Your face is an empty canvas, and the make-up products are just like the colors to not only fill in the imperfections of your face but also to brighten them up with utmost confidence and persona. Just as the painting matches up the integrity of theme, the make-up that you apply on your face also needs to fit as per the occasion.

Just as I directed, a make-up is more of an art which needs to be done in order to bring one’s confidence in light and to make one even more presentable. Just to be clear, a spotless beauty isn’t the target but a perfect enlightenment of one’s tone is the main objective behind the whole concept of make-up.

Just to burst the bubble, we would like to mention that a party make-up does not only mean to bring out a huge contrast (read pop) of colors but instead is aiming at complementing the attire of the party.

Stylish Party Make Up Look Ideas and Styles

Here, with the means of this post, we would like to give you a free ride to the various stops of top-notch party make-up looks which would perfectly dig at different parties! Be ready with a pen and paper because the list is going to be a long one! So, without any further ado, let us take a look at different possible options for a party look.

1. Smokey Eye with Maroon Lipstick:

The only make-up trend that would not bid a farewell to us very soon is a beautiful Smoke-eye look. Talking about parties, this look will make your overall attire fab from dab. Attaining this particular look is however very simple –

All you have to do is to take an eye-shadow pallet – pick different shades of the color brown and swift the brush across the outer corner of your eye-lids in order to create a Smokey texture. You can further go ahead and use a winked eye liner and mascara for addition drama in your eyes. Finally, apply a matte maroon shade of any lipstick you like.

How to Style? – You can go with a shimmery outfit or a solid one as both of them would be further empowered by your bold make-up look. If you want to pick a color of your outfit that would go best with this make up look then your answer is “black”.

2. Soft Eye-Shadow + Winked Eye-Liner:

Another beautiful make-up look can be attained for an overpowering outfit by keeping your make-up as simple as possible but along with a pop of party element. Dab and blend a soft nude eye-shade with pink undertone on your eye lids and make it go subtle on your eye-lids.

To add a little drama, use a thick eye liner and create an outer wing on your eye-lids. Afterwards, you can either go for a mascara or with false lashes (if you’d like to go much bolder with your look) to make your over-all eye look complete. You can set your base simpler.

How to Style? – As I mentioned, the over-all make up look is quite simple so you can match it up along with an overpowering or shimmery dress. A simple makeup look really complements bold attire very finely.

3. Shimmery Eyes + Nude Lip Color:

How can we ever miss a shimmery eye makeup when we are talking about party make up look? All you have to do is to take a glittery-shadow pallet and choose a medium-gold shade if you wish to go forward with a bold look for your eyes. After which, you can remove the additional glitter or blend it to make it look even on your eyes.

Set the base with a medium coverage foundation and concealer under your eyes and set it up with loose powder. Now, the catch of this look is by applying a subtle nude matte lip shade to make your eyes be the center of attraction.

How to Style? – The best idea to use this particular make up look on your face when you going to a very important event or at a loud party. Make sure that your attire is as overpowering as the overall make up look is.