Anchor Tattoos For WomenDuring the Ancient time, the anchor was a symbol of the Christian religion. They could not openly express their faith and so they used the anchor tattoo to hide their Christian crosses so that the Greeks could not identify them as Christians.


Anchor tattoos were initially inked by sailor because the anchor of the ship held great importance for the sailors. No matter how harsh the situation at sea was, the anchor protected them. It did not let them sink. Anchor tattoo was a sign of achievement by US Navy.


The ones who successfully crossed the Atlantic Ocean by sea used to get this tattoo inked on their body.  In modern times, anchor tattoos are mostly used for aesthetic sense. Mostly it was the men who got anchor tattoos, but nowadays the women anchor tattoos are also in vogue.


An anchor tattoo denotes stability, courage, peace, confidence, strength, determination, inspiration and passion. Associated largely with masculinity, anchor tattoos are for every woman who has swum against the tides of her life and has kept things going.


There is no hard and fast rule as to where an anchor tattoo be placed on the body. Though anchor tattoos are associated with the sea and mostly inked by travelers are today everyone’s favorite.  It’s all about the wearer’s choice.


While some women prefer having big anchor tattoos on legs and on the back, some prefer very small ones on the wrist, toe, side of the hand, elbow, neck, near eyebrow and on fingers. Anchor tattoos come in various style, sizes, designs, and colors.


Women mostly prefer outline of the anchor and colored anchor designs as a tattoo. One can add a love symbol or a letter to the anchor design to make an enchanting anchor tattoo.


An anchor tattoo can be your personal style statement. You can use it to express who you really are. It also gives a bold feeling. Get hooked to a anchor tattoo ladies.