Tattoos For Women On WristThe most common place for tattoos on a woman is the wrist. The wrist is the most delicate part of the body. One should always ensure that the tattoo artist is a professional. One wrong move can be fatal when it comes to wrist tattoos.


Wrist tattoos are taken to bring good fortune and therefore the people used to take a voyage in high seas were seen spotting wrist tattoos. There was an era when gays and lesbians had wrist tattoos. Wrist tattoos in many communities are taken as medical tattoos which told about the health risks and diseases of the wearer.


Tattoos can be applied on the inner wrist or around the wrist. Wrist tattoos can be great motivators. The wrist is the part we see many times a day. A good quote on the wrist helps you keep going against all odds. Self-motivation works best.


Your wrist can be used to remind you the love of your life, every time to see it. Inking the name or initials, of the one you love the most is a great idea. A red heart on the inner wrist looks stunning. A zodiac sign is also a good option for wrist tattoo. Multiple stars in various colors drawn all around the wrist can serve a permanent accessory.


It serves as a bracelet as well. A tattoo of a flock of birds on the inner wrist is a symbol of freedom and independence. Flower tattoos on the outer and inner side of the wrist are the most feminine wrist tattoos. A cute unicorn tattoo can also be given a thought.


If you love boozing then, a beer bug on the wrist is the most bewildering tattoo. If you are a day dreamer woman, a dream catcher tattoo on your wrist looks lovely. Wrist tattoos have innumerable meanings. Your wrist is the smallest part but a tattoo on it will make it the most attention grabbing part.