When it comes to any relationship, it needs love, communication, loyalty, and respect. The same applies for lovers; they need complimenting and appreciation every now and then. It makes them feel loved and wanted. Your boyfriend is no different case.

Guys too need appreciation and respect from their girlfriends. The well-known saying states ‘actions speak louder than words’, however there are a few words which are better told than done. This makes your guy feel special. Definitely your boyfriend has dozen of qualities worth flaunting like his smile, his personality, the way he winks, his cuddle, they way he cares for you, and many such cute things.

Cute Things To Say To Your Boyfriend

So why not tell him all this and make him feel special. Send him small packets of extra love by telling him some sweet and cute little things you like the most about him. You may say the words face to face or text him. Here is a list of few inspiring words in case you fall short of words to describe your feelings to your boyfriend.

1. Good Morning, My king. Let’s Rule the World Together Today

Begin your day with a sweet good morning text or a short call. Let your boyfriend know that he is the first thing you think of when you start your day. If you are together, you both can rule the world. This will bring a sweet smile to your guys face.

2. Thank You

These two small words might seem simple but has a great impact when said with a hint of love. The recognition of having done something good for you means a ton to your beloved. He loves you so he cares for you, makes you food, takes you on a date, brings you chocolate and more. So be sweet and say ‘Thank You’.

3. You Are My Drug And I Am Addicted To You

Stating some cheesy love quotes will not hurt much. Google some lovely quotes to start or end your day with your boyfriend. This will add an extra zing to your romantic life! Show him that you can’t live without him just as addicts can’t without drugs.

4. You Are The Man Of My Dreams

This is the cutest phrase you can tell your boyfriend. Every woman has a Mr. Right or Dream-man. Let him know that he is well competent with the unreal characters which ponder your dreams. He will love to hear such compliments.

5. You Are My Best Friend Ever

You surely do have an implausible romantic chemistry with your boyfriend, but there is nothing better than being best friends too. It allows an understanding factor to rule your relationship with love and friendship. It’s a cute thing to say because it shows how complete you feel in his presence.

6. You Are The Most Handsome Man I Have Ever Met

It’s not only girls who worry about their looks and appearance amidst the crowd, but also guys who suffer from the feeling of insecurity about their charisma. You guy will definitely appreciate it when you tell him that he is the most handsome guy you have ever met.

7. You Are My World

What’s more delightful than hearing how important you stand in your beloved’s life? Tell your mate that he means the world to you. Be creative this time – send him a globe with a hand note etched with these sweet words. He will love the idea!

8. I’m So Proud Of You My Darling

Every individual like to hear this statement, but things are a little different if they are said by the girl to her boyfriend. This phrase means that he has surpassed your expectations. The phrase is a kind of validation and acceptance of their hard work.

9. I love your ____