Skull Tattoo For WomenSkull tattoos are considered more as ‘a men’s thing’, but more and more women are taking up to skull tattoo. Skull is one of the most primitive tattoo designs that men of many civilizations flaunted. In that time it denoted ‘a big change’ or ‘triumph in life.


In medieval period skull tattoo gained importance in Christianity. Way back then they represented ‘eternity’.  Skull tattoos were also common in pirates who combined their skull tattoo with a crossbones symbol. Skull and the crossbones represent danger.


It is a common symbol used by many countries on poisons or high electric current area that can cause fatal injuries. So a skull tattoo is always associated with death and danger. In the contemporary world, skull tattoos are largely flaunted by biker groups.


They relate skull to toughness in their life. Skull tattoos with flowers are flaunted by many celebrities and stars today that are associated with their success and victory. In the present world, skull tattoos mean different things to the wearer.


It symbolizes the circle of life and death, rebirth, anger, rebellion, revolution, strength, power. Skull tattoo can be a reminder of someone who is not more when a date or a name is inked with it. Skull tattoo connotes both evil and virtues.


Everyone has a different explanation for her skull tattoo. Every skull tattoo, in fact, has a story behind it, which definitely raises curiosity in the onlooker.  Thus skull tattoo is the most curious tattoos. The sugar skull tattoos, the rose and the skull tattoo, the skull having eyes tattoo, the gothic skull tattoos, skull and the heart tattoo.


The skull, and Scorpio tattoo, the skull and dagger tattoo are some of the most popular skull tattoo designs for women. If you are a woman who is braveheart or a badass,  a daredevil or uncompromising chick; skull tattoo is definitely for you.