Tribal Tattoos For Women: Tribal Tattoos are as old as the art of tattooing. History traces that the very first tattoo that ever was inked five thousand years ago on the human body was a tribal tattoo. Initially, identical tattoos were made on all tribesmen to show belonging to a tribe.


Every tribe had it’s own tattoos. So the function of the tattoo was to be a membership stamp. One could tell the tribe of the men by merely looking at the tattoo. Tattoos were then also symbolic of victory in battles conquered, and all the victorious men had the same tattoo inked on them.


Such tattoos could tell the accomplishment of the wearer. Besides Africa, tribes of Europe, parts of Asia and South America and New Zealand followed such tattoo culture. Nobles too bore tattoos that stood for their ranks and positions.


The slaves of the ruler have also inked tattoos for identification. Except for this tribal tattoo also signified religion of the wearer. But today’s tribal tattoos are merely for decoration. Tribal tattoo designs have survived yesterday, are most sought after designs today and will be popular tomorrow as well.


Tribal tattoo designs have withstood the changing fashion of tattoo world and have emerged as the most quirky tattoo designs all around the world. Tribal tattoo designs may look old fashioned and archaic, but in fact, they are quite ultra modern and ritzy.


Majority tribal tattoo designs are in black, but with fashion changing every day, colored tribal tattoo designs are the mad rage. While men prefer bold lined tattoo designs, women generally go for thinner lined ones. To add a touch of feminity to tribal designs, women add other designs like flowers, hearts, birds, butterfly and the like.


Be it any part of the body, tribal designs look charming on the female body. Behind every successful women, is a tribe, so embrace a tribal tattoo. Your vibe attracts your tribe.