Meaningful Tattoos for Women :A well-defined life is the real beauty of living. When you lend meaning to every aspect of your existence things becomes alluring. Tattoos can give a new dimension to your good self. You can vent out your ideology by means of meaningful tattoos.


In ancient time people used to get tattoos of their name as a part of their identity. That was, in fact, the birth of meaningful tattoos that later revolutionized the tattoo culture.


A meaningful tattoo depicts certain phase of the wearer’s life. Only people whose life is an open book, are straightforward and are extrovert go for meaningful tattoos because these tattoos carry a story that is very obvious to everyone who gazes at looks at the tattoo.


Meaningful tattoos are thus much beyond being a style statement. They, in fact, are a reflection of who you really are. A meaningful tattoo depicts certain essential and important phase of the wearer’s life. Like David Beckham has Victoria, his wife’s name, inked on his left arm.


To reciprocate her love, Victoria Beckham has five tattoos on her back that stand for her five-member family.  Similarly, Megan Fox has her husband name, Brian, as a tattoo. Miley Cyrus has a dream catcher tattoo, having four feathers, on the right side of her body which strengthens her believe that her dream catcher will protect herself.


The four feathers stand for the four siblings of Miley. Pink, the pop sensation has her dog’s name as her tattoo, ‘Sir Corky Moore’. When some life event, person, or word holds the greatest meaning for you, it’s the time to make it last real longer by having a tattoo inked of it.


If you wish the world to know something or know you better, it calls for a meaningful tattoo. Be the Braveheart and get inked a meaningful tattoo.