Spring outfit ideas for women: Spring is here, but as happy are you for the spring, you are equally perplexed with the iconic question, “what to wear for spring”. So to take you out of this depression, we asked our fashion experts to make a list of spring outfits for the ladies.

With some bold prints, new styles, some comebacks in fashion, cheerful colors; we are here with the list of 22 stylish spring outfit ideas for ladies . Draw some inspiration from these and make the most of your spring with these looks.

Floral Print Halter Neck Maxi Dress

For instant spring time appeal, toss a floral print dress. Go for a halter neck maxi dress with prints of flowers that reminds you of spring. The fit at the waistline and two cuts in front make the dress look posh. Opt for pink lipstick to match the pink flowers in your maxi dress. Leave your hair open as, its spring time.

This floral dress is both, superior and stylish. This dress is ideal for a day out with colleagues or friends, when you wish to enjoy the beauty of spring and want to live free.

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Bottle Green Chiffon Dress

Chiffon is an ideal fabric for spring season. Grab a bottle green chiffon dress to brighten up the spring. This green chiffon dress will make you look classy and sophisticated. It is ideal for evenings when you wish to make a mark.

The tie up around the waist gives shape to the dress and helps to flaunt an ideal figure. Small neckwear looks beautiful with this dress. Choose something trendy but sleek. Opt for comfortable footwear in brown or tan with this chiffon dress

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The Unusual Pairing

Pair the unusual. Pair your blue print pencil skirt with blue strips formal shirt. Over it, go for a summer coat in blue. You can also choose to wear a denim coat. Arm candies are a must wear with this dress. So choose some silver bracelets, strings and a statement watch to wear with this dress.

A white belt will complete your summer look. Open toe boots are an ideal choice with this formal look. This dress is ideal spring office wear. Dressing up for office can be fun too. Ditch the boring office wear in spring.

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Red Short Dress

If short dresses are what you love, grab a red short dress. Short dresses are fun to wear and flaunt, but only if you are comfortable in them. Fashion is more about being in your skin. Choose a lighter shade of red rather than a bold one.

Opt for a dress that is fitted at waistline but is A shape. Tie your hair into a low ponytail. Apply matching lipstick. For your feet go black. Scrub and moisturize your arms and legs before you wear this red short dress.

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Bohemian Chiffon Skirt

Bohemian chiffon skirt is a fascinating wear for spring. Since the skirt already has so much of color, choose a black top with short sleeves to wear with the skirt. You can also pick a black crop top or black blouse as per your desire.

Wear simple diamond earrings for your ears. A small pendent will make you look like a doll. Style up, with some cool bracelets and platform heels. Keep your hair open to let them breathe the fragrance of spring.

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Red Maxi Dress

Maxi dresses are the most comfortable wear for spring. Choose a sleeveless red maxi dress for spring family date, where you wish to make an everlasting impression. Red looks beautiful in spring season, irrespective of the complexion.

Add some beautiful earrings and black heels with this red maxi dress and you are good to go. Bold red lips look extremely catchy with this red dress. A hint of kohl will make you look charming.

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Draped Cold Shoulder Dress