Flower Tattoos for WomenIf you are perplexed to have a tattoo or not, a flower tattoo will definitely make you yearn to have it. Flowers tattoos are the most beautiful tattoos that one can possibly dream of. Flower tattoos bring a smile on everyone’s face.


After women, flowers are the most lovely thing God has given to earth. You can well evaluate the grace and elegance a flower tattoo on a woman holds on. Flower tattoos had their birth in Japan, but today they are inked by women all around the world. The love of flower tattoos are increasing day by day.


Not only celebrities but ever college girl to a working lady everyone is crazy for flower tattoos. The most common spotted of all the flower tattoos are the individual rose tattoo. Besides this lilies, peony, orchids, chrysanthemums, sunflowers, cherry blossoms,  poppy, hibiscus, and lotuses are commonly used tattoo designs.


Not only are flower tattoos extremely beautiful, they do carry symbolic meaning with them in every culture and country. Like in East Lotus is a sacred flower but is merely a design for rest of the world. Cherry blossoms flower tattoos equate to life. Hibiscus flowers designate royalty and gentleness.


Lillie tattoos stand for devotion. The color of tattoo too says a lot. A red rose in West stands for love, while a yellow stand for friendship, white rose depicts purity and a black rose surrounds within itself mystery and evil. The size of flower tattoos varies too.


Some women prefer bunches or flowers while others prefer individual flowers. Some go for big flower tattoos, other for small and medium flower tattoos. Whatever the size, color or variety of flower tattoo it may be, it’s simply a charm.


A flower tattoo can be your perfect accessory that can style you like nothing else can. Steel everyone’s attention with a flower tattoo.