Tattoo designs and ideas for women: Beauty comes to those who are ready to bear the pain for it. Wondering what beauty are we talking?We are acknowledging the attractiveness of tattoos and the lure they bring to the wearer.

Besides all the enticing beauty is a hidden pain. But trust us; a tattoo is worth the pain you go through.

Latest Tattoo Ideas For Women

The tattoo is a trend that is versatile and assorted in every aspect, be its varied designs or numerous colors or even the wide – ranging sizes it’s inked in. Love for tattoos is universal but where we all suck is on choosing tattoo designs.There are numerous designs and styles of tattoos , few are given below :

1) Shoulder Tattoos For Women

2) Breast Tattoos For Women

3) Meaningful Tattoos For Women

4) Flower Tattoos For Women

5) Rose Tattoo Designs For Women

6) Heart Tattoo Designs For Women

7) Dragon Tattoo Designs For Women

8) Simple Mix Tattoo Ideas

9) Angel Tattoos Designs Women

10) Skull Tattoos For Women

11) Finger Tattoos For Women

12) Tribal Tattoos For Women

13) Star Tattoo Designs For Women

14) Wrist Tattoos For Women

15) Anchor Tattoos For Women

16) Quote Tattoos For Women

17) 3d Tattoos For Women

18) Half Sleeve Tattoos For Women

19) Bicep Tattoos For Women

20) Sexy Back Tattoos For Women

21) Side Tattoos For Women

22) Arm Tattoos For Women

23) Calf Tattoos For Women

24) Upper Arm Tattoos For Women

25) Thigh Tattoo Designs For Women

26) Upper Back Tattoos

One is always confused what to get inked because a tattoo is forever. One wrong decision and you have to bear with it for the rest of life.We asked some tattoo designers for the most popular tattoo designs for women, and there was no end to it. All designers agreed that every tattoo design is same yet so different.


It is the wearer to whom it signifies and holds a different meaning. While some people like having different tattoos, mostly love having a popular tattoo inked. Zodiac signs are one of the most common tattoo designs followed by names of loved ones.

Flowers tattoos too are high on the list of most popular tattoos. Semicolon tattoos, for good reasons also remained quite in demand internationally. Tribal tattoos are gaining popularity. The religious tattoo is also a big hit. The most well received are the angel tattoos.


Simple yet cool tattoos in form of images or numbers are inked by masses that they can relate to in their everyday life or some specific event of life that holds the greatest significance to them.


There are endless design options that you even can think of. Every year latest trends gain popularity. Tattoo enthusiasts are always on the search for new designs.

Shoulder tattoos for womenAll we need is a shoulder to rest on and to cry on. How wonderful the shoulder with a tattoo inked on it would be. Women indeed walk shoulder to shoulder with men. Shoulder tattoos are not only popular with the male genre but are equally inked by females.


A shoulder tattoo is nothing short of a glamorized style that attracts every viewer who catches a glimpse of it. The beauty of the shoulder tattoo comes out at it’s best in off shoulder cloths, tube tops, bikinis and beach dresses.


If you love baring your shoulder and you are an admirer of tattoos, this cool combination calls for having a shoulder tattoo, which is adventurous yet elegant. Have a party lined up, or wish to make some cardinal changes in your looks, a shoulder tattoo is all you need, which can work wonders.


You don’t need to have muscles to pull a shoulder tattoo. Tattoos look mesmerizing, sans the body type. Choose your tattoo design wisely and carefully, because it’s going to stay with you until the end of your life (unless you wish to remove it by laser or surgical removal) in the case of permanent tattoos.


You can also opt for temporary shoulder tattoos, that last you a fortnight. Picking a tattoo design is tricky, because of the vast variety of options. You can go for geometrical designs, flower patterns like sunflowers, roses or lilies, your favorite quote, even a paragraph of a religious hymn or just an artwork for shoulder tattoos.


Tattoos look amazing both in black and white ink and also lively colors. 3 – D shoulder tattoos are also becoming the trendiest fad.


Shoulder tattoos besides looks extremely beautiful and fashionable, give you a feeling of boldness and liberation. A tattoo is an extension of you. Make the most out of it.