4. Easy Shimmery Eyes:

If you are in the mood to use some glitter and still pull off a simple look then here we go with our shimmery eyes look. However, it is a little tricky on the amount of eye-glitter that you need to take. Take the minimum amount of shimmery eye shadow for your eyes and dab it onto your eye lids to spread it out evenly.

Be cautious with the amount because you want to focus on the “versatility of the look”. Now, you can put on a mascara to make your eyes look separated and clean at the same time.

How to Style? – The USP of this make up look is that it can be perfectly pulled off along with the simplest attire. You can wear this look even along with skirt, shorts, and denim outfits. Make sure not to put on a liner as it would shift the look to a bolder side.

5. Blue Eye Liner:

If you are no pro at doing make up, then consider this one as the whole look appears much elegant without having to do any kind of hassle. As you would know, the blue liners are so in these days then why not use them for your minimalistic party make up look?

You can apply a thick edged blue liner or even can do half and half with black and blue. For your base, you should apply a low-medium coverage foundation (or even a BB creme would do) and set it with a loose powder. Finally, apply a matte pink shade lip color to finish off the look.

How to Style? – Again, the look is very simple for a party make up look that it would go nicely with absolutely any simple party outfit! This simply means one thing – No Hassle at all, just pick your go-to outfit and rock the party effortlessly.

6. Glam Bronze Look:

If you want all the people at the party to go gaga over your look then you must try picking the bronzer up and dazzle your make up look a little with it. To start with, make sure you have your contouring and highlighting kit already and contour the hollow of your cheeks very finely.

After which you need to highlight the elevated points of your face which includes the bridge of your nose, apples of your cheeks and a little bit of your forehead. Once you are done highlighting, dust a tad bit of your bronzer and apply it on the bridge of your nose and hairline. Go with the basic gold shimmer on your eye lids and you will be good to go.

How to style? – If your party outfit has a bit of gold or silver detailing on it then this make up look would enlighten it further. Basically, this make up look dazzles your appearance even more.