Rose Tattoos For WomenAncient Persia is the seat of the rose tattoo where it stood as a symbol of masculanity. But with evolution, today rose tattoo is an insane women tattoo trend. According to Tarrot, rose signifies balance. Every color rose stands for a deeper meaning.

While the red ones are for passion, white roses depict purity, a purple rose stands for royalty, orange roses spark up enthusiasm, pink roses are a symbol of gentleness and the blue roses of uniqueness. In Western world roses are a symbol of love. Besides having aesthetic and cultural significance, rose tattoos hold emotional bond as well.

Women are generally proposed with roses and to savor this, many women get rose tattoos with that particular date on which they were proposed or the name of their partner who proposed them. Be it a symbolic one, or an aesthetic one; the rose tattoo is the most gorgeous and fantastic tattoo option.

From girls to old ladies, rose tattoos are cherished by all. It can be a small rose tattoo on the underwear line or a big rose tattoo that covers the entire back of the hand, rose tattoos are simply versatile. Not only are the gray roses tattoos extremely popular, the colored roses tattoos are equally worth a million stares.

Rose tattoos are also done in highlight and lowlight area and in 3 –D as well. A rose tattoo can be placed anywhere on the body, it’s all about creativity. The most common being hand and shoulder, now rose tattoo has made its way on the leg, breast, neck, feet, upper back, wrist, ear, and even butt.

Interestingly, Cheryl Cole, the English singer, and dancer have her whole butt covered with rose tattoo. Rose tattoo by itself or mixed with other objects like a skull decorated with roses tattoo spotted by Italian swimmer, Federica Pellegrini is very popular.

Your tattoo can be a rose with a message inked with it like Amy Macdonald’s rose tattoo that has ‘forever’ inked with it. Rose tattoos are in fact the true reminder of what a tattoo really is.

The beauty of the rose is inked in the form of the flower and the thorns stand for the pain you undergo while getting a tattoo. You are beautiful as roses; a rose tattoo simply makes it more enchanting.