Dragon Tattoos For Women :Angelina Jolie, Pink, Melanie Brown, Franka Potente, Ashley Dupre, Lisbeth Salander; all these beautiful women have one thing in common; the dragon tattoo.  Dragon tattoos are not limited to the celebrities and stars; they are inked by all and sundry.


Dragon tattoos symbolize spirituality, success, wisdom, well- being,  power, longevity, wealth, might, good health, riches, fertility, desire, and prosperity. Be it Asian, European or the Middle East; dragons have an influence in all cultures. So dragon tattoos have a spiritual and cultural significance also.


While in European cultures dragons depicted as evil and bad, in Asian cultures they stand for luck, victory and good fortune. In China, the land of dragons, this mythological creature symbolizes magic and mystery.  The word dragon itself in derived from Latin and Greek words, both meaning, a huge and giant serpent.


Winged or unwinged; colored or uncolored; dragon tattoos are much in rage among women. Even the color of dragon tattoo symbolizes different things in various cultures. While some women prefer dramatic dragon tattoos, cartoon dragon tattoos and realistic looking 3-D dragon tattoos are also in fad.


Some women love small dragon tattoos with intricate designs while some prefer the larger dragon tattoo with a fire here and there. The most popular dragon tattoos are the flaming dragon tattoo, the rising dragon tattoo, the horned dragon tattoo, the dragon and snake tattoo.


The tiger dragon tattoo, fairy dragon tattoo, the lizard dragon tattoo, the dragon skull tattoo, the butterfly dragon tattoo, the coiling dragon tattoo, the sleeping dragon tattoo, the dragon and the moon tattoo, dragon and the roses tattoo and the celestial dragon tattoo.


If the sky would dream it would dream of dragons. If you too are enchanted by the dragons, there can be nothing better than a dragon tattoo for you.