Sexy Side Tattoos For Women: You are sexy and you want the world to know it? Get a side tattoo lady, and let your tattoo art speak louder than the words. The best thing about a  side tattoo is, you can keep it secret!!. Not everyone gets’s to chance to admire it’s beauty.

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Let it be for the special someone and to make special moments memorable. But if you wish to show it off, there you go girl. There is no looking back and be ready for all the compliments. Side tattoo stretches anywhere below a woman’s breast to her stomach.

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It can cover the entire length or could be just a small individual tattoo design. Big designs look as feminine as the small ones. It’s all about the designs. A trained tattoo artist can work wonders when it comes to intricate designs.

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Thin and broad lines placed in the right pattern can make a catchy tattoo design. It needs perception, precision, and practice to make a good tattoo artist. Always opt for a trained artist, because one wrong line and there goes your tattoo art for six.

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A tattoo will last you forever. So it needs the right amount of investment. A beautiful tattoo art can make you look enchanting and seductive. While a wrong tattoo can ruin your appeal. You can pick your favorite tattoo design. There is a vast variety of options when it comes to side tattoos.

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You can add a personal and emotional touch to side tattoos by adding to them the name of your loved ones. You can also add some life inspiring, funny or naughty quote as per your liking. Some women prefer broader tattoo designs that move from side to navel.

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Bigger tattoo designs can opt in this case. A single butterfly with it’s beautiful wings tattoo can make you look bewitching. A rose and heart tattoo will make you look tempting. If you wish to look powerful, animal tattoos; like a roaring tiger face on your side can be the best tattoo. Pick a tattoo that suits your personality and makes you look powerfully attractive.