Breast tattoos for women : After the rave about chest tattoos in men, the latest fad emerging in women is of breast tattoos. Unlike men, women were not earlier much open to breast tattoos.

But with newer techniques that call for lesser pain, breast tattoos are becoming the favorite tattoos of all the women who wish to stand out and make a mark of their own.


The benefit of having a breast tattoo is you can conceal it or flaunt it, as per the occasion. Breast tattoos bring out your chutzpah, dauntlessness, and boldness. They also let out a woman’s creative side.


It’s a proved fact that men love women having breast tattoos, for obvious reasons. Breast tattoos also let out the femininity of a woman.


So breast tattoos are a whole new world trapped in alphabets, numbers, symbols, signs, drawings, designs, figures, names, pictures or just anything and everything that can be possibly inked.


While men and women are principally same, they are yet very different. Same is with their tattoos. While men prefer hardcore tattoos, women look for more artistic ones. Some women prefer meaningful tattoos while the others like random designs. While some women prefer big tattoos, others prefer smaller breast tattoos.


Some women have a love for dramatic breast tattoos while some prefer subtle ones. The choice of tattoos is entirely on the wearer. There are some women having such bold tattoos, that can make any man sulk. If you are looking for some pivotal change in your looks, breast tattoo is the thing for you.


Breast tattoos are an expression of you; the rebellious part of you, for sure. Be the badass woman and get the most cardinal part of your body inked. All you need is a creative and trained tattoo artist.