Remove dirt and oil from face: Oily skin isn’t just a skin type but a condition that comes and stays as a package that includes acne, white and blackheads, and a skin that is magnet to dirt, until you roll up your sleeves to combat against it.

If you have tried most cosmetic products formulated for oily skin but to no avail, here are some easy peasy methods to get clear, clean and fresh looking skin. After all, your skin deserves to look fabulous and youthful, just like you.

How To (Remove) Get Rid Of Dirt And Oil From Face With Easy Remedies

How To (Remove) Get Rid Of Dirt And Oil From Face With Easy Remedies

#1 Your Skin needs Hydro Treatment

Wash your face at least twice a day with hot water as it will help to break down the oil and detach it from your skin. This water therapy keeps your skin hydrated and helps to repel oil. Use face wash that contains tee tree oil, Neem or other herbs meant for oily skin to keep your skin matte for longer.

#2 Think About a Wet Towel Scrub

Soak a towel in water and squeeze it. Use this wet towel and scrub to clean your skin and remove all the oil and dirt by exerting a little pressure, however, don’t be harsh on skin as it might irritate the acne if any and cause burning sensation.

#3 Smear with Blotting Sheets

Many cosmetic brands offer oil blotting sheets that can be used during the day especially when you are out to wipe your face and unclog the pores. This not only removes the oil sheath from your skin but also prevents pimples and acne. If you do not come across face blotting sheets, you can also use tissue paper, cigarette paper, dryer sheets or disposable toilet seat covers you get handy in offices, hotels and restaurants.

#4 Try Face Cleansing Pads

These are disposable cleansing pads that are convenient to carry and use when you go outdoors. Some cleaning pads contain face toners, astringent, soap while some are dry, meant for only wiping. Choose the one that suits you the most and always carry a small pack in your handbag when you’re on the go.

#5 Splash a Toner

Dab a splash of face toner on a cotton ball or cotton pad and swab your face with it to remove all the oil and dirt, especially after a long day before washing your face with soap. This will give your skin a fresh, healthy feel and will remove all dirt and impurities that might damage your skin.  You can also make your own face toner with apple cider vinegar and water in a 1:2 ratio.

#6 DIY Face Cleanser

Ever heard diamond cuts diamond? Use 2 parts castor oil and 1 part extra virgin olive oil to wipe your face and remove all excess oil from your skin.