Cut-off Short Length Skirts:

A cut off Short Length Skirts definitely makes us all fall in love with the overall attire head over heels. Again, this piece is apter for a casual day out when you would want to keep it simple yet classy. The best thing about this attire is that it is simple to pull off, it is very minimalistic, and requires a low maintenance. Talking about it being light and simple, this particular skirt makes for an amazing beach-wear!

How to Style?

For the top-wear, you can keep it very basic and choose a tank-top with a deep neck line. Alternatively, you can also go for a classic blouse with glitter embellishments over it to re-create a hot-chick party look. Either way, the skirt is going to complement the overall look.

The big round hoops (earrings) look just perfect with cut-off short length skirts.


4. Denim Skirts:

From being dab to fab, the denim skirts are the latest re-bound trends in the market. There is simply no look which you cannot literally pull off with a denim skirt. Beach wear – check, party wear – check, home wear – double check! Next to pajamas, I would have to go with the easy to go denim skirts for a comfortable home wear. Nonetheless, the denim skirts look fantastic when it comes to sporty attire.

How to Style?

Put on a wayfarer and a bomber jacket to slay in totally chic street style attire. Make sure that you choose an oversized slogan t-shirt to pull off the look.

Alternatively, you can go for a basic white t-shirt as a top-wear over a denim skirt and wear junk jewelry to match-up the standards of a cool bohemian look. It always works for a casual day out.


5. Velvet Skirt:

Probably not apt. for a casual look but the ankle-length velvet skirts do really look gorgeous on a major occasion. Make sure that the skirt you choose is comfortable, easy to go, and fits you really well around your waist. If you pick a color like royal-blue or black for your velvet skirt then the attire would also look good at the night-parties. Let us quickly check the possible “how to style” options:

How to Style:

You can style your basic velvet skirt with a beautiful plain shirt of complementary color to make the overall look apt. for lunch dates and date parties. On the other hand, you can even go for a plunge-neck blouse to match with your pretty velvet skirt to flaunt your curves at a stunning night party.

A pair of comfortable heels would work like a charm when it comes to foot wears!