Angel Tattoos For WomenThe word ‘angel’ has its origin in Greek, Latin and French words; all of which means the same that is, ‘a messenger’. Angels are a link between the God and the humans. They are the messenger of the God. They are also protectors of the region between earth and the heaven.


According to mythology some malicious angels initially lived in heaven but were thrown out of heaven due to evil deeds. So as repentance they took as servants of God. Their existence is a matter of debate but their charisma is universally accepted.


The Christian religion has many anecdotes revolving around angels. Though angels tattoos are linked with spirituality and particularly the Christian religion yet today they have an aesthetic value also. Not only the older generation but the youth is also patronizing the angel tattoos.


Angel tattoo is a trend among women. Angel tattoo signify an array of virtues like protection, spirituality, love, awareness, hope, divinity, faith, truth, trust, purity, courage, and power. Angels live among us. Sometimes they hide their wings but there is no disguising the peace and the hope they bring.


If you too have an unwinged angel who has been your guardian angel, to reciprocate the love, you can also get an angel tattoo inked with your human angel’s name. Besides this you can get cloud angel tattoo, memorial angel tattoo, angel devil tattoos, baby angel tattoo, warrior angel tattoo, fallen angel tattoo.


Christian angel tattoos and  Hebrew angel tattoos, just to name a few. Whatever the angel tattoo it may be, its wings are the real beauty. Though Bible does not talk about angels having wings, but lately, winged angels have gained acceptance.


The wings on the tattoo represent the free spirit of the wearer of the tattoo. Happy is the heart that believes in angel. Show off with an angel tattoo.