated. The heat and sweat take away water and minerals from the body leaving one tired and worn out. Therefore, it is recommended to drink plenty of water and other kinds of fluids for retaining the hydration levels in the body.

Sometimes drinking plain water might not compensate for the mineral loss in the body. Add glucose or salt and sugar to water and drink the same. This will take care of the electrolytic balance in the body.

Along with water, you can try drinking coconut water as it is a storehouse of essential and important minerals. Raw mango juice with salt and sugar helps in keeping the body cool and keeps body temperature under control.

Indulge In Fat-free Ice Creams and Smoothies

With summers coming, you just cannot restrain the temptation of gorging on ice creams. Well, it is true that ice-creams are yummy and extremely tasty, but they will add up to your calories too. So if you are on a diet for weight loss, indulge in a fat free ice-cream if you are craving for some ice-cream.

The dessert might not taste as good as normal ice-cream; but at least you can have something cool and refreshing in the summer months.

Instead of an ice-cream, try making a healthy smoothie at home, which will not only have excellent health benefits, but also be refreshing and cool at the same time.