Long nails are always sexy to have. Dressing them with beautiful nail arts will enhance its prettiness. But sometimes having long nails is not possible when you are working on hard things or when you are a home maker where you will be busy working at kitchen most of the time.

Your nails may break or cut while you are on manual works. Few ladies might have got brittle nails which are hard to manage when they grow long. Then going with short nails is the only option left with them. Now there is no need of thinking bad for those short nails!

Even these tiny nails can be beautified with these easy tricks. You can be ready for any party, events or occasions without thinking of long nails. Because, your short nails can do it all! If you are a lover of fashion, you can go with multiple nail arts available specially for short cute nails.

Even for your kids you can apply these nail arts. They really get excited to get these charming designs on their cute little nails. Now check here to know how to decorate your short nails for your outfits.

1. Polka Dots

Polka dots are fun to be seen on nails and easy to make. You can vary the size of the dots and the pattern of placing them on the nails. Though this nail art looks awesome, it is the simplest one to design on short nails. Apply any plain nail paint light or dark colored. Take a drop of opposite colored paint on a sheet and using a hairpin or a pen tip create dots over the dried plain nail paint. That’s it!

2. Chic Leopard Print

Leopard print on nails is the trendy art. Specially for short nails, it looks perfect. You can make it with a combination of dark and light colored nail paints. On a plain base color generate different shapes, small and big. Draw outlines using black nail color. You can wear this for night parties with matching attire.

3. Go Monochromatic

Stop worrying about so many styles. When just two colors can create magic on your nails, why to waste time on choosing colors! Yes. Black and white are those pretty basic colors. Using them you can create any number of nail designs for your short nails. Stripes, checks, dots, rays everything looks perfect with monochromatic colors. Try it out for your next outing.

4. Striped Short Nails

The easiest nail art ever is this striped design. It can even be done by the beginners. With two or more colors you can draw horizontal, vertical or slanted line on your tiny nails. It looks simply superb for short nails if you draw horizontal lines which make them look longer than they actually are! It is said to be an effortless nail art. But you should be careful about the thickness of the lines you draw, because thicker lines spoil the beauty of smaller nails.

5. Diced Short Nail Design