Finger Tattoos For WomenRings do not last forever. But there is something that can be adorned on fingers that last a lifetime. Wondering what it is? It’s the finger tattoo. The latest craze, the trendiest fashion slogan; a finger tattoo makes you fingers look amazing and makes heads turn.


Whether is the name of your parents, boyfriend, husband or child or a symbol, figure, number; whether it’s cartoon, dramatic, real; a figure tattoo comes in numerous options of shape, size, design, and colors. Choose what appeals you and makes a real sense for you.


Every finger has a different meaning and purpose and so is with the tattoo inked on them. The Finger tattoos are a big hit due to many reasons. They are not very prominent as fingers are not really big, so the tattoo is also small. Thus they are not much conspicuous.


Finger tattoos are very subtle. Hence when you are meddling with the decision to have a tattoo or not to have a tattoo, a finger tattoo is the right option. You can hide it under your ring or show it off, it’s all your call. A tattoo with the initial of your boyfriend’s name can make a lasting impression and will make him fall for you head over heels.


If you are a coffee lover, a small cup of coffee inked as a tattoo on your inner side of the inner finger is a great tattoo option that will make you stand out. Many women prefer having a tattoo on their ring finger rather than the most precious solitaire engagement ring.


A finger tattoo can add to your personal collection of the tattoo on your body if you are an art lover in particular and a tattoo lover in general. A wolf tattoo on your thumb looks amazing.


A delicate design of music notes on all fingers is also a great option for all whose life is music and nothing beyond. So all the wonderful women out there, go and have a finger tattoo and let the magic of your sexy fingers unfold.