Star Tattoos For Women: Twinkle twinkle little star, I wonder what you are. Stars have always fascinated the young and the old alike. We all wish to reach out for the stars. The easiest way to catch the shining stars is by getting a star tattoo.


It can be a single star or a cluster of stars, a hollow star or a colored star, a nautical star by itself or a star design coupled with another design to make a magical star tattoo. Your creativity and choose along with a trained tattoo artist can give you the most magnificent star tattoo.


A star tattoo stands for goals, protection, dreams, fullness, determination, regeneration, stability, balance, and is also a symbol of Hinduism and Judaism. North Star is a common tattoo among Christianity to represent the star that guided the Magi to the Christ.


So star tattoo also represents illumination and guidance. Nautical star stands for Navy and many Navy wives and girlfriends are choosing these design as their most treasured tattoo design.  In some countries, star tattoo is popular among military circles as it’s used to represent military services in those countries.


Star Tattoos come with star having a different number of arms. Women can opt for pentagram, hexagram, heptagram, octagram or nonogram. A shooting star tattoo is winning all hearts.


Wrist, finger, back, lower back, shoulder, bikini area, around nave, behind the ear, arms, clavicle, side of foot and thumb are the common areas where women get star tattoos inked. One can also incorporate other designs like a dragon, anchor, snakes, fishes, lion, etc in a star tattoo.


Lover of astronomy or not, a star tattoo is an ideal choice for any women who believe in the magic of her dreams. Even the smallest star shines in the darkness. Let your star tattoo illuminate your life. Look how it shines for you….