Flowers and spring are two inseparable duos. One cannot imagine spring without flowers. When spring is all about flowers, let some flowers linger in your wardrobe. Still wondering what are we talking about? We will solve this for you. All we advice you is, you can add some floral prints to your spring wardrobe.

Opt for a knee length skirt in black base but floral print. To match with it, go for sleeveless black blouse. Tuck in your black blouse into your skirt. Choose an A shape skirt that has pink flowers on it. This skirt blouse combination gives the look of a dress.

Wear pink heels with this dress to match the pink spring flowers on your skirt. For your lips, go for any shade of pink that matches your entire look and compliments it as well. Eyes can do a lot of magic.

Apply some mascara, black kohl and eye liner for those mystical eyes. Carry a cute black clutch with this dress. This look is perfect for any spring party. Let the flowers bloom, baby.


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Floral Blouse And Denim Shorts

It’s not always about flowers that spring has to it. There is more to spring like the new foliage that plumes. To celebrate this greenery of spring, go for a green blouse and blue denim shorts combination. Do not forget to polish and moisturize your legs well before you spot this combination.

To add some color opt for a funky colored footwear, for example go for purple strapped sandals that adds to your look; a charm of royalty and mystery. Add some purple to your lips as well.

Purple lipsticks are tricky to handle so do not forget to prep your lips well before you apply a purple lipstick. A golden sling bag looks perfect with this outfit.

This green blouse and blue denim shorts combination is perfect to be worn for some picnic, beach party, terrace party or any outing with friends.


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Polka Dot Dress

Polka dots were initially worn by flamenco dancers but today they are the most cute and famous pattern that are sold in worldwide markets. It is from the dance pattern that polka dots are named after. A blue dress with white polka dots is a must try look.

It is a sweet color combination that will surely make you look cute. Pick a knee length polka dot dress that is fitted around the waist and is A shaped. This dress style is the most famous dress shape. It’s comfortable yet trendy. Add a statement pendent in a golden chain.

You can pick something funky like a star shaped pendant. Wear it over your dress. Wear an ankle strap sandals in tan color with this blue dress having white polka dots. A bold red or hot pink lipstick will make you look outstanding.


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Blue Blouse and Yellow Printed Pencil Skirt