Heart Tattoos For WomenKate Moss, Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus Julia Roberts, Melanie Griffith,  Nicky Hilton, Ruby Rose, Ricky Martin, Jennifer Aniston, Christina Milian, Courtney Love, Bella Thorne, Amy Macdonald, Lindsay Lohan, Paris Jackson.


Tila Tequila, Amy Winehouse, Goldie Hawn, and Kelly Osbourne not only have beautiful hearts but also have unique heart tattoos inked on their body.Heart tattoos are one of the top choices when it comes to tattoo designs for women.


Not only heart tattoos depict love and passion, they also stand for religion, a vivid memory, suffering, sisterhood, healing, patriotism, hope; depending on the type and placement of tattoo on the body.


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Heart and anchor tattoo, broken heart tattoo, two hearts tattoo and the heart and the crown tattoo are some of the heart tattoos that are commonly inked by bold and beautiful women across the globe.


Not only cartoon heart tattoos but anatomical heart tattoos are graced nowadays.  The inclusion of a name, quote or even a symbol with a heart tattoo makes it more intricate and stylish. Heart tattoos are extremely classy and chic. No beauty shines better than a good heart tattoo.


A small heart tattoo in blue on the wrist or a colorful large tattoo on the back can be a great choice for women. Heart tattoos on ankle are also spotted by young girls.


Find your perfect heart tattoo and cherish it for the rest of your life. Make the best of your heart. A happy heart makes the life cheerful. All wonderful women, follow your heart!