Calf Tattoos For Women: Do you have sexy legs? Are not they being checked out? Feeling unimportant? Do not worry all you women out there. We will be your savior for life. Here a pretty little secret.

To have your legs all the attention you have ever desired, give the starers and onlookers, something worthwhile to stare at. Still wondering what cynical are we talking? My dear friend, leave aside everything now and shoot onto an old hand and skilled tattoo artist and get a tattoo on your calves.

Marchioness of Londonderry, Edith, was probably the first woman to have leg tattoos in the early 1900s. Since then, leg tattoos have become a part of modern culture and more women are nowadays taking up to calf tattoos.

Choose to have on one leg or both, similar tattoos for both legs, identical, same, related or totally different one. Fashion and style call for comfort amidst creativity. So pick your calf tattoo the way you like.

The calves have an immense amount of space to carve a big story in form of a tattoo. If gigantic tattoos are not your cup of tea, pick a small yet intricate tattoo design, that can be unique in every way possible. If you are a lover of short dresses, calf tattoos will be an ideal tattoo for you.

Besides, when the occasion calls for covering up the tattoos, you can easily do by wearing full-length dresses and trousers.  That’s not all. Our calves are the most flesh laiden parts of the body. More the flesh, less the pain. A tattoo design on calves can be worked beautifully to give an impression of longer legs.

You just need to ensure that you choose an elongated design that is vertical. In case you have skinny legs, horizontal calf tattoos can make your legs look fuller. Ditch your beautiful shoes, all you need are calf tattoos to be the sassy lass.